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    Haters be like

    “It’s totally possible to make a path that goes through every door exactly once”


    Idk if I did it right


    it’s true you can’t draw one continuous line that would do the trick. but if the kitty and bunny set out by going through the doors they’re marked beside and each walked the certain way their colored arrows show at the same time their “collective path” as a team would go through each door only once. The moral of the story is actually about friendship , and cooperation, because in this world there are tasks you can’t do on your own.

    im just fucking with you i’m pretty sure this has no right answer


    i concocted a solution with a 100% mortality rate


    Stop being so incredibly funny on my impossible puzzle post


    You can switch the tracks so the trolley will kill one person, or you can allow it to attempt the fruitless crusade of running over each person in the maze only once.

    with the announcement of the great ace attorney i’d like to ask that everyone please refrain from creating or engaging with art that has the rising sun design on it.

    tl;dr: it symbolizes the glorification of japanese imperialism so using it sucks.

    not tl;dr, everything below the read more.

    (tws for below include: discussion of colonization and imperialism, multiple examples of the rising sun motif being used)

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    The Ice Age series is so funny to me bc the first movie really is a dumb but still sincere kid’s movie about a main character who comes to terms with his grief and finds the courage to accept a new family via the relationship he forges with an infant member of the species that murdered his wife and son.

    ….And then the rest of the series is about dinosaurs and furry pirates and a mammoth who thinks she’s a possum and the human child from the first movie is never mentioned or spoken of ever again even though he’s the sole reason the main trio became friends.

    In fact, I’m pretty sure humans as a concept pretty much just disappeared from the narrative after the first movie.


    I feel like we need some clarification

    This is a Kimono (Japanese):


    This is a Hanfu (Chinese):


    This is a Cheongsam (Chinese):


    This is a Hanbok (Korean):


    Any questions? 

    ao dai (vietnamese)




    It’s interesting to note that that the garments that have a cross over style when worn correctly are all worn with the left breast over the right.


    That is because these countries tend to wrap right over left when they are wrapping the dead.


    Here are what some men’s fashion looks like if anyone is interested.





    Ao Dai:

    Never forget the fact that in lnx’s interview in 2019 he admitted that he used to try to pray the gay away and now here he is literally depicting his sexuality as being kicked out of Eden, stoned to death, & then ending up in hell but it isn’t in a shameful way anymore, he’s proud and comfortable with himself, saying “you told me to go to hell, well here I am” & it’s so important to see how far he’s come & I’m so proud of him


    what did we do to deserve portal 2. that shit was so good and for what


    we got to have this! we got to have a valve game set in the half life universe, and its an enemies-to-lovers-to-enemies-again sci fi comedy story about a homicidal ai created to run tests forever and the test subject she catches feelings for!! how is this game real!!!


    happy birthday to the only video game ever