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    One night at Gotham City, Harley's warehouse, Harley was sitting on her chair uncomfortable but that's why she likes, reading a coloring book until she got hungry

    Harley: *rubs her belly* Gee, my tummy’s pretty empty… Time for a good old fashioned snack run, Harley Quinn style!

    Harley goes to her favorite place, the burger place as try to open the door but it’s lock, Harley try to hit it with her mallet

    But didn’t noticed the other door open next to the lock one

    Harvey: Open up, door! Mr. Tummy needs some food over here! *raises her mallet to smash the door, but sees the other door open* …Oh. Silly me.

    Harley put her mallet away as walk inside, Harley looks at the menu

    Harley carefully looks at the menu, but is interrupted by her stomach growling.

    Harley: Eh, whatever. I’ll just have everything on the menu.

    Later when Harley’s food arrived, harley start eating

    Harley: Mmm, these burgers and fries are so good! Maybe I’ll stop by the local candy shop next and get some chocolate bonbons. Mr. Tummy needs his sweets after all. *continues to eat*

    40 hours later, Harley got full belly but until saw a sigh

    Harley will HAVE to try that

    Harley: Oh, I gotta try that! *hears her stomach gurgling* Oh, come on, Mr. Tummy; I’m sure you have enough room in there. *pats her belly*

    70 hours later, Harley won the eating contest as got her trophy

    But Harley is going cook some more food for herself back home

    Harley: *looks through some boxes* Hmm… What to choose, what to choose…

    Harley Quinn’s belly churns loudly from all the food she’s eaten.

    Harley pause as slap her belly lightly, but some boxes are just weapons, comics and make up stuff, Harley do remember she had a kitchen

    Harley: Oh right, I have a kitchen somewhere!

    Harley heads to her kitchen, which is just a stove, a refrigerator, and a microwave; all of them were plugged on an extension cord. She starts looking through her cupboards for food.

    Harley was lucky to steal all the food from yesterday, Harley put on her apron as start cooking

    Her apron barely covers half of her enormous belly.

    Harley: Today on the Harley Quinn show, we’re going to make a pizza! You start by rolling your dough with a rolling pin. But if you don’t have a rolling pin, just use your huge gut to flatten the dough up! *lifts her big belly up and drops it on top of the dough, flattening the dough*

    Minutes later, she puts the pizza in the oven and waits patiently.

    100 hours later when Harley eat the pizza, Harley hold two plates of burgers for each hand as look at the screen

    Harley: Looking for a bite to eat, boys? I know I am.

    Harley really loves breaking the 4th wall as Harley walk to her living room and looks at the chair than her ass

    Harley: …Will it fit? That is the question.

    Harley Quinn turns around and bends over, attempting to sit down on her chair.

    The chair creaks a tiny bit but still hold Harley, harley was so proud of herself, she smell something stinks like really stinky

    Harley: Whew! Smells like Harley over here. *fans herself a bit*

    Harley laughed at her joke as knows it just herself but she don’t mind the farts

    Harley: *pats her belly* Looks like burgers are back on the menu, Mr. Tummy. *starts eating the burgers*

    404 hours later, Harley was eating her 905th ice cream cup as going to fart and burp now

    Harley: Ohhh boy, something’s about to come out!

    Harley’s cheeks puff up as she’s about to burp a big one.

    Harley sigh in relief but she had her farts coming up

    Harley: Now for the back door… *lets out a big loud fart* Ahhh…

    Harley loves being herself and her new body size

    Harley: I can enjoy being rounder and squishier. Because there’s plenty of me to love. *plays with her big belly*

    Harley is going to watch some tv as walk to the living room as her body include breast, belly and ass are…

    Her entire body starts jiggling and shaking.

    Harley: Whoa, what the heck is going?!

    Harley then sees lightning cracking on the TV.

    Harley: Hey, I recognized that lightning!

    When Livewire groan as remember that voice but when she turn around as looks at her

    Livewire: Don’t tell me that’s…

    Harley: Harley Quinn, bigger than ever! Quite literally.

    Livewire stare at her body then look back to her face

    Livewire: Wow. You’ve really let yourself go…

    Harley: I know, isn’t it great?

    Harley gives Livewire a big hug, squishing her big belly onto Livewire.

    Livewire growl as try to shock her ass but her ass jiggles and shakes

    Harley: *giggles* That tickles!

    Livewire sigh growl as Harley pat her head

    Harley: So, how have you been? It’s been a while.

    Livewire: Do you really want to know?

    Harley: Yes.

    Livewire sigh as Harley still waiting and still smiling

    Livewire: I’ve been doing nothing all day, and it’s boring! So I decided to go mess around with someone’s electronics.

    Harley: And it’s a good thing you ran into me! *giggles*

    Livewire: *sigh growl*

    Harley pinch her cheek like a mother as Livewire rub her cheek where Harley pinch

    Harley: Me? I’ve been taking good care of Mr. Tummy lately. *pats her belly*

    Livewire: Yes, I can see that already.

    Harley: Yeah, I never thought having a big gut would be this much fun!

    Livewire rolled her eyes as Harley heard oven ring as turn around as walk to the kitchen, livewire was surprise as saw her bottom and behind

    Harley’s butt jiggles as she walks over to the oven.

    Harley: Can’t forget my little mittens here! *puts on her oven mitts and bends over to open the oven doors*

    Livewire’s eyes go wide as saw Harley’s full moon

    Harley: I made cookies a while ago; they’re should be ready by now! *takes the cookies out of the oven* You want one?

    Livewire take one but her hand make the cookie burn but she don’t mind

    Livewire: Um, thanks?

    Harley: Hey, no problem. *smiles*

    When Livewire eat her burnt cookie while Harley swallow the cookies in one gulp as Livewire don’t believe her eyes

    Harley: *talks with her mouth full* They’re really good, huh? But they’re even better with some milk from the fridge.

    Harley swallows and walks over to the fridge to grab some milk.

    Livewire watch Harley getting some milk

    Harley takes a gallon jug from the fridge and chugs down the milk from it.

    Harley kept chugs the whole milk

    Harley: Gulp… Gulp… Gulp…

    When Harley finished the whole milk gallon jug

    Harley: Ahhh…

    Harley then lets out a big burp.

    Harley: Whew! Much better. *pats her belly and rubs it*

    Harley looks at Livewire looks bored

    Harley: You look bored.

    Livewire: Oh, you think? I’m insanely bored.