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  • A Clone’s Prayer

    For My brother’s I pray:

    I pray that your training is thorough, and never lets you down.

    That you batch mates are with you forever, even if not always physically

    That your superiors are fair and caring, and your Jedi honorable.

    I pray that you fight valiantly, with honor and pride.

    For the Republic and its citizens, the Jedi, and your brothers.

    I pray that your battles, no matter matter how hard-won,

    are swift, with minimal casualties.

    And that any drop of blood is spilled not in vain.

    I pray that your armor, keeps you safe and your blaster shoots true,

    no matter shiny or painted,

    you bring pride to yourself, your company, and the Grand Army of the Republic.

    I pray that at night, you rest easy

    without fear of tomorrow or what comes while you sleep.

    And if you do die in this war, that you die valiantly and painlessly,

    And that you can move on to the next life in peace,

    Most of all I pray, for my brothers and myself,

    That this war ends in Victory, and that,

    Finally, when it does, we can rest.

    These things, dear Force, I pray for my brothers,

    And they the same for me. 

    - A clone’s prayer

    (I couldn’t get this out of my head)

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    Organized by Unit
    *updated 4/17/20*

    Ever needed to know who served under Jedi Master Luminara Unduli? Trying to name an OC and don’t want to repeat a name? Use this handy guide! I went through the list on Clone Trooper Wiki and organized everyone. Many of these names do not have verifiable links, but if it was a name and it was on the list, I included it.

    Some notes: An *asterisk in front of a name denotes a group leader of some sort.

    (Sorry about the pictures. There’s no way I could have formatted this on tumblr. And be sure and click through to the original permalink! Because things may have been updated since this has been in circulation.)

    Request; 29) How they express love (platonically and/or romantically) with Rex.

    Platonically; Rex isn’t bad with emotions and he’s a pretty okay with displaying them. When he’s platonically showing love to Anakin it’s more of a back-slap bro pat type thing. Which sends Anakin flying onto the floor because Rex is a lot stronger than he looks. With Cody he’s pretty subtle, like touching his wrist to see if he’s okay. Cody may be on the few people who actually get a proper Rex hug. Which involves two arms rather than one and isn’t just a quick there you go thing. For Echo, he tends to give him a one-armed hug, not around the shoulders because he likes Echo more than that. He won’t outright say “I love you” either to any of his brothers, it’s more gestures from him. Such as placing a hand on their shoulder. When he’s drunk he may admit that he’d be lost without his crew and that they’re the best dam squad around, even when they don’t follow instructions and he can’t stay mad at them for long… that’s as close as they’re ever going to get. Fives wants Rex to give him a proper hug and has tried his dam hardest to get Rex to admit that he loves them, he once came close when Rex was on strong painkillers after being shot but he fell asleep just before.

    Romantically; he’s pretty awkward at first. Flirting and romance isn’t his forte. It was a skill he never really thought he’d need to work on. However, he isn’t terrible at it all the time. He expresses love via bad jokes and small gestures. PDA isn’t something he’s into. Mainly because he wants to remain professional whilst at work. Though when no one is looking he will steal small kisses, hugs and hand holds. He will constantly smile and admire his S/O because to him they are perfect. He’ll always send messages to them stating that. When it’s just the two of them he’ll be a massive softie and a giant teddy. He’ll constantly want to hold them. Just the two of them on the sofa, them laying on his chest with him playing with their hair, holding them tightly whilst they watch tv. He wants to be close to them and keep them safe. He’ll whisper cute stuff into their ears and talk about how to him they are his universe and worth protecting. It’ll take him a while to say, “I love you.” Because it’s a massive emotion that Clones aren’t really meant to feel. They can feel love for the people they protect and their brothers platonically, but they shouldn’t be feeling romantic love and that’s a big thing for him to admit.

