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    “A pocas horas de su muerte lo que me empieza a hacer falta hasta la desesperación son las manos de Daniel, las mejillas por las que pasaba el dorso de mi mano cuando lo veía triste, la frente que besé tantas veces cuando era niño, la espalda morena de tanto sol. Su singularidad. Su modo de reír, de caminar, de vestirse. Su olor. Una idea absurda me persigue: jamás el universo producirá otro Daniel”

    — Piedad Bonnett. Libro: Lo que no tiene nombre.


    Ruth Bader Ginsburg Through the Years

    A groundbreaking litigator for women’s rights before being appointed to the bench, Ruth Bader Ginsburg has worn many aspects in her eighty-five years. On the Justice’s birthday, flip through some photographs of her as a girl in Brooklyn, as a law graduate who left Columbia as co-valedictorian (but with no job offers), as a young mother, and as an advocate whose greatest legacy may be in the cases that she argued before what was then an all-male Supreme Court—and won. 

    (Photographs from the collection of the Supreme Court of the United States.)

    See more photos here. 


    Farewell to RBG, a true American hero and icon.

    Electric Night : It may appear, at first, like the Galaxy is producing the lightning, but really it’s the Earth. The featured nighttime landscape was taken from a southern tip of the Italian Island of Sardinia in early June. The foreground rocks and shrubs are near the famous Capo Spartivento Lighthouse, and the camera is pointed south toward Algeria in Africa. In the distance, across the Mediterranean Sea, a thunderstorm is threatening, with several electric lightning strokes caught together during this 25-second wide-angle exposure. Much farther in the distance, strewn about the sky, are hundreds of stars in the neighborhood of our Sun in the Milky Way Galaxy. Furthest away, and slanting down from the upper left, are billions of stars that together compose the central band of our Milky Way. via NASA