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2018-12-11 14:13:58

    by Justine Roussel

    The talented and inspiring Paris based photographer, Justine Roussel, presents us this fantastic collection of portraits of gorgeous models Cloé Maubec and Romaine Aiassa, enjoy!

    "I am a photographic photographer in which the character remains central. I photograph in the light of day to focus more on the work of composition, play with light and bring out the details in the most natural way."

    Bibi by Stefano Bosso

    The talented Italy based photographer, Stefano Bosso, is back in the magazine with this sexy indoor series featuring stunning model Bibi Bredy (instagram.com/bibibredy), enjoy!

    "This little, quick & cute series was shot in the Village, Manhattan NYC, on a dark cozy underground flat found last minute. Bibi was amazing and adapted to the circumstances, the pics came out great! "

    Know more about Stefano at instagram.com/stefano.bosso

    Louise by Carolina Antunes

    Enjoy this emotive series captured by the talented Brasilia, Brazil-based photographer, Carolina Antunes and starred by gorgeous model Louise Galdiano (instagram.com/_lou.easy)!

    "This is a series I shoot in 2017. I and Louise are always creating together and the result surprises me each time. I can see her in all these pictures, but I also see a lot of me. "

    Know more about Carolina at instagram.com/_carolinantunes -- www.carolinantunes.com

    Tijana by Joakim Åstrm

    Based in Gothenburg, Sweden, the talented photographer Joakim Åström, presents us this fancy series starred by gorgeous model Tijana Nikolic (instagram.com/tijananikolic), enjoy!

    "This series was shot in Kullaberg, Sweden, at dusk using only available light. All images were shot with a Canon 5D Mark IV and the 50 1,2 L lens. The thought was to create a mood of loneliness and vulnerability."

    Know more about Joakim at instagram.com/herruhr -- uhrastrom.com

    MUA: Emina Kocak instagram.com/eminah.kocak

    Viktoria by Michael Imhof

    The talented Cologne, Germany based photographer, Michael Imhof, is back in the magazine with this old style series starred by the stunning model Viktoria (instagram.com/faizovavi), enjoy!

    "This series was made in Berlin in a typical Berlin apartment. Viktoria and I took photos for her model agency and both found the kitchen so cool that we stayed there for a while. This is the result. A small sexy series shot with my Sony A9 and my favourite focal length 35 mm 1.4. Thanks to the beautiful Viktoria."

    Know more about Michael at instagram.com/menschfotograf