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2020-11-28 17:07:20

    i would love this punishment so much i want to be a public whore


    still my favorite post ❤❤


    Under a secret Government trial, for serious offences, the use of a condom is not required and they should not be worn by men visiting the Community Whore House". The community service for these type of serious offences is set as a minimum of 2 years and impregnation of the criminal slut is to be viewed as part of her punishment and a positive outcome ◾ If at any time during the 2 year sentence, the criminal whore becomes pregnant, she is sent out on-loan for at least 9 months (or for the remainder of her 2 year service whichever is the longer) to an approved married couple who are unable to conceive a child themselves. During this time, the slut becomes a domestic servant and personal slave for the couple. She must carry out whatever household duties and all personal and sexual services they demand of her ◾ And, once her child is born and her sentence served, the baby is officially given to the married couple for them to legally adopt. At this point the criminal whore can return to her life in the community, but for a further 12 months she must attend a state-run local milking parlour at least twice a day. Here, alongside other criminal whores, she is attached to a milking machine to provide breast milk which is used to feed any babies born through the programme ◾ Early results from the trials are positive. It has reduced the number of female prison inmates, slashed Government expenditure and is helping to meet the high demand for newborn babies for adoption. Strangely, the number of repeat female offenders under this trial is rising and anecdotal reports suggest that some women enjoy being forced to perform as a community whore and prefer becoming a surrogate mother and milk donor to traditional prison sentences….


    Quiero hacerle esto a alguna buena perrita que sepa como tienen que ser las cosas en la vida de toda hembra. 


    The horse that: impales both her holes, takes her for a long ride and never tires or needs a rest. Being forced to ride this horse - would that be your fantasy or nightmare situation? “Like” if it would be your secret fantasy, “Reblog/Share” if you’d really like it to happen to you…


    Absolute fantasy 😍


    Always a good time!


    always reblog ☺

    .... i promised some new pics 😉 .. ok... these are from today... and yes.. i know they are not typical "erotic"... but ... mhmm... i wanted to show you my training results so far.... (after 4 months workout every morning...)...

    hope you can see... i get abs 😳😳... 😁... but still have my "love handles" problem 😑... although i can say... they got already smaller... (i have them since my teenage age..)... but i won't stop doing this workout either covid19 is beaten... or my "love handles" have disappeared...

    i'm curious what will happen first... 🤔

    2020 is for sure a very strange year... never had this less sex (alone or with a man)... i never tried to get sporty... and i never wachted that less porn... but somehow i'm still me... smiling... i do my breast enlargement massages every day... and during sweating and suffering every morning (1,5 hours workout)... i think about how my pics.. videos... etc.. will look like... when life gets "normal" again... how better i will serve then 😉

    please stay healthy... i'm thinking of you 😘

    wish you a nice sunday...