Urick in koishi komeiji's heart throbbing adventure

    The vengeful one

    After stumbling upon this unknown world urick has found the world of gensokyo which he call new home, but after he found this new world he was shocked that there are dead his mind began to hear the voices of the ones who have fallen he can hear them it is sad they want him to fight against them he began to tear up as he could see the memories of the past so now he's going to the human world not for revenge but for vengeance he understands now this world was called gensokyo and it was taken away by the lunarians now he must destroy them until it is done he passed all challenges, there machines that they use we're capable of killing all yokai were weak his powers were unmeasurable to anyone he has successfully killed them all but one left to suffer for her crimes there she saw the monster and saw the Moon dead right in front of her therefore she will remain alone in the human world to suffer for him he will rebuild gensokyo back to the way it was it will take some challenges for him to do but no matter what he will come back to frighten her for what the lunarians have done.

    Inktober Day 18 Saddle

    Inktober Day 19 Plump

    Inktober Day 20 Frost

    Inktober Day 21 Chains

    Inktober Day 22 scratchy

    Inktober Day 23 Celestial

    Inktober Day 24 Shallow

    Inktober Day 25 Dangerous

    Inktober Day 26 Remove

    Inktober Day 27 Beast

    Urick in the koishi komeiji's heart throbbing adventure

    This is actually an upcoming drawing project that I'm making and yes I've heard of it and I do not want to see it again it's very sad at the end I wish it still continued and gave me an idea what if my creation Urick went into this world not to destroy but to avenge the once who has fallen