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    Earlier today...

    “Please, please, please,” Your girlfriend pleaded, “just look at how much wiggle room I have in my old bra! Imagine if I was just a few cup sizes larger! Besides, the GTS and Shrink strains are so much rarer than the BE one! It would help me feel so much more confident, especially at the office where half the women have already been infected!”

    She was referring to an as of yet unexplained anomalous virus that quickly spread through men and women ages 18-45~ and having various effects depending on the infected. Men would shrink from a few inches to even a few feet, while women on the other hand would usually just go up a few cup sizes, but in some cases their height and curves would increase in size as well. 

    “Baby, I just don’t think it’s such a good idea.” You said. “The scientists still aren’t 100% sure what this thing is capable of. What if it’s permanent? What if you catch a mutated strain that shrinks me down to an inch, or grows you to 100 feet? What would we do then? Until we know more about it my answer is ‘no’.”

    “Hmph!” Immediately putting her pouty face on and stomping a foot, causing her loose boobs to jiggle. “Fine!” She shouted, and turned on her heel. Under her breath you could’ve sworn you heard her mutter, “Just wait until you’re knocked down a few pegs...”

    “What was that, babe?” You asked, unsure if you heard her correctly.

    “Nothing! I’m going to finish getting ready for work, I’ll see you when I get home.” 

    “Okay, don’t forget your mask, sweetie! I love you!”

    “Love you too.” She grumbled.




    Enjoying your day off lounging around doing mostly nothing until you settled in on playing something on your computer felt like a day well spent to you, however you were always excited for your girlfriend to get home to spend the rest of the evening with. Watching whatever show the two of you were binging, eating dinner together, and other more... intimate activities were always on the schedule. So, when you heard the front door close signaling her return, you got excited. You figured you’d finish whatever it was you were doing on the computer, and she’d have to come to the bedroom after a day at work anyways, so you stayed put waiting for your girlfriend to enter. 

    Admittedly you got sucked back into the game you were playing, so you didn’t quite notice her come in, you became aware of her presence when she said, “Sweeeetyyyy I’ve got a surpriiiise for youuuuu!”

    However, whatever surprise you could have guessed for would not have even been in the same ballpark to prepare you for the sight you saw. You were so shocked you leapt backwards, stumbling over your chair and falling onto the ground on your ass.

    She. Was. Huge. The first thing that was noticeable about her was how big her tits were. They were... what? Quadrupled? Probably even more in size since you saw her that morning, and on top of that she was probably a good foot taller as well.

    “G-G-Gemma?! What the hell happened to you?!” You stuttered out, not being able to get back up due to your shocked state.

    She sauntered over to you, her eyes sparkling signifying she was smiling beneath her mask, “Wellll one of the girls at the office came in 8 feet tall and with tits bigger than mine, proportionally of course, and I may have convinced her to make out with me in the utility closet. Turns out I caught an accelerated strain and so here we are!”

    “B-b-... HUH?!” You weren’t so much yelling as you were... well... being loudly confused, shocked, astounded, you name it. “What happens if you keep growing? What happens if I start shrinking? Oh god I think I can actually feel it, can’t I?”

    She gave you a look with her eyes that let you know her mouth was a flat line translating to: “Really?” 

    “Baby, I’ve had my mask on this whole time, and we haven’t so much as touched since I got home. But, how about this, how about we find out the answer to all your questions-” she cut herself off as she removed her mask revealing her fuller lips and took off her top setting free her monstrous boobs. You practically drooled at the sight of them as they smacked against her flatter yet softer tummy. “-through trial and error.” With that you no longer had to guess at the face she was making as you could clearly see the mischievous yet sultry grin she gave you. She gave you a hand up, pulling you to her. You hadn’t noticed it but apparently she had been growing steadily the entire time, because as you were brought back up to your feet, you came face to... well... tit. 

    She immediately squeezed you into a hug, planting a very sexually charged kiss on your lips, and then forced you onto the bed. She stripped out of the rest of her now too small clothing and ripped off your pants and boxers. Slowly, sensually, she lowered onto her knees, taking you into her mouth for a brief moment, making sure you were nice and lubricated. After this she placed her tits that were probably at this point surpassing your thighs in size around your dick, and said, “I’ve always wanted to be able to do this.” 

