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2022-06-27 06:18:23

    A 4-day work week, followed by two 3-day work weeks is a wonderful way to enter my birthday month! And it's hard to believe a good chunk of those days off are work holidays rather than days I took off myself! Though some are of course, I specifically made my birthday weekend a 4-day weekend as a gift to myself.

    It was good to just relax today, but I do admit I wish there had been something more for me to do. On one hand, I obviously needed the rest because my body would not let me get out of bed for quite a while past when I intended to get up. On the other hand, other than my stream and catching up on Ms. Marvel (very good episode this week, btw) I didn't really do anything of note and at one point I actually felt a bit restless. I'll at least be moving around more than usual tomorrow!

    I finished Escape from Monkey Island today! Though the story was still fantastic and hilarious, the gameplay really took something out of it. The controls were horrible, and they introduced a new puzzle mechanic near the end that actually had me writing things down in order to successfully complete it. This was the 4th game in the series, and the last one produced by LucasArts as the last game in the series was made by Telltale! After I get the latest Genshin content out of the way tomorrow, I'll be starting up on that one to finish my series playthrough!

    I also finished Obi-Wan today, and the finale was absolutely incredible! I will not hear any criticism of this show, it gave me everything I could've wanted from it!


    Whenever somebody writes about D&D wizards making improper use of their spells, it’s always boringly obvious stuff like Bigby’s hand or Evard’s black tentacles. I wanna hear the story of some enterprising wizard exploring the erotic potential of Tenser’s floating disk.


    Tangentially related, but I was once making a bunch of Cursed spell scrolls that were one letter off from their original spells (eg Hog Cloud which summoned 1d20 + 30 feral hogs).

    I specifically chose not to make one for Tenser’s floating disk because I am a coward.


    Options for one-letter-off versions of Tenser’s floating disk other than the most obvious one:

  • Tenser’s bloating disk
  • Tenser’s floating dish
  • Tenser’s gloating disk
  • (The last one is my favourite – lots of ways you can go with that!)

    I wonder how may series keep bringing back the same main villain in different forms? Playing through the Monkey Island series, the big bad in the first was Ghost Pirate LeChuck, who came back in the second game as Zombie Pirate LeChuck, who was resurrected again in the third game as I guess Demon Pirate LeChuck (though it was more like Zombie with a flaming beard), and now in the fourth game LeChuck is back as literally all of those interchangeably PLUS something worse... the evil politician LeCharles! I wonder if he'll take on yet another ridiculous form in the fifth game!


    stop what you’re doing and watch this


    For those who don't know, this is Joe Lycett. He's a British comedian who's also bisexual/pansexual (he uses both labels interchangeably afaik), and this isn't an isolated thing.

    He has a show called Joe Lycett's Got Your Back which explains consumer rights, exposes dodgy businesses and actually fights on behalf of people who have been scammed by those businesses, often successfully.

    He also legally changed his name to Hugo Boss in protest of the fashion house Hugo Boss hitting a local brewery with cease and desist because they trademarked the word boss. The protest was successful and Hugo Boss receded the c&d.

    He's a cool guy and I recommend looking him up. I also recommend looking up the notable cases from JLGYB on the Wikipedia link below

    I'm worried that I may have run out of display space in my apartment. Not only have Loot Crates started coming in again with figures I might want to put somewhere, but I made a comment the other day about how LEGOs are always a fantastic birthday gift and I'm worried that if that does happen I won't have anywhere to keep them.


    [ID: a series of tweets by twitter user TheOperaGeek, on 6/8/2020.

    “There were times when the world did not need policemen, because what it really did need was for somebody who knew what they were doing to shut it all down and start it all up again so that THIS time it could be done properly.” -Terry Pratchett, Snuff

    “…but what should we do when the highborn and wealthy take to crime? Indeed, if a poor man will spend a year in prison for stealing out of hunger, how high would the gallows need to be to hang the rich man who breaks the law out of greed?” - Terry Pratchett, Snuff

    “I’m not a natural killer! See this? See what it says? I’m supposed to KEEP the peace, I am! If I kill people to do it, I’m reading the wrong manual!” - Watch Commander Sam Vimes on policing (Terry Pratchett, Jingo)

    “‘He asked you to shoot at people who weren’t shooting back,’ growled Vimes, striding forward. […] ‘They are throwing STONES, Sarge,’ said Colon. ‘So? Stay out of range. They’ll get tired before we do.’” - Sam Vimes on policing, again. (Terry Pratchett, Night Watch)

    “No excuses. No excuses at all. Once you had a good excuse, you opened the door to bad excuses.” - Terry Pratchett, THUD!

    “And if you did it for a good reason, you’d do it for a bad one. You couldn’t say ‘we’re the good guys’ and do bad-guy things.” - Vimes on policing & excuses, part three. (Terry Pratchett, THUD!)

    “But we were dragons. We were supposed to be cruel, cunning, heartless and terrible. But this much I can tell you, we never burned and tortured and ripped one another apart and called it morality.” - The Dragon on human nature, part two (Terry Pratchett, Guards! Guards!)