    Aiga Charcaters

    Name: Park Bongcha (Fetu Tupuola)

    Stage name: Fetu

    Age: 22

    Height: 5'3"

    Position: Leader and lead rapper

    Race: Half Korean and Half Samoan

    Name: Yang Min

    Stage name: Cheshire

    Age: 21

    Height: 5'7"

    Position: Main Dancer, Vocalist

    Race: Korean

    Name: Kim Heiran

    Stage name: HeiHei

    Age: 20

    Height: 5'7"

    Position: Main Vocalist

    Race: Korean

    Name: Park Dae

    Stage Name: P.D

    Age: 18

    Height: 5'8"

    Position: Vocalist

    Race: Korean

    Name: Timkun Beam

    Stage Name: Alice

    Age: 17

    Height: 5'9"

    Position: Mankae and Rapper

    Race: Thai

    Death’s Secrets chapter v

    Summary: Five years ago EXO, one of Korea’s top mafia groups, lost three of its members. No one knew that they were living with a girl, not knowing that she had a relationship with one of them. Five years later, the boys need someone to cook for them, hiring a girl from a company. Will they unfold her past and learn the dark secrets she keeps hidden before she leaves? Or will they forever be puzzled by her and let her go?

    Warning: I don’t know, sadness I guess

    Word count:4062


    “Are you alright, my songbird?”

    A giggle left Chun-hei as Jackson drove up to a huge mansion, her hand patting JB’s thigh. “I was your songbird long ago Jaebum. But, yes I am alright,” she replied, removing her hand and leaning back in her seat. 

    His hand reached over and grabbed her hand, “No matter what, you will forever be my songbird. Whether we are together or you are with someone else. I love you Chun-hei, I always will.” his statement made her smile. He had always been sweet other, even when she quit working for him. He understood that she couldn’t have any kind of relations with her employer, and he respected that she didn’t want to continue beyond that night.

    “Look, I’ll be fine. No one knows about this place except you guys. If I need anything, I’ll call you immediately.” as Jackson stopped in front of the home, Chun-hei leaned forward and placed a kiss on Jaebum’s cheek. 

    Jackson started to whine asking why he didn’t get one, earning giggle and a kiss on the cheek from the small girl. “Thank you, guys. I’ll be sure to come to visit soon,” she said before getting out of the car, closing the door behind her. She waved them off before turning towards the mansion and taking a key out of her pocket. It was completely dark, with no signs of life anywhere. As she stepped up the small set of stairs to reach the front door, her breath caught in her throat. She hadn’t been back to the house in five years, not since she moved out. Even though she owned it, Chun-hei couldn’t bring herself to live with the memories that haunted the mansion’s walls. With a soft click, she twisted the handle and pushed the large wooden door open. There was broken wood, glass, wallpaper, anything you could think of was littered everywhere. Chun-hei stepped in, closing the door behind her and flicked on the light. As soon as the beautiful crystal chandelier turned on, the maximum damage could be seen. Her eyes scanned the front foyer, taking in the damage she had inflicted five years ago. Books were on the floor, torn apart, vases smashed against the wall. She walked up the large staircase in the middle of the room, her hand sliding against the mahogany wood railing. The upstairs was a bit better, though the pictures that once decorated the wall were now on the ground. The crunching of glass was the only sound as Chun-hei walked towards a set of large double doors that were cracked open. As she walked in, the mint haired girl turning on the light and looked around, it was the only room that wasn’t trashed. Three desks sat in the room, one in the middle near the back wall and the other two on either side. The middle desk had a laptop and many pictures covering the surfaces, only a few papers here and there. That didn’t apply to the other desks, both were stacked high with files and different pieces of paper. As she walked towards the middle desk, Chun-hei let her fingers glide across the desk that was rosewood, stopping when she got to a small deer statue. 