    She then began to give you an absolutely euphoric titty fuck, and, unbeknownst to you was slowly keeping track of how you continuously looked smaller and smaller on the bed...

    "Well, hey there, little guy. Are you lost? Don't have an assigned caregiver yet? Aww, well that's too bad... But good news is you weren't found by my sleeping friend over there. Not that there's anything wrong with her, she just doesn't have an ass like me. Speaking of, here let me lift my dress up so you can climb in and make yourself niiiiice and comfy, okay? I'll hang out for just a while longer and make an excuse to go home so we can get to know each other. *Giggle*"

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    “Sooo you thought it was a good idea to not wear a mask during a SHRINKING pandemic and ride public transportation, huh? Forgot it at home, you say? Well, at least you’re not a pandemic denier that’s for sure. Either way, at the rate you’re shrinking you probably won’t even make it to the next stop before you’re swimming in your clothes. Tell you what, you may not be that smart *giggle* but you sure are cute. Hurry to the bathroom, I’ll meet you there and stuff you in my shirt and zip up when you’re small enough… you and the girls can get well acquainted on the way to my place, sound like a plan?”

    "Look, baby," your girlfriend said diplomatically while beginning to lift her shit above her engorged boobs, "I knowww it's a little demeaning, but you heard the news! The only thing shrunken men can digest now is breastmilk, and I'm glad I caught that strain of the virus otherwise I'd be having to call up some of my friends, see if they'd be able to help us out... which... would make me jealous in more ways than one."

    "Besides," she continued, beginning to lower herself on her knees, "isn't it kinda…. hot?" Hefting a big, milky tit towards you, you couldn't help but agree.

    "Hmmm," she mused, "what do you think, baby? Will I be WIDER than the doorframe or TALLER than the doorframe first after my next treatment?"

    You couldn't provide her with an answer since you were rock hard and could not take your eyes off her newly developed ass.

    She looked back at you, giggled first, then wiggled second, and finally said, "I guess only time will tell. But for now...." Pausing, she proceeded to strip her lower half, stopping on her way back up so she was bent over, and continued, "fuck me."

    You didn't have to be asked twice.

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    It was a classic prank. Leave the door cracked just a bit to balance a bucket on top of it. A bucket with some weird liquid your girlfriend’s witchy friend, Kayla, gave you. The same witchy friend that gave you the idea for the prank in the first place. You figured what’s the harm. It would be easy to clean up, just have her take a shower and help her mop it up when you got home. It’d probably go over easier if you had flowers and chocolate after the prank as a peace offering. So, you CAREFULLY set up the bucket on top of the door that lead to the laundry room before heading out to the store to grab some tulips and her favorite chocolate. Peanut Butter M&M’s (chocolate is a relative term). As you were walking out of the store your phone buzzed with a text from your girlfriend. The trap had been sprung an-




    The first thing you noticed were her tits. Usually a little more than a handful they were clearly more than an ARMFUL now, next you noticed she was completely naked, which lead you to carefully examine her something was…. off… but you couldn’t place your finger on it. Other than her now enormous boobs. She didn’t look entirely pissed off but… she certainly wasn’t smiling either. 

    Just then you realized the photo came with a message attached, “Clever prank babe. I bet I can guess who put you up to it, hmm? You’re in BIG trouble when you get home.”

    The emphasis on “big” wasn’t lost to you, and it just registered in your brain you had been standing in the doorway to the drugstore you were at gawking at your phone. Shaking yourself you hurried back inside to grab more “chocolate” and flowers, what was the harm?

    Still in a daze on your way home your brain just couldn’t wrap around what had happened. It made sense now why Kayla was considered “witchy”… because she was most likely an actual witch! Pulling into your driveway you mentally prepped yourself, grabbed the flower and candy and headed inside….

    …and came face to… stomach with the reason there was something off about your girlfriend. Not only were her boobs massive, she was massive too. You could just barely make out her smirking face through the valley that was her cleavage. 

    “Oh!” She exclaimed, “You brought me apology gifts.” Tearing into one of the bags of M&Ms, pouring what seemed like half of them into her mouth, then grabbing the flowers to sniff them. Only to toss both the bag and the flowers to the side to pull you to her soft, gargantuan body. 

