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I'm Audre Falrose~ I am currently in several forms of fandom hell. DR, RWBY, Honkai impact 3rd, Persona and Lord of Heroes just to name a few. She/her, 22, Aquarious, and hella gay~

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2022-10-03 13:44:58

    I have a gyno appointment coming up and I could really use some help covering the cost of my trip ($60) and visit ($50)!

    V3nmo: @SMaye95

    C@shapp: $SMaye95

    P@ypal: DM


    $10/110 💗


    $20/110 💗


    My appointment is on Tuesday and there are no appointments with any of the doctors for the rest of the year close to me so I can’t reschedule 😭


    Please help me save my teeth before it's too late!!

    I'm already in the end stages of this issue because it's so close to the nerve, and if I don't get this fixed in time, I will lose those two molars and probably more if it gets infected and an abscess forms.

    I do not have insurance and do not qualify for Care Credit or Medi-Cal because I don't have any credit, so after visiting three different dental offices and being told four different things (first it was just one filling, then it became a crown, then it became a root canal, and finally now it's been diagnosed as two root canals (and therefore two crowns)), I finally have a plan of action.

    These root canal issues are causing me great pain and I have to get this done ASAP, or I will lose my teeth and it will cost infinitely more to fix them, assuming I don't die of an abscess first (teeth problems are NO JOKE!!).

    I have an appointment set for the 18th of October, and I'm hoping to be able to afford it with your help by then. Each root canal is $1200, and each crown is $800. That's a total of $4000, but I have received some donations already and can contribute $400 of my own, so I just need $3435.

    I know that's a big ask, but these are my teeth, I have no choice. 😭 Please help me get this settled before it becomes an infinitely worse nightmare.

    Any and all donations help, even if you think a dollar or two won't. They add up and they DO help. If you can donate, please consider doing so. Reblogging also helps.


    Thank you so much!! 😭


    okay soooo since it’s basically been confirmed that all 12 WoT heroes will be available in the game at some point

    i wanna propose the idea that i think heroes are getting banners in order of story appearance,, but if the hero up next is someone who Died,, then that specific character will be skipped & they’ll go to the next one who Survived

    so like for reference right. syphfride was the first person we met back in chapter 1,, and she was Also a hero who survived the war,, so she was the first person to get a banner. ondal was supposed to be next,, but since he’s someone who’s supposed to die,, he got skipped and they went straight to brandon

    after brandon’s banner ended a few days ago,, raligon would’ve been next,, but since y’know. he died at the end. he got skipped,, and now dragon knight helga is up and running

    i’m assuming that young walther & aslan will be coming after helga leaves,, and then arkanath will probably be skipped after those two since She Dies,, and then we’ll see whoever else gets introduced after her

    the thing is…i don’t know how they’re gonna do banners for the people who died. i’m guessing that after all the people who Survived are finished,, they’ll introduce the remaining heroes at the very end. maybe it’ll be a special kind of link across timelines since they’re no longer living,, like we link to them when they’re still alive?? there’s a lot of possibilities with this but i think it’ll be interesting regardless

    okay but these drawings on her concept art though?????

    arkanath give me a chance Please Please Please