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    People with low/no empathy and people with hyper empathy have solidarity in that we both hate people who use their empathy as a weapon against others, or to make themselves seem like they're morally above everyone else. People with hyper empathy are our allies; people who weaponize empathy and place it above everyone else to the point of directly hurting mentally ill people are not.


    dislike when ppl say to children things like "wait until you live in the real world" or "welcome to the real world" when something makes them unhappy or bad things happen to them. children are people. they live in the same world you do, and their experiences and reactions to their experiences are just as real as your own. comfort them instead of dismissing them


    anyway children are real people and should be treated as such


    "welcome to the real world"

    Where do you think that child was living before? A different dimension? Mars? Kids are allowed to be unhappy at unfairness, don't dismiss them just because you've gotten used to the unfairness and they haven't

    there was a little thing in the woods that was a small circle of rocks and pinecones with some sticks all leaning on each other to stand up above it and my friends little brother knocked it over i-

    im not saying hes gonna be cursed but hes gonna be so cursed