    Now was a good a time as any to try to apologize, “Gemma, I-”

    But she cut you off. 

    “Ah ah ah! I did  say you’d be in BIG trouble when you got home, didn’t I?” She clearly meant this both figuratively and literally. “But you’re lucky that this shit makes me so.



    And with each grunted word she grew just a few more inches, quickly closing the distance between her head and the 11-foot ceilings. Not only did she grow taller, though, it was easy to discern just why her boobs were so much bigger now, disproportionately speaking. With each jump in height the entirety of her grew out of proportion alongside her. Tits heaved bigger and bigger, thighs plumped up, ass ballooned fatter and fatter. She bent over just slightly so her boobs swayed tantalizingly above you and you saw a fiery lust in her eyes. 

    Suddenly she slung you over her shoulder and ducked through the doorway (with much difficulty) into hallway leading to your bedroom. Strolling through the hall she grunted her way into the bedroom and tossed you onto the bed. 

    Audibly moaning as she expanded yet again, causing her to kneel she said as she began tearing off your clothes, “First, we’re going to fuck. Then, we’re going to fuck again. Next, you’re going to call Kayla and tell her to get her ass over here, with enough shrinking solution for both of us.” You began to speak but she shushed you with a large finger to your mouth, beginning to straddle almost the entire bed as she positioned herself, “I don’t want to hear it mister. I’m going to shrink back to almost normal, and you’re going to shrink small enough to be my personal little sex toy. I may as well shrink Kayla while I’m at it, teach her a lesson too. Then, the two of you will spend the rest of the day in my underwear or my bra pleasing me, got it? Good.”

    “But for now,” she began, “just try to enjoy the ride.” She winked as she lowered herself onto you, granting you the most amazing cowgirl experience of your life. 

    "I only just hit 5'10 and I had already surpassed all those small skinny bitches you dated in the past." Read the text from the woman you'd gone on a date with the other night.

    Things had gone well, considering how the two of you talked for hours on end and actually got kicked out of the restaurant you were in because they were closing. You'd even gotten tipsy enough to start broaching subjects such as fetishes and kinks.

    You made out in the parking lot with LOTS of heavy petting. Her 5'6 frame perfectly endowed with some cute perky tits and her jawdropping ass. The two of you were THIS close to just fucking in one of your cars but she stopped you and said, "No, I want to get bigger for our first time." Appreciating her ability and want to roleplay you went along with it, and would hold off, especially since it was the first date and all.

    Of course, she started to prove that it wasn't just roleplay she had been talking about in the days that followed with her text messages. She would send pictures like this in her bathroom where you could clearly track her progress comparatively to the squares in the background. Sometimes even going as far as to stand back against the wall to show you. At first you didn't believe it, playing it off as some kind of optical illusion or skillful photography, but... That's where her ass came in.

    Sorry, did you say "back against the wall"? Because it was more like just her increasingly bigger and fatter ass against the wall, seeing as to how far it stuck out now. Each cheek was easily double the size it was since your date. If it was just her height she was showing off you might not have believed her but her undeniable growth below her waist could not be easily faked like that. She had even said that her tits should soon be catching up to her ass as well.

    Another text came in, shortly after the first, "You probably won't even remember their names by the time I'm a foot- no, two feet taller. Or maybe even bigger, with cheeks I could lose you in, you'd like that, wouldn't you?"

    She sent another pic, one from a fetish website you browse often, and one you had seen before.

    "I think I like that idea. I'll see about bulk ordering more ingredients, but for now I can't hold off any longer, get your ass over here so you can start worshipping my growing one."

    You'd hardly read the "get your ass" section of the text message before gathering some things and speeding off to her place in record time. You were amazed at how lucky you were, your dream woman, growing bigger, soon to be before your very eyes. Your exes had nothing on her.... What were their names again?


    Why do you post so rarely?

    Good question.

    It's honestly hard for me to keep my focus on captions for some reason. I still like and archive stuff and come up with ideas but that's as far as I go... Once I sit down to actually write one I find that it doesn't come out as well as I wanted it to or just lose interest. I pretty much feel like I always want to be doing something else, usually video games or watching an anime or something like that. Every now and then I'll see a picture that just BEGS for a caption and I'll crank one out but then sometimes I get an idea for an image but see other images that might be better and can't make up my mind and blah blah blah.