    “You couldn’t say ‘I had orders.’ You couldn’t say ‘It’s not fair.’ No one was listening. There were no Words. You owned yourself. […] Not ‘Thou Shalt Not” Say ‘I WILL NOT’.“ - Terry Pratchett, Feet of Clay

    “And, while it was regarded as pretty good evidence of criminality to be living in a slum, for SOME reason owning a whole street of them merely got you invited to the very best social occasions.” - Terry Pratchett, Feet of Clay

    “For the enemy is not Troll, nor is it Dwarf, but it is the baleful, the malign, the cowardly, the vessels of hatred, those who do a bad thing and call it good.” - Terry Pratchett, THUD!

    END ID]

    I finished The Curse of Monkey Island today! Another good point-&-click adventure game in the series, and though the graphics felt like both a downgrade and upgrade at the same time compared to the last game (the first two were Special Editions, the third game onwards don't have that), the comedy was still incredible which means the game held up pretty well!

    Actually, I finished it in the first 20 minutes of my stream today, which gave me enough time to start up the fourth game in the series, Escape from Monkey Island! It's the first 3D game in the series, and controls like absolute dogshit! Not to mention the issues I had with OBS picking it up, it honestly felt like a horrible start to my playthrough. But I will get through it all the same!


    i just realized why i love Brennan Lee Mulligan so much

    he’s like Terry Pratchett

    “oh you’re enjoying these silly characters, this goofy fun setting? yeah? well surprise it’s about capitalism and fascists, and you’re gonna learn some shit about the human condition from some character named some dorky shit like Squaggle Fartrocks"


    ..ohhhhhhhh. Yeah, that tracks.


    Collected responses to a variety of questions I’ve received recently regarding the as-yet-untitled transhuman sci fi magical girl RPG I’m working on:

  • The game takes place in one of those gonzo transhuman sci fi settings where people are going around uploading their brains into squid and such.  
  • The default premise is that the player characters are a team of emergency responders, tasked with dealing with the inevitable consequences of most of the setting’s population having unsupervised access to bullshit space magic.  
  • Each player character’s “true” form is a micro-supercomputer about the size of a marble, which can be slotted into any compatible vessel to have it serve as a temporary body.  
  • The organisation the player characters work for provides each responder with a small selection of assigned vessels, which are stored in hyper-dimensional space and can be “swapped” for the owner’s current vessel at any time.  
  • The specific vessels provided for each mission are carefully chosen based on the present emergency’s parameters, and are definitely not assigned a. at random, b. because they happened to be closest to the door when the call came in, and/or c. because the dispatcher thought it would be funny.  
  • Note: game-mechanically they are 100% assigned at random.  
  • Swapping vessels requires the performance of a somatic activation key, involving both gestures and spoken phrases.  
  • This mechanism has been put in place to reduce the risk of accidental swapping; rumours that it exists to force responders to do funny little dances for their dispatcher’s amusement are false.  
  • Rumours of vessels spontaneously swapping out because somebody within earshot coincidentally said the activation phrase are also false.  
  • Gameplay is nominally nonviolent, with player characters being strictly enjoined against deliberately employing lethal force against anything that looks like it might be a person.  
  • Note: this is a setting where lots of things might be people.  
  • Basically, imagine being a firefighter, except sometimes the fire wants to debate philosophy.  
  • It’s a good thing that player characters’ bodies are disposable, because they tend to get blown up a lot.
  • Any further questions?


    The default premise is that the player characters are a team of emergency responders, tasked with dealing with the inevitable consequences of most of the setting’s population having unsupervised access to bullshit space magic.

    I have the sense that realistically, a large proportion of such calls would be to bullshit space magic equivalent of all these people who come to the emergency room with weird things stuck up their butt.


    Whether any of the calls the player characters are sent out on end up being a sex thing gone horribly wrong – and, if so, how often this will prove to be the case – is left to the discretion of individual groups.

    (In this, such calls are not given special treatment. It would also be “realistic” for most of the calls the player characters investigate to turn out to be false alarms, harmless misunderstandings, and/or bullshit arguments between feuding neighbours that didn’t really warrant a response, but those get swept into the background by default, too.)

    Cringe humor and second-hand embarrassment is such a common form of comedy nowadays that sometimes I honestly wish I could tolerate it. Like I've been skipping ahead so much while watching Ms. Marvel just because I can't handle the extreme awkwardness of the entirely expected and appropriate to the setting high school antics. I feel like I might be missing out, even though I know exactly what I'm skipping and can summarize those scenes in a few words. This style of comedy just causes me physical pain.


    Some facts:

    1) Black Americans created jazz. 2) Jewish Americans created comic books. 3) These things are said to be the only original American art forms.


    4) black Americans invented rock and roll.


    5) Black AND Jewish Americans created musical theatre. 


    As a Latina, can I add:

    The big flannel, big jewellery, big nails, big dress pants, dark lipstick with heavy makeup look that now so many influencers love is literally chola fashion.

    Everything you think is “cool street fashion” started with Black and Latina women!