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    I think about Edna Mode in the BNHA universe a lot because the costume developers that U.A uses are whack if they couldn’t make Tooru an actual uniform that can turn invisible with her. I like stealth characters, and I went with a cute cyber-esque outfit becuase it would be really cool if she became a specialist that gathers intel by recording, using her gear to take data, and such

    Next on the agenda is a semi-permeable costume for Momo: Completed Here!

    Another Edna Mode/BNHA redesign to go with my Tooru redesign! Creati always sounded like a name for a magician to me, so I thought it’d be cute to incorporate that kind of theme with her ability to create things out of her body’s fat/ thin air! It’d definitely make her a hero that’s popular with kids! 
Also, becuase Mirio has a suit made out of his hair sown together, I feel like a semi-permeable suit would be possible in this universe. Actually, it’d be really neat if she could use her quirk and researching skills to become a hero designer herself and specialize in making costumes for other heroes with unique quirks as well


    D&D 5e Character Creation Flow Charts: Backgrounds and Classes This only includes the backgrounds included in the Player’s Handbook Mind you, so no SCAG options. Class one doesn’t assume archetype obviously.  A fun little project I made after work today, I thought it might be helpful for players newer to the system in choosing their character’s options, or just a fun little tool.


    This is neat


    i was literally searching for something like this a couple of days ago. i WILL be using this when i have newbies to run through a game!

    RWBY Shion’s Allusion

    *Shion is canonically non-binary, so I will be using they/them to address this character

    Shion Zaiden is a character introduced in RWBY’s recent anime spinoff, Ice Queendom. Their occupation is a special kind of huntsman. Using their dream catcher, they hunt Grimm that occupy people’s bodies and minds.

    Besides this, we know next to nothing about this unique character. So today let’s see if we can possibly find an allusion to tie them with and possibly find any source of motives or possible backstory.

    Let’s go through what we know about Shion. As said before they are a huntsman that specializes in Possession type Grimm, the Nightmare, due to their unique dream wandering semblance. Shion also seems to have a fairly unique fashion sense, sporting large portions of drapey purple topped with a pointed almost witch-like hat. After doing some tough research, I think I found a good candidate.

    Let me introduce you to Woot the Wanderer from The Tin Man of Oz, the twelfth entry of the Wizard of Oz books. Woot the Wanderer is a boy from Gillikan Country who travels around the world of dreams, the Lands of Oz, in search of new experiences and people. 

    The people of Gillikan Country are represented by the color purple. Shion wears a lot of heavy purples, just like the Gillikan people. Shion is also named after the purple flower, Aster Tataricus. Additionally, Woot is often depicted with a large cone hat and walking staff, which translates into Shion’s witch hat and dreamcatcher.

    Shion was called by Ozpin, which connects the Wizard of Oz characters together. After helping team RWBY, Shion ventures out to Remnant in search of other Nightmares, such as Woot venturing out into the World of Oz for adventure.

    Woot is only in one of the Oz books, so in a way it’s fitting that Shion is sort of one and done. Still, they were a pleasent addition to the cast, and I hope we can see moreof them in the future, maybe even in the OG show proper.

    Shoutout @schtroumpfalunettes for their contribution


    Bruce Wayne is so dumb. Billionaire playboy bachelor is such a stupid cover when stressed single parent is not only the truth but also easier to explain to all these rich folks.

  • All this weird in depth knowledge? Had to help with school presentations
  • Tired? Sleepy? Looks a bit sick? Huh yeah the youngst has the flu right now
  • Literally always has “my child is sick/home alone” as an excuse to not be anywhere and leave suddenly
  • No need to flirt with people
  • Can talk about children for hours and bore people away from paying attention
  • “So my child’s first languge is actually X so of course I had to learn it”
  • “Oh yeah, I was in Spain last week. Lovely country.”
  • “Really??? Didn’t see any pictures from you.”
  • “I don’t want my children exposed to the media storm”
  • Buying weird stuff!!!!
  • “Oh yeah, Jason’s super into DIY right now, we’re at the hardware store every week basically”
  • Bottom line Single Dad is the bet cover he could have had and DC has to ruin it
  • Feel free to add
  • north-peach

    Busted ribs?

    Yeah, my second child jumped into my bed this morning. Feet first.

    Black eye?

    That would be the milk my oldest spilled on the floor which he forgot to clean up before I slipped on it and went head first into my wool carved cabinets.

