Female Ass Lover in Maryland
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2018-12-06 23:16:31

    Life after tumblr…

    Well, tumblr is dying, so I’ve set up a few more ways to find me after that.

    Of course you can still get my private snap where I post all my pictures like my recent basement corruption set and a few videos which is 25$USD for a lifetime sub. You can DM me to purchase (I accept PayPal or cashapp) or buy it through manyvids. There’s also my





    And subreddit

    I’ve also set up a public snap for mostly sfw content, previews, And pictures of my dog. PLEASE NOTE I love interacting with my followers but cannot on my public snap like I will on my private. Because I get lots and lots of love which I’m very grateful for I spend my energy on chatting with and flirting with my private snap subscribers.

    Please consider supporting me as well as other girls during this bullshit tumblr purge. I’ve put a lot of time and effort into building my blog and it really is devastating to lose my main platform. Thank you for all the love and support I’ve received, it really means more than I can say.

    Any reblogs are also greatly appreciated.

    Good luck and lots of love, see you out there!!



    Buy her Snap....WELL WORTH IT!!!