My name is Chris. I'm 23. I'm gay, and I love twinks. I in no way claim any of this material to be my own. This material is for an 18+ years of age audience. These are all very attractive young men who I personally enjoy, and I post them in hopes that others enjoy them as well. They are worth stroking over.

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    “God you’re so wet, never felt your cunt so receptive. You must want this desperately, huh?” “You’ve got no idea! You’re a full-blooded Man, made to fuck and breed. I’m a Breeder girl and.. oh FUCK! What did you just do with your tongue?!” “Ooohh, that worked?” “God my ass feels like it’s on fire, my belly is burning. Fuck me! Please!”

    “There’s no condoms he-” “Don’t. Care. FUCK ME! I don’t care if I end up with an entire football team in my guts!”

    “Ooohhh you’re going to regret this, slut. I’m going to fucking ruin you!”

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