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2023-03-27 05:54:26

    ATTENTION ANYONE WHO WEARS DIAPERS‼️ (Diaper fluffing tutorial)

    It seems like a lot of people in the abdl community don’t know about diaper fluffing, so I thought I’d make a quick tutorial! If you’re not sure what diaper fluffing is, it’s basically breaking up the fibers in your diaper to let air in, and make them thicker and more comfortable! Diapers are packed SUUUPER tight to make shipping cheaper, so your diapers won’t come out of the package as fluffy as they should be! Here’s how you do it

    Step 1: Unfold your diaper all the way (pretty easy)

    Step 2: Fold your diaper in half hotdog style, then gently pull your hands in opposite directions up and down the fold you made. You should feel the material giving a little as you do this. BE CAREFUL AND DON’T RIP THE DIAPER

    Step 3: Unfold your diaper, and do the same thing to the inside, gently pulling your hands apart

    Step 4: Voilà! Fluffed and ready to go!

    Here’s a picture of the diaper I fluffed next to one right out of the package

    The difference is really amazing! Hope this helps you guys! Stay dry 💖

    Edit: Send me a message if you had a problem or something. I tried to make the directions as clear as possible but I’m always here to help!


    This is awesome and very useful. Thanks, Robin!


    Just another tip in case I haven't already posted this. Thank you Robin.