The girl and her bloody doll

Umm, ....Hello. My name is Scarlet Fitch. I live in Shepherd's Glen which is across the Toluca lake from Silent Hill.

My imaginary friend Ruth may pop in occasionally and so may my doll Scarlet. Alex broke her but I fixed her up real nicely.

Umm... I know I’m not very social but please talk to me... but if you don’t want to (or I’m with my daddy) you can talk to my porcelain doll Scarlet! Scarlet (my doll) is a lot more friendlier then me

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    I have to return my laptop to school, now that I've graduated, so this is goodbye to my baby. It's been an awesome three years but now its time for you to go. I'll miss you, my laptop. *hugs*

    I'll see you all when I get a new one or I get lucky and can borrow my brothers! Farewell people!



    The mechanic blinked looking at his list of followers.

    “Thank you for the follow - I look forward to conversing with you in the future, for those I may have missed I thank you at this time as well. Do not hesitate to ask if you are in need of assistance I shall help if it is within my abilities.”


    The creature gave a hideous screech at the mechanic, grinning away in the same creepy porcelain grin only it could retain. Without warning it jumped to the ceiling and hid in a shadowy corner, determined to scroll through Yusei’s memories and squeal about its Starshipping feels.

    [based on the original concept art of Scarlet: http://silenthill.wikia.com/wiki/Scarlet_%28boss%29 ]

    Boss!Scarlet: wHy hElLo tHeRe~!

    ((OOC: Oh my God... 120 followers... 100 posts... 120 followers... THANK YOU SO MUCH! From Boss Scarlet to Little Scarlet to me, THANK YOU SO MUCH! Thank you so much for following me despite me filling you guys with OOC depictions and headcanons of Boss!Scarlet, my inability to update and the occasional random/sexy/weird video/photo edits involving Silent Hill characters. Every single one of you are beautiful people and... oh gosh just thank you!

    I've got two weeks break before my main exams but I'll try and sneak in a few more pics before then. Thank you so much guys! I love you all!


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    Hey guys! Tomorrow is my first exam (Japanese) so I'm going to TRY and stay off tumblr. My exams go for two weeks, then I have a two week break and then I have another six weeks of exams. Basically I'm trying to say that I'll be super busy so I won't be updating... like have for a while now XP. Sorry. Rest assured once it's all over I'll have THREE MONTHS to work on everything

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    Wow you answer to Henry but not to the rest of us not to be mean but you gotta get more out there with people or you'll find you self surounded with cats or in your case dolls.

    OOC: Sorry Im so slow. I'm trying to reply to everything but you do realise I live in Australia- I currently have exams. Rest assured, I'll eventually get to everyone. Please be patient!

    The minds behind Silent Hill discuss the sexuality of Alex Shepherd.

    Shortstack: PLOT TWIST


    Shortstack: he just sits down in front of them with a guitar and sings to them very softly

    Cuntsmasher: aw

    Cuntsmasher: that sounds cute

    Shortstack: Through the door Judge Holloway could faintly hear the words

    Shortstack: "why cant we be friends why cant we be friends"

    Shortstack: So alternate ending

    Shortstack: Its Alex and all the bosses sitting in the treehouse

    Shortstack: Singing to them

    Shortstack: They are all happy

    Shortstack: And then Scarlet bites off his head

    “Scarlet never comes out to play, she just plays with her stupid dolls all the time.”

    -Joshua Shepherd

    " People hurt people... I hide away because I'm not pretty enough to walk away unscathed."

    ((OOC: I actually got this a long time ago but I'm only posting it now cause I feel like absolute shit. It's just one of those days guys, where you feel absolutely stupid, ugly and worthless.))