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2022-08-08 20:05:20

    It's fun reading writers who clearly grew up in suburban/urban environments as someone who grew up on a farm because they're always like "oh it was so creepy, woods at night, eerily breathtaking, something was living in there..." and it's like yeah that'll be the deer.


    Same can be said about city streets. Random "gunshot" and "explosion" noises? That's the road construction crew behind the corner. Mysterious howling and barking out of nowhere echoing through the street? That's someone's dumb dog that locked itself out on the balcony on the 3rd floor above you and buildings just happen to have the shape where certain areas just vibrate with echoes from all sides at once. Screeching of car tires and agressive shouting? Fucking teens are at it again.

    But the city is the creepiest when it's silent because if there are no cars and no chitchat and no humm of an A/C unit, then where is everybody?


    Meanwhile in a rural area if you hear a gunshot that's actually a gunshot

    It's nothing to worry about though, unless you hear a long, screaming NYOOM accompanying it. The Looney Tunes sound effect for flying bullets is legitimately almost what bullets flying past your head actually sounds like.


    Speaking as someone from the suburbs, the scariness of silence is seasonal. Summer silence? Fucking scary, because there is nothing that makes cicadas stop screaming short of death. Winter silence? Normal state of affairs, because nothing is out moving around at 10F if it can help it.


    horror movie writers get it - they use silence this way, to suggest something bad is about to happen. but in the winter where it's cold, silence reigns. you hear big noises in subzero temperatures, something bad is happening