Waiting for tomorrow to start shaking my tin cup because my Dad's definitely not getting paid on time 🙃🙃🙃 the epic high and lows of contracting but it's all lows bc people don't respect manual labor


    *rattles my lil’ tin can around*

    hi so! yeah, we’re back at it again asking for rent, and this time, unfortunately, i have to ask for way more because rent’s going up, up, up and nobody in atlanta is paying like, a living wage. combine that with the fact that all four members of my household have some sort of physical or mental disability, and you have a recipe for disaster! wow!

    um, anyways, so rent is $1,400 and it’s due on November 1, 2021, so literally anything and everything people can give to help is very much appreciated!

    paypal.me/marsinaries ( or, vaantablack@gmail.com, thank you for sending me random spam emails/places that take job applications, you’re very funny but i cannot work)



    i can also sing for my supper! i do collage and writing commissions for about $0.12 per word!!!

    @mutualaidnetworking​ @mutual-aid-booster​


    Hi! It's October 22, and we're at $845!!



    Changed my desktop >:]


    [ID: a screenshot of a windows desktop. the wallpaper is a painted scene of grassy hills with trees and fluffy clouds. all of the icons of the desktop shortcuts have been set to little drawings of cows in different patterns of brown and black and white, and are arranged so they look like they’re standing and grazing peacefully on the hills. end ID]