    For whatever reason I had an absolute fiery drive to write caption after caption back when I first started in 2017(?), I would do them often and most of the time multiple captions at once. But my drive slowly started to drain and now here we are, wishing I could muster up that same drive but being unable to...

    I appreciate the ask, maybe I'll try to do one in the next few days, actually give you guys something to read... Keep an eye out I guess. Don't forget that there are other captioners out there, though!

    “I’m not going to stop. Not until you’re small enough to fit in this glass. Small enough to just swim in this little glass of water, honey.” Her smirk is devilish and delightful. “Your toes won’t even touch the bottom. You’re going to shrink…and shrink…and shrink….until I can just - mmmmf fuck - swallow you up.”

    You stare up at her, awestruck and in love.

    “This is insane,” you say. Her tits are immense, filling out the previously loose nightgown, and you see the hemline that used to droop down to mid thigh is at her navel and climbing higher.

    “This is your wish,” she reminds you. “Your dream. How many times have you looked at my big boobs and wished they were bigger?” She giggles and you are enraptured with the way her chest sways and jiggles. “How many times have you wished for my boobies to grow bigger than you? Once? A dozen? Hundreds?” She gasps as a spurt surges her upwards, her peach blossom face burning with a fresh blush. “Oh god baby, I don’t even care anymore, I just want to grow.”

    She is larger than any statue, grander than any palace, and though you want to to stop time just to burn the image of her fucking huge body into your mind, she’s growing. Slowly but surely she’s rising, breaking records and filling the available space.

    “And now I can.” She bends down, her lips forming a dick-sicking pout that makes you release a keen whine of desire. “I can grow bigger and sexier, the more I take from you. And oh baby, you have so much to give me don’t you?”

    You’re barely taller than her knee now and that’s soon a pipe dream.

    “You can stop this,” she muses. She doesn’t even hesitate when she rips your baggy shorts off. You instinctively cover yourself, but there’s no hiding your bodies reaction to her immensity. Her power. “You can stop me from growing bigger and sexier. You can stop me. When. Ever. You. Want.”

    She grabs the glass, pinching it between two fingers like it weren’t an plus-size glass mug and instead a shotglass. Before you can argue she tips the contents out, and hold it over your head, upside down.

    “But you won’t,” she says. “You’re going to shrink…and shrinkget so fucking tiny while I grow, and you’re going to enjoy it. Because…that’s your wish.”

    The glass seems to grow in her hand, but you know, it’s just you. You’re still shrinking, still paralyzed with awe and lust and at the mercy of just her image, let alone her words.

    Slowly, she begins to lower the glass, and though part of you screams at you to run, to grow back, to resist the indelible urge to give in to your fantasy, you don’t move.

    “Good boy,” she praises you. “Good boy. You know what you want, don’t you?”

    When the glass touches your head, you press back instinctively, but it’s impossible. A futile effort. Slowly, your strength vanishes as she presses down and down, seeming to smush more and more size out of you, into her.

    Soon, she lifts her grip from the glass, and the pressure immediately lightens a little. You think you have a chance, and strain yourself to lift the mug…only to fail at budging it.

    You’re officially too small to lift the glass. The realization sends you to your knees as your shrinking body fails to make headway.

    You ram your shoulder against the interior curve of the glass, and find it immovable. You can’t hear anything now, trapped, except for the thunder in your ears, the rumble of the giantess passively watching you with a mischievous smile on her face from outside the glass.

    She winks at you, and, with both hands, because she actually needs both hands to handle her tits, she frees one. Her boob stands tall above you, a mountainous peak casting a shadow of epic proportions that covers you in your glass.

    Your heart thumps at the glorious sight of her, standing so high and tall and fucking huge it was everything you ever wanted.

    And then she pinches her nipple.

    Thick, pearly white milk drips out. It falls on the floor beside you, and the reaction from your body is visceral as your eye catches the smattering splash along the transparent prison.

    Want. Want. Fucking want.

    Your world flips once more, and soon you find yourself tumbling along the rim of the glass, turning and tumbling along the incline, until you find yourself at the bottom of the glass, looking up at a ceiling farther than the moon for all the difference it made.

    And then her nipple moves into view above you.