    When she reached the desk in the middle, she walked around and pulled the chair out, taking a seat and looking at the photos. There was one of a younger her and an older male, his dark brown hair pushed back with gel. Her lacy, navy blue off the shoulder gown sparkled in the sunlight, the bottom fading into an ice blue color. The embroider beaded leaves flowed from the top all the way to the bottom, glittered in the sunlight.  Her once dark brown hair styled in bouncy curls pulled back with a few pieces framing her face. The suit he wore was a navy blue, though he wore no tie and his shirt and coat were unbuttoned. The red dragon tattoo that was inked onto his chest could be clearly seen, a small smile spreading across the girl’s lips. His right arm was draped over her shoulder, though he had to lean down to do so. Both wore bright smiles and their matching brown eyes were lightened by the sunlight.  “You were always a ladies man, Yifan. Too bad you never got to live your dream,” she spoke, though it was more to herself than anything. After she had set the picture to the side, her hand grabbed another, this time it being Yifan and two other men. The blonde was as tall as Yifan was, the light brown haired one only slightly shorter. All three were sitting on the side of a pool, their swimming trunks and bodies wet from just getting out. “You two always kept him in line, always making sure he came back to me.”

    She set the photo next to the other one, finally turning to the last one. Her eyes widened a bit, recognizing the other nine men in the photo. “Wow, I didn’t know that you knew Suho and the others. They all look so young. Sehun actually looks like a baby.” she giggled, her fingers tracing over the faces. She set it with the other two, grabbing one of the papers and reading it over. Just an email about a pickup that was dated the day before her brother died. She read it over again, “Maybe I should finally look into all of this. See what really got you killed Yifan.” she mused as she threw the paper away from her and leaned back. 

    It was silent until the ringing of her phone broke the silence, the young girl reaching into her pocket and pulling it out. “What?” her voice was low and her eyes narrowed. 

    “It’s time. I’ll meet you at the regular spot in an hour. This time, I need the job done.” was all the voice on the other end said before hanging up. 

    With a sigh, Chun-hei turned off her phone and stood up, looking at the photos one more time before getting up. On her way out of the office, she gave the desks one last look before turning off the light and leaving.


    “She’s headed into town, seems like she is going to the cafe she used to work at,” Chen stated though he didn’t look away from his laptop’s screen. A little green dot was moving across a digital map of Seoul. After Chun-hei and GOT7 had left, no one had left Suho’s office, D.O. and Lay cleaning up and making everything right again.

    “What is she doing in town this late at night? It’s almost eleven.” Sehun asked the question that everyone was thinking. 

    “She was at the old safe house. The one…The one that they stayed at.” Chen stated, getting a few looks of disbelief. Lay stood up straight, a bag of broken glass in his hand. 

    “I don’t even have access to that place. Kris bought it before he died and we never got the key.” 

    “Then how did Chun-hei get it? Who is this girl?” Suho spoke up after he slammed his now empty shot glass down.

    Everyone was silent, no one had an answer. The only thing they knew about the girl was that she had brothers, but that did not give them much to go off of. “I say we take a ride to that old safe house. It technically belongs to us anyway.” everyone snapped their heads up towards the door, a disheveled Minseok stood there, a hand on the doors handle. 

    “I told you she was hiding something-” 

    “Don’t start with me Hyung.” Suho interrupted, his eyes following as the older male fully entered the room and stood in the middle, his eyes not moving from his leaders. The room was tense, and everyone was ready to jump if the two started anything.

    “I agree with Minseok Hyung. We need to know why she was at that safe house, how she got in or even knew about it. “ Lay added, tossing the bag into the trash. With a nod, Suho stood up and everyone knew what he was thinking, half of them already out the door. “Lay, take Kai and tail Chun-hei. See what she is doing in town.” with that the rest of them left the office and the lights were turned off. 


    Even though they didn’t need too, Lay and Kai dressed in suits, guns hidden behind their backs. The night air was cold and the two sat in their car outside of a cafe. “Who do you think she is waiting on?” Kai’s questioned only earned a shrug. 

    “Let’s head in and find out,” Lay suggested before taking off his seat belt and getting out of the car. The younger male followed, stuffing his hands in his pockets, the two crossing the street and heading into the cafe. Chun-hei didn’t even look up, her nose buried in her phone, making it easy for the two to take the table behind her. Once a waitress took their order, Lay and Kai sneaking a few glances at the mint haired girl. Soon after they got their drinks, a tall man with bright blonde hair walked in and right over to Chun-hei, sitting right across from her. 

