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Last update
2021-04-23 08:58:59

    Sewing...lots of sewing

    This weeks major task was to cut out and sew 13 market bags that i have designed. I make these for a friend who owns a small business up in Swanton, VT.  The newest bag has three pockets and an adjustable strap. Lots of work but the final product is AMAZING.  I have 14 more to make on this order and those will get made over the next week or so.  The farmers markets in Vermont are starting to happen again so many of these bags will be sold.  Women helping Women!  I do take custom orders for this bag. You can pick the colors and prints. Fully customizable too! Add a key FOB, more pockets etc!

    Good morning Tribe... WOW Thursday already? Why does it take so long for Friday eve to come when you are working but when on break.. you BLINK and it is here. ugh.  I ran out of some of the hardware I need to finish the straps. I got 10 finished and will assemble bags today. Tomorrow I will venture into a fabric shop for the first time since October to get some to finish.  Well, two inches of heavy snow last night. Destiny, my Samoyed, is thrilled her precious snow is back.  She was out on the porch for a few hours sleeping while it snowed. She will eat as much as she can today before it melts. I hope everyone had a fabulous day and have a FABULOUS FRIDAY EVE!

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    Yep... first a nap! Good morning tribe!  Spring break.. oh how I love the...   Yesterday I got a nice nap and then was productive all day.   The bags I am making easy but when making many I break it down into steps. The outer part of the bag and the lining with pocket for 13 bags are done. Today I make 13 adjustable straps. Hopefully all will be assembled Thursday.  Feels good to be productive like this again.  I hope everyone had a great day and a wonderful start of the week.  Have a great day!

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