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    ‪ ‪She's one of those women who is just relentless, endless fire. [She's] not biting to draw blood, but biting when you need to bite. You need to stand up for yourself.. you're defending yourself and being who you are and that's what I love about her.‬ That's what I'll always respect about her, that innate strength and wisdom. If you're an artist and you make things, it's yours at the end of the day, so own it.

    ‪Cara Delevingne on Taylor re-recording her albums ‬(ET Now)

    “Man, this fucking Scooter Braun shit, like what a piece of shit, right? You guys know about this dude? It just, like, broke my heart. I read Taylor’s statement, I was like, that sounds about right, ya know? Toxic, toxic dudes doing toxic bullshit in this toxic industry… What a fucking asshole. I thought that was illegal. To do a business turn behind the people who wrote the stuff, like, you can’t do it without their knowledge. There’s like a certain amount of time legally you have to, like, let the people know… Like there’s gotta be a precedent for that, not toxic masculinity, not these fucking idiots who are just ya know… He doesn’t sound like a very good person, does he? Do you stand with Taylor? Of course, I mean it’s just a fucking shitshow to learn how awful people can be, ya know? Just for a profit. P-R-O-F-I-T. Just for a monetary gain and maybe some clout. I don’t know what kind of clout they feel they deserve because it like, dude, you screwed over a young artist early on and know you were screwing them over. Everybody involved in that is a piece of shit, man.”

    — Brendon Urie on Twitch 4/1/2019


    why the katy perry & taylor collab IS happening

    taylor added never really over to the thirteenth spot on her playlist right when it came out:

    the never really over mv has a sign that says let it go which is remarkably similar to when taylor said step into the daylight and let it go:

    taylor baked katy peace cookies and the pic of them has the same ring as the one in the ME! lyric vid:

    possible names: something to so with step into the daylight and let it go, something like peace at last, or something like let’s be friends because that’s the geotag on katy’s instagram post of the cookies


    Also remember the BAD BLOOD lyrics:

    “We forgive, we forget, but we never Let It Go”

    But this time they are actually letting it go, moving forward, finding peace at last.

    I’m friends with Harry and Taylor, and Harry was texting me, saying, ‘Hey, I hear you’re at [the studio], what are you doing here?’ And I was like, ‘I’m with Taylor.’ And then he’s like, ‘Oh.’ And Taylor was like, ‘Was that Harry? Did he just walk by the studio?’ I was like, ‘Oh, s–t.’ It was a little awkward. I won’t go any deeper than that because I don’t want any retribution.

    Ryan Tedder on recording WTNY with Taylor and Harry Styles being at the studio that same day