    “Small enough to swim in,” she comments. “I didn’t say what you’d swim in though, did I?”

    Your mouth goes dry.

    She pinches her nipple once more, and whatever desire you have, whatever thirst your body so craves is soon abated as milk begins to fill the glass.

    Lactation and a great story!!

    “Jinkies! You’re so tiny!”

    You balked at the sight of your girlfriend. You hadn’t seen her in days, too busy dealing with the sudden change in your life after you’d gotten caught in that magic circle of hers on accident.

    “Vel?” you said. Whether it was irony or serendipity that she had close to the same name as the iconic character from your formative years, she certainly looked the part now. “What are you doing?”

    Vel - your girlfriend, not the character, you had to remind yourself - pouted and put the magnifying glass she’d been holding down. She folded her arms under her chest and all subsequent thoughts were kicked to the back of the line as the word Jiggly took forefront.

    “You’ve been ignoring me,” she said in her normal voice. “Ever since that spell backfired.”


    “Look, I get it, I messed up.” Her eyes turned downwards as red crept up the side of her neck. “I didn’t set up a barrier and when you walked in you got hit with the brunt of feedback. I’d be annoyed too.”

    Just approaching her relatively massive body made your heart race, but you  stepped closer anyways. Even with her on her knees in the kind of outfit you’d jerked yourself off too for years - good god, her thighs were enormous - you barely came up past her chest while standing. 

    You brushed her hair out of her eyes. She’d even gotten a new pair of glasses to go with the outfit. 

    Swallowing, you asked, “What do you mean, annoyed?”

    Velma’s eyes tracked your hand as you retracted it, and you hoped your body didn’t betray you once again. The past few days had been a nightmare, not seeing her.

    “I mean, aren’t you?” she said. She bit her lip, suddenly demure. “I…shrank you.”

    “You did, but, it’s not like it’s totally your fault.” You looked away and half-confessed “You told me the spell required strong emotion to kick in. I’m partially responsible.”

    “Sure, but I think you have a right to be angry about it. And don’t say you weren’t, you’re half your height already!” she said, accusatory. Her top strained at the seams as she wagged a finger in your face, bouncing her tits in a way that demanded hyperfocus. 

    It took all the self-control you had not to fall into her, your mouth hanging open in awe until she put her hand on your shoulder.

    “Are you alright?” she said, voice louder than she probably realized.

    Clearing your throat you nodded. This time, it was you who looked away.

    “That…wasn’t anger I was feeling this whole time, Vee,” you said. Your voice was quiet, even as your heart pounded like a jackhammer. “I wasn’t angry.”

    “What do you mean it wasn’t…” she trailed off, and then seemed to come to a realization. “Oh. Oh.”

    “Yeah.” Your cheeks burned and you wanted to scurry away back into your room before you shrank anymore but her grip on your shoulder kept you in place.

    “So does this mean you like being smaller?” she asked. Her tone was carefully neutral.

    “Well, not just that,” you said. You gave her the side-eye and gulped. The newest batch of shrinking was already happening but you couldn’t tear your eyes off her. “I like that you’re bigger than me too.”

    Vel nodded, looking thoughtful for a moment, before a playful grin took hold. “So…you want me to get bigger? Like, not shrink you, but actually grow?”

    You choked, and had to stop the horny out-of-control voice inside of you from jumping up and down and saying Fuck yes.

    Instead, you kept your composure and said, as idly as if you were talking about the weather, “Can you?”

    Vel winked, closed her eyes to focus, put both hands in her lap and then between breaths grew a full three inches in one go. Her thigh-high socks slid down her calves and her head rose above you like she were on an escalator. Her lips parted as her tongue hung out briefly, and you thought you saw them grow just a shade plumper than before.

    Her tits, already generously filling that magnificent bright orange sweater, visibly bulged out as they grew in proportion with the rest of her.

    Ho. Lee. Fuck.

    The inches melted off you in one go, putting you level with the biggest knockers of your life.

    Vel opened her eyes, smiled, and winked. Then her face turned a comical sort of surprise and she gasped. “Jinkies! What happened, honey? Someone shrank you!”

    She’d even grown the glasses somehow, bless her. She put both hands on her knees and leaned in close, bumping you with the front of her chest so hard you had to take a step back.