    “Beautiful hair color, though the eye color doesn’t suit you.” 

    “What do you want Zico?” Kai tensed at the venom that seems to drip from her voice. 

    Zico only seemed to smirk and wave a waitress over. His eyes never seemed to leave the girl in front of him, not even when he ordered his drink. “Dollface, it’s been what, a year since we have spoken? Come on, give me some wiggle room here.” 

    Chun-hei leaned back, tugging the leather mini skirt down a bit. She threw a smile at the waitress that brought Zico his drink, offering to refill hers. The two sat in silence for a bit, the chattering of other customers buzzing around them. When her drink was back in front of her, she picked it up and brought it up to her bright red lips. Zico just watched, his eyes scanning over her face. “Call me Dollface one more time, and you will have a bullet through that thick skull of yours.” she threatened as she set her cup down.

    “Fine, but you know Juniper, I do know a skull you can put a bullet through. For a great price too.” he offered, finally leaning forward and against the table. 

    Kai and Lay looked at each other, both completely confused by the conversation. Chun-hei snickered, “No one has called me Juniper in a whole year, and no one has contacted me about a hit for a whole year.” Kai almost spits his drink out, covering his mouth with his napkin. 

    “Come on, it will pay good and I know you want to fill the thrill again. Everyone does.” Zico looked over her shoulder at the two before smirking. It was a couple of minutes before Chun-hei sighed, holding her hand out.

    “Give me the file and I will look it over. Once I decide, I will give you a call,” she instructed, her eyes watching as the blonde reached into his jacket and pulled out a file filled with papers. After they exchanged the file, Zico quickly finished his drink and set some money under the cup. “Oh, before I leave. Next time we meet up, keep your lapdogs in the car,” he stated before walking away and out of the cafe.

    With a confused look, Chun-hei turned around and let out a groan. Lay and Kai got up from their table and sat at hers, neither looking too happy. “You’ve got some explaining to do.” 

    “Look, guys, I don’t know how you found me, but forget everything you heard and saw tonight. You don’t want to get that involved in my life.” the two guys looked at each other, a silent battle between the two. Chun-hei sighed, “Look, if you don’t mention this to anyone, I’ll explain everything. Please, I am begging you, forget tonight.” her blue eyes were hopeful, something telling them that they should listen to her. With a nod of their heads, the young girl smiled and lowered her own, thanking them under her breath.


    “This place is a disaster zone.”

    Chanyeol picked up a photo album that had only photos of Kris, Luhan, and Tao. Some of the pictures were torn, but most were intact. Suho looked around, kicking some glass out of the way, “What happened here?”

    Once they had arrived at the old safe house, half of them went upstairs, the other half staying on the ground floor. “Hey boss, look at this. I found them in the office. It seems like she kept everything that Kris and the others had.” Kyungsoo called as he stepped down the stairs, photo frames in his hand. 

    Suho took the picture from him, his eyes lingering on the one with the young girl in it. “Hey, I remember her. Kris brought her to one of our charity balls for one year. Nice girl, said it was his younger sister.” Minseok stated, looking over his shoulder, his finger gesturing to the girl in the blue dress. 

    Kris had never mentioned having a younger sibling, nor did it how on his record. Suho thought it was to protect her from the life he was living, then why bring her to a charity ball that gangsters and mafia members attended? “She was a really sweet girl. Said her name was Juniper Wu. Though, I never saw her after that night nor did Kris ever mention her again.” 

    “Chen, when we get back home, I want you to look up this Juniper Wu. Maybe she can shine some light on this-“

    “What are you all doing here?” 

    Everyone stopped what they doing, turning towards the door. Chun-hei sent glares to everyone, Lay and Kai standing on either side of her. Suho lowered the picture to his side, turning his body to fully look at her. It was a staring match between the two, neither taking the step forward and talking first. “How do you know about this place?”

    “It was my brother’s, passed to me in his will.”

    “Who was your brother?” 

