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2021-06-19 00:03:49

    No for real this is a whole webcomic and it’s worth checking out

    Also this


    It’s an insane series. It started with a joke comic ‘what if scooby doo had a gun’ and developed into a sprawling sci-fi action series with epic fights. The last one I read (current that I know of right now) is a fight between Dexter from Dexter’s lab, fighting Foghorn Leghorn from looney toons.


    Please read this


    I binged on this entire series, could not put it down. Highly recommend. It’s soooooo funny but you will get unironically invested in these characters.


    i just finished binging it and it’s GOLD, please read it


    Imagine if Who Framed Roger Rabbit was a sci-fi shonen manga with horror elements. That’s Scoob and Shag.


    If you haven't read the Marcy & Simon miniseries from Boom Studios you absolutely should.

    It's written by Olivia Olson, Marceline's voice actor, and it gives the characters of Simon and Betty a proper conclusion to their story arc.

    If this hardcover sells well we might get more Adventure Time comics, or even a special maybe.

    Either way it's a worthy story to buy so check it out.