    “I estimate you to be a little over two feet now,” she said, peering down at you. She adjusted her glasses for effect. “We need to get to the bottom of this! If you shrink much more you’ll be smaller than my boobs!”

    “Y-yeah?” you stuttered, even as another percentage of your height vanished into nothing. On cue, Vel - Velma - began swelling.

    “What’s this?” she said, with faux alarm. “I’m growing as well!”

    Fuck, that was sexy. Even if you tried denying it now, the slow shaving off of your inches would give away how hot you found this.

    If the raging hard-on you had on full display didn’t.

    Velma winked and made a lewd noise, licking her lips, releasing a guttural moan that was completely out of character but somehow not.

    “Impossible!” you said, taking a step back. You didn’t have to fake the nerves in your voice but you couldn’t resist her. Not anymore.

    “But I am!” Velma grabbed her loupe, and came to her feet. The entire action brought a series of stretches and bounce to her tits - how big were they going to get? - as she stood to her considerable full height. One hand grabbed a fistful of boob, and she let out a soft moan, before she continued with, “The- the two must be tied! Goodness I am enormous. And you’re already so small.”

    She lifted a foot and made a long elaborate gesture of stepping closer to you. Either she was actually turning off balance or she was exaggerating everything. 

    “I’m getting so big!” she cried out, and you couldn’t tell if that was her playing or reveling in her growth.

    Fuck if seeing the strained fabric of her thigh highs turn ever more transparent didn’t press every single one of your buttons.

    “How can I help?” you said. You resisted the rising urge to start jerking yourself in her presence, but it was a near thing. Velma’s size was the stuff of myths and legends, but you couldn’t tear your eyes away.

    “C-clues,” she said. Her eyes rolled and her overstuffed shirt swelled to the point you could see it pinching her skin. “We need to - fuck me this is hot - find clues!”

    The break in character shredded what little self-control you had and your hand met your desperate cock, stroking. You knew the moment you passed the twelve inch marker because Velma’s top crashed beside you, gracing you with a view only familiar to your dreams, and there was no comparison to be made between you and her anymore. She was more woman than you’d ever thought possible.

    “J-jinkies! What happens if-” she didn’t even seem to realize one hand drifted down and hiked up her red miniskirt, “-if you shrink further? Will I grow as well? We need to- to investigate. In a quieter, keening voice she whispered, perhaps unintentionally, “God, yes. Shrink. Shrink. Smaller.”

    She was much more into this than expected, but you followed her unspoken command and kept stroking. You hadn’t even touched yet but all you could think about was her; her pussy, her tits, her ass, all fit to burst in that sexy as fuck outfit.

    “Do you find me sexy, baby?” Velma said, as she let the loupe drop from her hand. The sound it made when it hit the floor was nearly deafening to you now, at merely a few inches and still shrinking slowly. “Do you like me like this? All big and horny, all for you?”

    Her free hand cupped a pile of tit bigger than a building to you. The top of her head was brushing the ceiling beam, but that just made her bend and squat over you, filling your vision with nothing but an overburdened panties and a sudden powerful urge to feel how soft her body looked up close.

    “Guh,” was all you said. If, she sat on you it’d be amazing. Close, humid, hard to breathe, but amazing.

    You’d shrunken so much, you realized. It was like a whole different world.

    And then, you don’t know how, it stopped. Your sight level stopped lowering, no matter how horny you got.

    You blinked, momentarily distracted from the pleasure and situation. “Wait, Velma, I think it sto-”

    “What’s this?” her voice boomed. It was like a tornado, a natural disaster turned sex symbol and you stopped in your tracks, words trapped in your throat. “I think it’s a clue! A very small clue!”


    There was nothing quite like it to compare it to. Velme bent down and picked you up, ignoring your squirms.

    “Small. So fucking small. And I’m so huge.” she said to herself, and the intensity and hunger blew you away. “Ooh fuck- I need you.”

    “Vee, I’m all right now!” you tried, but your words had no power. She had you. You were hers. Still, you had to try. “Your boyfriend!”

    Velma stared down at you and you realized one problem with the whole scenario. She didn’t see you.

    “Mine,” she said, uttering the word like a prayer. “Mine. My cute, tiny boyfriend. Mine.” Come coherency entered her expression but still, her lust won out. “Time to look for more clues, baby. And I know just the place to start.”

