Off, imagen dancing with warden Ingo in your apartment when suddenly the doorbell rings and you go and check on who it could be. But as you're about to reach for the handle something in your guts tells you not to, you understand when you look through the peephole. Right in front of your door stands your ex, looking rather pissed.

    Off, imagen dancing with warden Ingo in your apartment when suddenly the doorbell rings and you go and check on who it could be. But as you're about to reach for the handle something in your guts tells you not to, you understand when you look through the peephole. Right in front of your door stands your ex, looking rather pissed.

    FIRST OF ALL The idea of dancing with warden Ingo in my home is so dreamy... Like GOD i’m such a sap, and dancing with a partner in the kitchen or something is so sweet. I’m assuming this is part of what I wrote a while ago. I’ll give ya a taste of what would happen. Though when requests open, I might expand on this.

    If, by chance your Ex actually has the gall to approach your home, Ingo would be livid.

    You’d practically recoil from the door as if you’d been burned. Ingo normally stays out of sight when you have visitors at the door, but he stays close enough to keep an eye out.

    When he sees you flinch away, he’s by your side at an instant.

    What’s wrong? Were you hurt? Who is it?

    Thoughts rushed through his mind, and you shakily manage to answer.

    “My...My Ex... he...he’s here.” you spoke, your face pale.

    You both would jump when the knocking on the door returned, this time more forceful than before. You start shaking.

    “He’s here... Oh god-Ingo he-he’s gonna-!” you’d start to panic, only for Ingo to shove you behind him.

    “Go to my home.” He tells you, his loud voice scarily quiet and calm. You look between him and the door.


    A loud bang from the door makes you both jump. You hear muffled yelling from the other side.

    Ingo’s hand grabs his pokeballs.

    “Go. Now. I will take care of him.”

    You give him one more look, before rushing off to your room.

    Ingo adjusted the hat on his head, and grabbed the ball his Gliscor was in.

    He’d make sure this waste of human space would never bother you again.


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    May I please request some slow dancing with Ingo & Emmet?

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    "Wise men say," Ingo croons into your ear, voice low and soft, "only fools rush in." Your steps are small, barely side-to-side, rocking together to the beat of the music. "But I can't help falling in love with you."

    "Shall I stay?" You sing back, head rested on his shoulder. Ingo buries his nose in your neck. "Would it be a sin? If I can't help falling in love with you."

    Ingo lifts his head, nose tracing along your cheek, and carefully slots your lips together. You cup his face, hands still a little wet from where you were washing dishes before Ingo swept you into the dance and serenade.

    He dips you down some, smiling into the giggles you give. Your steps become less sure, more stumbling, but Ingo follows them without hesitation, his voice low and clear. "Take my hand," Ingo brings your hand in for a kiss, "take my whole life too," he kisses the rings that adorn your finger, "for I can't help falling in love with you."

    Another kiss passes between you, warm and certain.

    “Mama!” The patter of little feet scurry into the kitchen, whining of some perceived slight the other conspired. The moment of romance passes, fading into the domestic frazzledness of the every day life you both have built for yourselves. “Papa!”

    Ingo chuckles as you fuss over the little twins grasping at your legs, his arms still snug around your waist. “I can’t help falling in love with you.”


    It's not often that Emmet slows down this much, preferring to just rock you around the living room rather than trying to recreate a swing dance he saw in a movie once. Still, these moments, as rare as they are, fill him with a certain sereneness he can't seem to find anywhere else. The slowness, the closeness, all of it relaxes Emmet in a way he can't seem to manage with any other coping mechanism.

    He supposes it's because he loves you. He loves you, he loves you, he loves you. He could shout it to the heavens if it didn't mean drowning out your voice in his ear, singing along to whatever song it is on the radio.

    "That's when you need someone." You sing, the soft vibrations of your voice sending shivers through Emmet. "Someone that you—you can call. When all your faith is gone, it feels like you can't go on." You kiss his ear. "Let it be me. Let it be me."

    "If it's a friend that you need." Emmet murmurs, barely recalling the words, and also not wanting you to stop. He presses his nose into your shoulder, breathing you in. "Let it be me." You sing, running a hand through his hair. "Let it be me."

    "Let it be me." Emmet sings, a mere murmur in comparison to your voice. They're not the right lyrics, but he can't think past the blanket of your warmth around him. "Let it be me."

    You kiss the side of Emmet's head, and he doesn't want this moment to end. He'd rock until his feet fell off if it meant getting to be like this for the rest of eternity.


    god i am sappy this week, so sorry y'all

    but i hope you liked this one, love! it was so fun to write <3



    Dear youngins,

    When you start a job, WRITE DOWN THE DATE YOU STARTED. Also the date you ended, if it ended. Write down the address. Write down the supervisors name.

    You have NO IDEA how many forms this will be on. Seriously. I dont care if you have to email it to yourself on your hello kitty email or something, write it down and keep it. 


    Also!! The date any promotion or pay raise is implemented!!


    ^^^ They seriously ask for this on so many job forms.


    Honestly, the best option is to keep it saved in some sort of document on your computer or phone. I use a certain template and just copy and paste it, and refill it every time I go to a new job. Maybe it’ll help others, so here’s the template I personally use.

