Blooming my journey into submission.

NSFW, must be 18 over over! If you are not 18 LEAVE NOW! I am a married submissive. TAKEN. Keep your COCK out of my inbox. And it is becoming more necessary to say this... Don't SEND me inappropriate posts. I am NOT YOURS and will NOT appreciate the share! I am DONE with rudeness in my inbox!!!   EMPTY BLOGS NOT WANTED. YOU WILL BE BLOCKED!  If I see something on your blog that needs to be reported I WILL!!!  All PEDO and GROOMING BLOGS will be REPORTED! This is my journey in discovering the inner most part of me.  Submissive, Little-Middle, Masochist with a servants heart.  Be respectful and you may stay. Sending me a dick pic or unsolicited sexual link will get your BLOCKED. I will be sharing my favorite images, videos and my own personal erotica writings.  I do not support or accept any underage pictures, videos etc.

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2021-04-19 22:37:57

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