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    Bedwetter Scout camp Part 2 by Marmotap

    ““Hmm…hmmm!” “Shhh shhh little one, relax and drink your milk like a good baby boy.” Said the brown haired boy, smiling as he kept the bottle in Arthur’s mouth while softly stroking his hair. “How did this happen so fast” the prone boy thought. He could barely react to the speed and precision of his two roommates as they’d quickly removed all his clothe, secured him on the bed, and prepared to bottle feed him. As if the situation couldn’t get worse, the black-haired boy held out a big and puffy diaper- and it was pretty clear whose butt was going to be padded. As soon as the milk began flowing into his mouth, Arthur find difficult to event think. A sleepy feeling quickly overcame him, like he was some child ready for a nap after his lunch. Feeling his eyes closing by themselves, the boy didn’t even feel the suppository stuffed inside before the diaper was sealed over his waist. “Perfect! Diapered like a good little boy. Stay calm, finish your bottle, and we’ll wake you up when your new uniform is ready. Have a good nap!” Arthur didn’t even hear most of what the boy said. The milk had won and the boy was peacefully asleep, ready to fully use his new padded attire. (All ocs are 18+) Story description written by evantzara on DeviantArt This is a commission for evantzara featuring their ocs. Thank you so much for looking! Enjoy!”


    In time, you found yourself calling your partner “Daddy”. At first, he asked you to do that, because he told you that you sound cute calling him that way. It was weird at first, but it eventually sat in.  One day, you woke up, still sleepy, and called “Daddy” to your daddy who was in the other room. He thought you were so cute, just like a toddler waking up, he promised you both he will buy you a pacifier. He did, and the next night he asked you to suck on it for at least 10 minutes in bed. You felt forced, but you wanted to make “Daddy” happy, so you sucked on it. It took you more than a few nights, but after a week you grow to like your pacifier, not only for bedtimes. You can’t explain it, but one day Daddy woke you up, shaking gently your shoulder. You asked “What’s wrong Daddy?” and then he grabbed your groin. You were wet, really wet. Not only your boxers but the sheets as well. He told you to get up and go get a shower. You just stayed quiet and did as you were told.

    The next evening Daddy called you into the bedroom. He stood next to the bed, and a huge white diaper was on it. You tried to say no, you tried to explain it was all some kind of a mistake. You even called him by his real name, what got you a smack on your ass. He told you to say that you are sorry, and you replied “Sorry Daddy”. Daddy got your pacifier and put it in your mouth, shushing you. He told you to lay down on the bed, then he diapered you. It was the most embarrassing moment of your life.

    After he was done, he told you to lay on your stomach and raise your ass a little. You were forced to suck on a pacifier, wear a huge diaper, and raise your ass.

    Daddy took a few steps back, bit his lower lip, then grabbed his crotch.
    It was done, from now on, you are his plaything, his boy.

    A short caption inspired by a photo of the little @diapercucky