    (Name of the place you’re working at)
    Supervisor/Boss name:
    Phone number:
    Job Title:
    Starting pay:
    Ending pay:
    Reason for leaving:
    Start (From):
    End (To

    It’s all shit that you’ll be asked on pretty much any job application. So go forth and be organized kids.


    This is like… CARTOON goth. This is the kind of goth i aspire to.


    Video Transcription:

    “Good evening, Goodwill shoppers. (Halloween noisemaker: ooooOOOOooooo) The time is now seven fifty. The store will be closing in ten minutes. (Halloween noisemaker: ominous piano.) We ask you at this time to start bringing your final selections up to the front… or else. (Halloween noisemaker: witchy cackle.)”

    End of transcription.


    God I just love when Pokemon comming into cock block the trainers.

    Especially when the Pokemon hears and they think they're Master is killing their partner and they come in to stop them

    It's a silly Trope but it's my favorite

    🔞SAME! I’m still not over the Emmet bit I wrote and sent to you.🔞


    Just you and Emmet have been going at it for a minute. Your legs tossed over his shoulders as he tries to lean down and press his chest flush with yours.

    You’re left squealing out his name as his cock pounds into you, abusing your sweet spot.

    “Emmet!! Fuck!”

    He only speeds up, tossing his head back, drooling at how you clench around him.

    He tilts his head down, mouth open, fully intending on biting you. When he jumps with a loud yelp, you’re faintly aware of the air crackling with static.

    Then suddenly Emmet is off of you, yelling about something, your mind too muddled to process what your boyfriend is saying.

    You whine though, missing his warmth and cock, you hadn’t cum yet that round and neither had he.

    The younger subway boss however is in shock, pun intended.

    Galvantula stood between him and you, hissing at him, threatening to shock and bite her trainer again if he gets too close.

    He can’t believe this, Galvantula has never attacked him before!

    She stands defensively, staying close to your weakened form. Slowly Emmet moves towards the door, never taking his eyes off his beloved Pokémon, and once he was far enough away, he watches as the large spider crawl over to you, clicking sounds echoing with concern.

    She nudges your face gently, almost whimpering when you make a soft humming sound to let her know you’re there.

    She cuddles next you, never taking her eyes off her trainer, and hissing when he tries walking back in.

    He cannot believe this! His Galvantula, whom he raised, and spoiled, thinks he was hurting you? The nerve! Granted he’s happy she’s protective of you, but she’s targeting the wrong person!



    You and Ingo are in the kitchen, you were baking something together that now lays forgotten on the counter.

    The very counter you’re back is pushed against.

    Your arms around his neck while his are around your waist, both of you are pressed completely together.

    You pull away from the impassioned kiss for air, moaning as Ingo goes right to your neck.

    “You’re so addicting, my dear.”

    You let out a high pitched yelp that bleeds into a whine as your lover bites and sucks a mark on your neck.

    You both let out a confused sound as Ingo is lifted off the ground and away from you, suddenly Excadrill, Haxorus, and Crustle stand between you and him, each of them letting out threatening sounds.

    Ingo is even more confused, absolutely perplexed at what his Pokémon are doing while chandelure has him floating in the air.

    “….I think they thought you were hurting me.” You try not to laugh about it.

    “I would never hurt you!” The older twin looks to his Pokémon “I would never hurt them, I love them very dearly! I’m a shamed and hurt that all of you believe I would even do something so cruel!”

    You snort at your boyfriends offended gasp, his scolding hasn’t worked like it normally does, it only serves to make the Pokémon form a protective circle around you.

    Ingo heart is hurting, he’s so upset by this turn of events.

    Lil thought

    Ingo: Unfortunately I can't play the flute that well...
    Y/N: Then how do you get lady sneaslers to help?
    Ingo: Observer (takes a deep breath)(screams loudly) LADY SNEASLER!!!
    (You see sneasler poke her head out of a cliff edge)
    Y/N: oh that's how you get her attention!

    Ingo is verrry loud! LIKE SUPER LOUD

    {Ingo is out getting supplies for Y/n, when a group of teen boys see him buying tampons/pads and decided to make a big scene out it.]

    Teen 1: Eww, bruv, this wussy is buying some tampons/pads!

    Teen 2: Eww, sick man!

    Teen 3: *To Ingo* Bro, your woman got you buying her shit, eh? She’s the man, yeah?

    [The clerk and another customer are about to speak up when Ingo turns to all three boys and says]

    Ingo: I understand why it’s gross for you to think about periods. I’m sure your mothers all prayed for their periods, but got you instead.

    [The boys went completely silent, before throwing out some weak comebacks that didn’t go very far. before leaving the store without buying anything; dragging their deflated egos behind them.]

    See hi-res version here:

    Genderbent Subway Masters + Lady Gateau, specifically with designs by @cupcakestreets !! I love the hair style they gave the sisters~ I also saw the design for lady Ingo with short hair and LOVED it so I had to include that >w<

    I liked in the modern au Gateau works at a bakery and feeds Ingo delicious food so I carried that over here XD I love when food is used as a love language~

    **Check out the original design here! 

    **Here is Lady Gateau~ 

    **Ingo with stylish short hair here<3