    You just disabled this bomb???

    Yeah, my third kid build a working model and we didn’t have time to call the bomb squad so I made sure if he does something like that again, I know how to deal with it.

    Your vast knowledge of rockets and space ships?? 

    Also my third child. Timmy’s so smart, honestly, I have no idea where he gets all this stuff.

    Why are you able to understand that strange magic person who’s only speaking in Old English?

    Jason went through a phase.

    Why is your youngest carrying swords around and shouting death threats?

    I slept with a rich, Middle Eastern king’s daughter and I didn’t get custody until he was 10. Damian was raised very…traditionally.

    You backflip??

    Dick’s a circus acrobat and an Olympic class gymnast. He looked so happy when he said he could teach me, I didn’t have the heart to tell him no.

    You have huge dark circles under your eyes, you okay?

    I haven’t slept in three days, the kids are all down with some kind of sickness.

    Why is that small child covered with bruises and why is his arm in a cast?

    Dick thought it would be fun to swing from the chandelier in the main entrance, to the top of the banister of the stairs and to slide down to the bottom.

    He missed.


    Okay but consider: a Bruce Wayne who uses the dumb bachelor cover up until Dick’s first science project living with him and Bruce has the light bulb moment while Alfred is treating the burns


    Given that his daughter’s biological father VERY publicly framed him for murder, he could also use it as an excuse for being good in a fight: “I learned it in prison”


    There’s two ends of the horror spectrum


    *puts on my little cinema/writing degree hat*

    This is because Gothic horror is about repetition - cycles that repeat endlessly with no apparent end. Of course the mansion is cursed - how else can you explain the mundanity turned to insanity? How else can your heroine become more and more desperate for an escape to the endless madness? (Now, some Gothic horror - especially Southern Gothic horror - dispenses with the supernatural metaphor and just plainly makes the casual cruelty of society and the family the cyclical antagonist + creeping dread).

    Versus eldritch horror, which is about the unknown, literally. We can't describe it because we can't comprehend it, and even trying might lead to madness. The mind will produce something far more fearsome if given mere tidbits of information, only hints as to something horrible and indomitable, than if you describe every intricate detail of the horror's maw/tentacles/butt/whatever.

    They're different ends of the "horrors of the mind + metaphors about humanity" spectrum and I just think that's neat!


    Anyway here's some additions from the Maasai and Kikuyu, two grassy plain-dwelling groups from Eastern Africa that I think count as unfuckwithable


    Feel like Poland should be included since we're literally called "people of the fields" according to the etymology of Poland.

    Also look at her GO


    I’m Métis, here’s some of ours! You’ll notice it looks remarkably similar to the above.

    We also have some less intricate clothing (if it looks a bit Victorian to you - that’s pretty much the right era for most of this!)


    Can’t believe no one’s done it yet I will be the person to add the cowboys: Latin American focus.

    Here is the Chilean huaso:

    Gauchos, from primarily Argentina where they’re a large national symbol close to the level of cowboys in the US. Also gauchos are in Uruguay.  Their pants are called bombachas and the other garment wrapped around them are called chiripas.  They work in grasslands called pampas, known for being really fertile:

    While they’re not as dressed up as the others or have as prominent of a culture, for a broader Latin American cowboy context, I feel like also adding llaneros, who are from Colombia and Venezuela, in the llanos region, a type of tropical grassland similar to the pampas, hence the name llanero. Pampas get annual flooding and these guys would go barefoot a lot, and you can see that the stirrup on the horse’s saddle is really different than what you’re probably used to seeing, to accommodate for that, which is what I want to point out as an aspect of plains cultures developing clothing/accessories/tools to suit the environment. 

    Cowboy culture happened wherever Spanish colonial influence and grassland biomes came together.  They differ based on the grasslands having different climates (ex tropical in South America), and the local indigenous influence (ex, backtracking to gauchos, they would use this tool called bolas to catch animals, which were basically two balls tied to a string that you threw and it spun around an animals legs, and were an indigenous invention):

    I would love to keep posting cowboy dress lol but will stick to the post’s theme of grassland of course.  


    Adding to the post, I, hereby, present people of Kalash and Chitral:

    Chitral means ‘field’ in the native language Khowar. Both Chitralis and people of Kalash are known to be indigenous people of Asia.