Rope bombed an art opening for Insuh Yoon in West Hollywood last weekend..

    I felt inspired by his photos and one of the positions, and decided to try it out on the amazing@ashleylanexxx … I feel really proud of myself for 1) following my inspiration even though it was a strange environment and 2) doing a clean tie fully on the fly that I made up but based off of some techniques and patterns i’ve learned recently (thanks in large part to the sexy @fred-rx )

    so much thanks to Ashley, without whom I could not have followed my inspiration 

    photos by Insuh Yoon 


    I wanted to say I thought your bondage photography is stunningly well done. You look very comfortable and at peace while in it. May I ask what interests you about bondage?

    Thank you! I love the helplessness and tightness of the rope. It always takes me to a very special relaxed space. I get a natural high from it.