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    Pro as fuck


    I want to reblog this to point out two things

    1) this driver had the situational awareness to know what his passenger in the back seat was doing while…

    2) maintaining excellent situational awareness of road conditions ahead.

    this is what we mean when we say there’s no unskilled labor, only devalued labor.


    there’s no unskilled labor only devalued labor


    What happened yesterday in Warsaw?

    Yesterday, an attempt was made to arrest for 2 months an activist Margot (a non-binary person - from Stop Bzdurom) for damage to a van that preaches homophobic slogans (such as "homosexuals are pedophiles") and for damage to the health of the person from the foundation that finances these vans - (these vans often drive around Poland in police custody). When they came to get her, she was in the headquarters of KPH (Kampania Przeciw Homofobii - Campaign Against Homophobia). On the Internet, I read how they called to appear there and disturb the police. The police could not get to Margot thanks to people who came and other activists.

    Eventually Margot went out to voluntarily surrender herself to the police, but was not arrested. The police left her...

    Margot and the rest of them went to the Krakowskie Przedmieście district, where a rainbow flag was hung on the Nicolaus Copernicus monument again. Then Margot was raided in an unmarked police car. Even more people gathered in the square and sat around the car so that it could not leave. Police was agressive.

    There were no warnings before the police started using force. It was brutal. The left-wing MPs were on the spot and tried how they could defend those who were treated worst.

    (Jakub Kaminski - East News/ Przemysław Stefaniak)

    Paweł H. Głogowski/REPORTER

    Everything lasted many hours and about 50 people were detained/arrested.

    The MP testifies that she heard the cops talking to each other to arrest 3 people at random.

    „An escalation in police violence I haven't seen in a long time.

    We were blocking the car with Margot. The police crashed the crowd. Then the car tried to drive away, but the crowd kept blocking it... Another person who threw himself on the car to stop the political police from taking the activist. This is our rainbow civil disobedience. I don't have a word for what happened. Tears come into my own eyes. There are many detainees at several commands and a huge team of attorneys who help. There are also MPs from the opposition.”

    - Bart Staszewski

    "Solidarity is our weapon."

    Foto. Przemysław Stefaniak

    Please share this.


    I know this Americanised website tends to forget the rest of the world exists but I beg you. SHARE THIS. MAKE WHAT'S HAPPENING IN POLAND LOUD.

    The international attention is a weapon w DESPERATELY need right now.


    Giving homeless people MONEY instead of FOOD can save their lives this winter, shelters cost money, being able to sit in McDonald’s and nurse a coke for a couple hours to warm up costs money, often accessing public toilets (whether it’s to use them, wash up or just to be out of the wind) costs money. 

    Just give homeless people cash, just do it, no excuses, no whining about “enabling their drug habits”, if you have money to spare, give it and possibly save someone from literally freezing to death. 


    Bringing this back cause this heat can kill you, giving money is always in season


    the fact elon mask genuinely might ruin the night sky for everyone makes me wanna sharpen my shovel and get to work


    For those who are confused, SpaceX has been putting a metric fuckton of little sattelites into low earth orbit, and they’re well on their way to making earth-based visual astronomy impossible.

    Like, this was a picture taken by an observatory in Arizona

    The streaks are all SpaceX satellites. So you can see why that’s a bit of a problem.


    When the rich take even our stars I think it’s time to grab for an axe


    So you might have seen this image going around the internet.

    [ID: A high school hallway crammed with shoulder-to-shoulder teenagers, about three of whom are wearing masks. End ID.]

    This is a high school in my area. This was the first day back. This picture, taken by a student, went viral (ha), and the superintendent was more or less forced to make a statement. It’s long and it’s a lot of bullshit but here’s the big stupid part.

    “One area where we have received a good deal of feedback is mask use in our schools. Wearing a mask is a personal choice and there is no practical way to enforce a mandate to wear them. What we will do is continue to strongly encourage all students and staff to wear masks.”

    If I have to explain to you the staggering level of bullshit in this statement, then you’ve never been an AFAB person in high school. Tank top? Sent home. Jeans too tight? Home. Collarbones showing? Home. Never mind the application of out-of-school suspension, which is its own kind of bullshit that we’re not here to discuss today. If you can send someone home for showing too much ankle you can send them home for not wearing a mask.

    I’ve seen pushback against him on Twitter but they’ve already proven they don’t give a shit what we think, or care about the safety of the students OR staff. Only that things look like they’ve gone back to normal.

    So it’d be a real shame if people from all over blew up their phones at 770-443-8000 or used faxzero.com to send 5 free faxes per day to 770-443-8089 making known their concerns about this anti-response to a massive public health risk. Make it a national issue and maybe shame our government into acting like they’ve got a single brain cell between them. It’d just be real upsetting. I’m just saying.




    “ Within days of that workout, several North Paulding [football] players had tested positive for the coronavirus. The school’s parents were notified just hours before the first day of class.”


    “James’ parents saw the photograph that had been circulating Tuesday and told him, ‘You are not going back to school again,’ he said. But a few hours later, his mother had spoken to the school and was told that students who ‘chose not to go to school’ could face suspension or expulsion.“


    Any student found criticizing the school on social media could face disciplinary consequences.”

    This is a fraction of the article, please read the whole thing. I didn’t know about the expulsion threats - there was a literal three-day window to enroll for virtual. These kids are forced to choose between their health and their academic career. I can’t form words, I’m so fucking mad. Please don’t let them get away with this unscathed - Kemp either, this is his goddamn fault.