    Before you could protest she brought you down, level with her pussy, which could swallow you whole effortlessly.

    Fuck,” she swore as she ripped off her panties and pressed you close. “Fuck. Hurry up baby. I think I might just start growing some more…”

    A very delayed captions for the awesome @oloshadow. Thanks for waiting for this one!

    Yeah, I had a crush on Velma growing up. Is it obvious?

    “There she grows again.” You said, quietly, your sigh transitioning into a chuckle at your terrible pun. You swore you could almost see her growing this time. Her lower half faster than her upper half. She lived in a cycle the past few days, one that she would surely repeat today. She would wake up, demand sex, almost painfully ride you in cowgirl position, grow, gorge herself on food, take a nap to let it all digest, grow, wake up and demand sex again, cowgirl once more (it was her favorite position), grow, and then sleep for an ungodly amount of time, slowly growing all throughout. Just the other day she was a tiny little thing, no height or curves to speak of, but now here she was, taking up an entire queen-sized bed by herself, her hips and ass wider than her entire torso, her thighs thick and round. It was probably a good thing she was only growing at a very slow rate, otherwise she wouldn’t be able to fit in the house let alone the bed... Both of you agreed that once she got to be too big you’d go back to that witch’s shop where you were sure this had all started. But... just how big is “too big”? Would you two be able to agree on-

    Your thoughts were interrupted by the sound of her waking up, “Mmmm, hey sexy, ready for our daily routine? I’ll be sure to be gentle again, wouldn’t want my little boyfriend to be crushed by my giant ass, would we? Wooould weee?” 

    You swallowed, and mentally prepared yourself for another day of growth and the hottest and scariest sex of your life. 

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    “Shhh, honey, shhhhh, please, it’s okay, it’s alright... I’m sorry, I can usually control this power of mine but....” Her voice was soothing, melodic, it was one of the things you picked up on on your first date, and were reminded of it on your second. You didn’t realize how tense you were, or how quickly you had been breathing, but you began to relax and take more regular breaths. “I should have warned you beforehand, not that you would have believed me, but... there’s just something about you, we’ve only known each other for a few days but you drive me absolutely crazy, tell me you don’t feel that too.”

    She was right, of course, right from the moment you two met you knew there was something special, call it love at first sight, fate, whatever you want, but there was a definite connection between the two of you, and it only deepened when you had shared a kiss later that night and then again after your second date the very next day. 

    “....okay yes, you’re right, there’s definitely something about you that just feels, well, right....” you trailed off, only to quickly be reminded of the situation you were in, “but I mean, just look at us! I’m tiny, and you’re huge! What happens when I need to go somewhere??” “Oh, baby, no, it’s not permanent, it wears off, usually takes a few hours, I tend to just sleep it off. And I promise I’m better at controlling it, I just haven’t had any... well... action lately, I hope I didn’t scare you away.” She looks down, somehow still managing to look adorable and sad even while being enormous compared to you.

    You take a moment to process all that has happened and is still happening, you can’t deny that this actually excites you, and is the most turned on you’ve been in a while. You can’t help but notice that while her size has stopped increasing, her boobs definitely have not, continuing to swell well past double their original size, causing her straps to start to fall down her arms. Focusing back on the situation at hand, you, as best you can, cup her chin and lift her head “up” to meet your gaze, “I... appreciate everything you’ve said, apology and all, I can’t lie, this is so hot, and... I trust you, and I like you a lot, so... it’s okay, really, it is. We can talk more about it later, but for right now.... I want to fuck you so bad.”

    With that, she smiles, bites her lip in the sexiest way you’ve ever seen, swells in size just a little bit more, and pounces on you.

    Not my best work, but it’ll do. I knew the scenario I wanted to do just wasn’t sure how to bring it to life. Let me know what you guys think!

    “Like this? Am I doing it right?” Your girlfriend was straddled on top of you in nothing but a pair of panties and a tank top. It had taken months to convince her to finally have sex but under one condition. Her mom has to be on facetime to make sure her daughter was doing things correctly. If it was earlier in the relationship you would have denied such a crazy thing but at this point if you didn’t get anything your dick would explode from holding it in for this long.

