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This is a blog about ageplay, guys in diapers and related adult kinks and fetishes. This blog contains material NSFW and all pictures are assumed to be of persons 18 years of age or older. If you are not 18 years old or older, please unfollow.

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    You don’t need naps, or do you? Daddy had decided that you do, and maybe he was right?

    You were used to getting up every morning at 6 AM and going to sleep every night at 11 PM. You went to work, to the gym, met some friends, watched your favorites shows. 7 hours were more than enough. You felt energized, you felt good.

    Not too long after you met daddy, you were introduced to the ABDL fetish. In the beginning, daddy dressed you as a baby. He let it all set in first. No baby talk, not forcing you to anything. After some time, you got lazy to walk to the bathroom, and just used your diaper, you knew daddy will change you. One time while daddy changed you, he showed you that he bought a pacifier for you. It was weird, but you were already being changed, like a baby. Dressed, like a baby. Having a daddy figure in your life, like a baby. A pacifier was weird, but in a way, the idea wasn’t foreign.

    The bottle came next. One afternoon, while you laid on the couch, daddy put on the coffee table a bottle filled with your favorite drink then left the room. You already got fixed on your pacifier, and you were thirsty, so a bottle won’t be on your way. You drank and drank, your belly got full. It made you sleepy, and in years, you fell asleep at noon, with a bottle’s nipple in your mouth.

    The next day, at 4 PM, daddy took your hand and led you to the bedroom. You thought it was weird because he changed your diaper not too long ago. He laid you down and put a bottle in your mouth.

    “Take a little nap baby, apparently you need it” he said.

    You looked at him as you sucked from the bottle. Your eyelids got heavy, although it was only 4 in the afternoon. Your body relaxed, and the bottle was so tasty. You got sleepy, very sleepy, as you watched daddy leave the room. The bed felt so nice, the diaper was so comfy, you might just do as you were told.


    Daddy @dutch-abdl-daddy regress his boy @daddys-lilboy

    My boy has four different little “ages.” Many people consider their little age to be fluid but we prefer to have more structure with our RP. I treat him differently depending on his little agee ⁠ ⁠ ⭐ Little baby - the most infantile (0-9 months). He’s completely dependent on me. He crawls + whines/fusses/coos when he wants something. Lots of baby sign language here. He’s diapered 24/7 with no expectation of potty training soon. He’s nursing constantly. He’s too little to understand what mommy is saying but loves to listen to my voice anyway. In this stage, he gets a lot of time under his play gym and cuddles from mommy. ⁠ ⁠ ⭐ Baby - his go-to headspace. There’s a lot of behavioral similarities to a 12-month-old. He’s extremely clingy and a total mama’s boy no matter what stage he’s in. He won’t let anyone else change him. He mostly crawls but will occasionally take a couple of clumsy steps and fall down. He knows a few basic phrases like mama, baba, uh uh, and up. He’s still nursing but he’ll eat baby food. He’s still in diapers full time and dependent on me. ⁠ ⁠ ⭐Little one - this is more of his toddler stage (age 3-4). He’s walking, talking, and slightly more independent. In this headspace, he’s still in diapers or pull-ups but I’m starting to potty train him. He’s nursing at night and before naptime but I’m trying to wean him off (which he’s NOT a fan of). The more I try to get him to act like a big boy the more he wants to regress. In this headspace he’s usually demanding his diapers, tugging on mommy’s skirt so I’ll pick him up, and asking for his paci even though he’s too big for it. ⁠ ⁠ ⭐ My little buddy - his older headspace. He’s more like a first grader here. He’s in school, starting to play sports, but he has to wear diapers because he can’t control his bladder. The main difference in this stage is that he’s embarrassed about diapers and rejects them. He still wants to nurse but only at night and he’s blushy about it hoping no one will find out. ⁠ ⁠ I love looking back on old pictures and videos from our previous trips together and noticing which headspace he’s in. It makes me feel like such a mommy. What’s your little age? ⁠

    “Come out boy!” your daddy yelled. You were about to be pared around like a baby boy, around daddy and his manly friends.

    You were reluctant to come out at first, but you knew you had no choice. Not only the fact your daddy turned you into his baby boy and made you wear diapers all the time, not too long ago he decided it will be good for you to show your new and true self around other men.

    After he told you how’s it going to be from now on, you tried to argue. A firm, long, hurtful spanking, over your daddy’s knees, convinced you otherwise. As you sat on his knee, you found yourself crying and agreeing with everything that he said. You will listen to him and you will obey. Daddy invited a group of friends to come and play poker. All of them sat around a round table, drank whiskey, and smoked cigars. The room was filled with smoke and sexual jokes. You sat on the floor in the other room, waiting, horrified from the fact all of those men were going to see you as a pathetic man, a boy. You were so shaken up, you started to wet your diaper without even realizing it.

    “Come out boy!” your daddy yelled again.

    You got up from the floor, opened the door, and entered the living room. You were so embarrassed, you couldn’t look the men in the eyes. You kept your head down, as all of them started to laugh and point at you. This was your daddy’s new step for you. 

    @juniorsnuggleeee is taking a forced step towards boyhood.