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    Responding To A Young Cash Master

    Fiction By AwesomeCrowdcontrol1

    Prologue: You Saw His Picture On The Website For Young Doms In Your Area. Filthy Bare Feet and Looking At The Camera While Giving The Finger. He’s Arrogant And Egotistical. He’s Just What You’re Looking For. You Left Him A Simple Comment: “I Want You And I’ve Got To Have You”. You Describe Yourself To Him Only As Mature In Age And You Like Them Young But Over Eighteen. He Commented Back That If You Want Him You’ve Got To Tribute Him With Cash. You Post Your Address. He Calls You A Bitch And Tells You He’s Coming Over To Your Place Within The Hour to Collect His Tribute And If You’re Lucky He’ll Let You Kiss His Feet. You Wait For The Knock At Your Door And Then You Hear It. You Look Through The Peep Hole And There He Is. Just As Smug And Arrogant As He Was In His Photo. You Open The Door And He See’s You. HIs Air Of Confidence Disappears And You See The Fear Growing In His Face As He Turns Pale. He Wasn’t Expecting A Six Foot Five Inch Muscle-Bound Giant To Greet Him. You Watch His Adam’s Apple Move As He Gulps Air Into His Lungs. Before He Can Say A Word You Grab The Little Punk By The Throat And pull Him Inside. He Falls Backward To The Floor And Looks Up At You As You Tower Over Him. He Gets A Good Look At You And His Brain Tries To Process What He Is Seeing. Big. Tall. All Muscle. Fortyish And Handsome. You Smirk At Him And Tell Him That from Here On In He’s Your Bitch. Your Pussy-Boi. Your Fag-Cunt. Your Slave. You Make It Clear To Him You Are His Master And He Belongs To You Now. You Instruct Him To Always Address You As SIR. You Press The Bottom Of One Of Your Size Fifteen Bare Feet Hard On His Chest And Knock The Wind Out Of Him.

    Epilogue: That Was Six Months Ago. The Smug Little Cash Master Is Now Your Obedient Servant. You’ve Renamed Him “Bitch”, The Word He Assaulted You With In The Chat. He Sleeps In Your Garage. You Have Him Clean Your House And Garden In His Bare feet Since He Used To Be So Proud Of Those Feet. He Does Your Laundry, Cooks Your Meals And Runs Your Errands. It Wasn't Easy For Him At First Having Just Three Fingers And A Thumb On His Left Hand. His Middle Finger Is Gone. The One In The Photograph. You Had It Amputated By Your Doctor Buddy from College. The Punk Had To Be Taught A Lesson And To Be Reminded Of His Past Foolishness For Believing He Was A Real Man. You Keep His Finger In A Jar Of Formaldehyde For Him To Reflect On. He Knows There’s Room In That Jar For His Balls If He Ever Gets Out Of Line. He Worships Your Feet. He Gets On His Hands And Knees Like A Loyal Dog Sniffing, Kissing And Licking Your Supreme Alpha Feet. He’s A Good Cocksucker Too and Knows How To Work His Pussy-Ass Around Your Big, Fat Cock. His Boi-Clit Is Kept Caged So He Can’t Play With Himself While He’s Pleasing You. Chastity Keeps Him Focused. He Only Cums While Getting Fucked. He Keeps His Face And Body Clean Shaven Because He Understands Only Real Men Can Have Hair In Those Places. You’ve Trained And Conditioned Him To Your Perfection. He Loves Pleasing You and Always Has A Smile On His Face Before He Bows His Head In Your Presence. You’ve Changed His Life For The Better The Night You Answered His Chat. He’s Told You Many Times He Would Never Have It Any Other Way. You Pimp Him Out To The Men Who Respond To Your Online Ad To Rent A Sweet Young Pussy-Boi To Fuck For An Evening. He's Not The First Punk You've Converted And He Won't Be Your Last. Soon, You'll Sell Him To The Highest Bidder And Move On To The Next Unsuspecting Cunt Because That's What You Do. When Your Bitch Returns Home After Getting Fucked And Used He Presents You With Your Tributes……..In Cash.

    Fiction By AwesomeCrowdcontrol1