    “You’re doing great baby. Now show off to him to get him hard. Just like the way I showed you.” Her mother had been walking her through the entire thing and while you were more than ready to go your gf was being made to take a slow pace. She nodded towards her mother before turning her attention to you. She tried jiggling her tits but at a B cup she wasn’t getting much momentum. Rolling your eyes you were about to sit up and take things over but as you started to adjust her mother stopped you.

    “Hold on pretty boy. Don’t think I’m ignoring you at all. Stop being so impatient. This is all about my sweet little daughter right now.” She giggled as if she had just told a joke. You were about to turn to the phone but for some reason you felt like that wasn’t a good idea. “Push him back down honey.” Your girlfriend obeyed her mother grabbing your shoulders and pushing you back down.

    “Just Wait please. It will be worth the wait.” Your girlfriend nervously said sounding like she still wasn’t quite ready for what you expected to be sex. As your head hit the pillow you felt a churning strong wave of vertigo course through you. You wanted to move but all you could hear was your girlfriends mother excited squealing. Looking towards your girlfriend for help you were met instead by two growing and increasingly jiggly breasts. Even though the rest of you felt like it was in another dimension your eyes stayed transfixed on your girlfriends wobbling tits that filled more and more of her tank top. You could swear that it felt like she was getting further away too but you could still feel her sitting right on top of your dick. Though she felt heavier… and getting even more heavy? Her mother’s laughter now filled your head as you groaned feeling your girlfriend surge in weight like she just gained a ton of weight. Looking up at her though all you see was her enormous jiggling boobs threatening to escape her tank top. You could see her nipples desperately bouncing against the edge of her tank top trying to break free.

    “Am I doing it right? Am I finally going to get my first one?” She glanced back and forth between her phone and you. Each second her tits blocked off more of her face. “You’re doing great honey. Go for all of him!” Her mother encouraged her. Your girlfriend seemed completely different as all you could was her eyes now past her melon sized tits. From her eyes it seemed like she was finally starting to enjoy this. She gave out a squeal of delight as she pushed her hips forward and now pulling your attention to her now barely contained pussy that hurtled straight towards your face. You tried to say something before you were buried underneath her oven of a crotch. The last thing you would hear from your girlfriend was her asking her mother if it was alright to keep you inside her.

    This was submitted by the amazing @astorabound I’m currently drunk and wanted to take a shot at this and hope I delivered something amazing. Please keep submitting things! ^_^

    An amazing job by a great artist, go check them out if you haven't already!

    “C’mon, baby just oooooone more kiss, and you’ll be the perfect size,” your now (to you) giant girlfriend said in a pouty tone, “I thought you said you wanted to make this Valentine’s Day as special as possible?”

    This was in reference to a conversation you had with her a few days ago, Valentine’s Day had been coming up, and since her past Valentine’s had been shitty due to her shitty exes, you told her you wanted to make it “as special as possible.” 

    What you did NOT know, however, was that she was a witch, and she had cast a spell that would, for some reason or another, allow her to transfer your size to her assets whenever you gave her ass a kiss.

    Strange and unheard of? Yes.

    Extremely specific? Yes.

    Were you both turned on beyond your beliefs, however? Double yes. 

    This was discovered when the two of you had been doing some heavy petting before your actual date, and you, like always, had worship her ass like the awe-inspiring sacred artifact it was. As you planted several kisses on her, however, your entire world started to change. You quickly began to shrink out of the only thing you were wearing at the time, some boxer-briefs that she absolutely loved to see on you, and at the same time you could hear her moaning as her overall body began to thicken. D-cup breasts expanded several cup sizes, her already sizeable ass became one that would put Kim K’s to shame, and the twin pillars that were her thick thighs thickened even more.

    After some panic and some explanation, you calmed down, quickly realizing that even though it was beyond your control, it was in the control of someone you trusted and cared for deeply, so you might as well enjoy the ride, especially since this was a fetish of yours. 

    Back to the present, however, she was still demanding that last kiss, her plan was to make you small enough to fit in her panties, or maybe even inside her. That way, when she showed up for the dinner reservation for one she told you about, you’d still be right there with her.

    And of course, who are you to deny this veritable goddess the most special Valentine’s Day.... yet.


    A caption for @squidkidatx‘s submission! 
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