    Chun-hei didn’t answer, her eyes trailing down his arm and to the picture frame in his hand. Quickly, she marched forward and snatched it from his grip, hugging it against her chest. She pushed past him and grabbed the photo album that Chanyeol was holding. “You have no right to be here.” her voice was ice cold, everyone was unsettled. 

    When no one moved to leave, the short girl tried pushing Chanyeol towards the door, though he easily stood his ground. It was clear that she wouldn’t be able to move him, so she opted to hit his back, “Leave now!” she grunted, pushing and hitting the tall man. When she finally halted her assault, Chanyeol turned to face her. Her anger-filled eyes glared up at him, only to turn to the rest before she stomped up the steps. Stopping midway, Chun-hei turned her head to glance at the group. Though she didn’t say anything, they knew she was telling them to leave. After she had disappeared around the corner at the top of the stairs, Chanyeol groaned and grabbed his shoulder.

    “I’m going after her.” Sehun suddenly stated, rushing up the stairs after her. 

    The rest watched as he disappeared, waiting a few moments before yelling could be heard. They were quick to rush up the stairs and towards the yelling, bursting through the cracked office doors. Sehun was face to face with the small girl, neither backing down. The pictures that she once held were back on the middle desk, facing away so no one could see them. “Go away.” 

    “Not until you explain everything.” Sehun barked back, his hands gesturing around him. 

    Chun-hei took a step back and sighed, clearly getting tired of the game they were playing. “Fine, you want to know so bad. My brother is Yifan Wu, I’m also known as Juniper Wu.” she finally yelled at him as her hands rested on her hips. 

    It went silent, no one speaking a word. Kris had never mentioned a sister before, nor did his file say anything about it. Maybe they couldn’t find anything on the young girl because they searched under the wrong name. Clearly, there was more she was hiding, but no one dared ask when they saw tears pricking her eyes. “I was only nineteen when he died, only a day away from being twenty. He wasn’t supposed to leave that night, neither were the others. We were supposed to do our traditions of watching horror movies, but they got called into work for something. They never made it there. I never lied about how they died, they were run off the road. I clearly remember being the one to go to the coroner's office to identify the bodies. I attended their funerals and constantly visited their graves. Yifan left me this place because I was in college at the time, I had nowhere else to go. I worked most of the time at the cafe and went to school online. This place is the only memory I have left of them.”

    By now, silent tears were falling from almost everyone. Chun-hei wiped her tear-stained face with he sleeves, sniffling to keep the snot from running down her face. Sehun was quick to wrap his arms around her and hold her close, his features hardening as she let out a heart-wrenching sob. Minseok took a step forward, finally recognizing her. 

    “You were at their graves five years ago, weren’t you? On a rainy day like today. The only thing that has changed really is your hair.” he questioned, walking to the middle desk and picking up the photo of the girl in the dress again. “This is also you. From the ball that Kris attended. I remember him introducing you to a few of us. You must have just started college because I remember him bragging about how you were going to become a singer or something.”

    Chun-hei nodded, gently pushing the male currently wrapped around her away a bit. “I visit every year. Tell them how I’m doing and clean up a bit.”

    Minseok watched her wipe her face once again, guilt ripping his heart apart. He still could clearly remember the phone conversation he had with Kris the day he died. How he begged him to let them sit that mission out, but he didn’t listen. It was his fault that they left the house. It was his fault they got in the car and got run off the road. It was his fault that Chun-hei was without a brother now. His guilt was crushing him as he looked at the small girl who finally escaped Sehun’s grasp. He watched as she walked towards him, gently taking the photo out of his hand and placing it back on the desk, the smell of her perfume reaching his nose. She had stopped the tears from falling, but her eyes were bloodshot and her cheeks were stained. Minseok quickly looked away when she looked up at him, taking a few steps to get away from her. 

    “I…I want to know what happened to them. Why they were killed and who called them that night. I hope that person feels so much guilt for what they did, even if they had no intention to do so. It’s their fault that my brother is gone. That Lulu and Tao are too. I need to know why. Maybe the information herein their office will help, maybe it won’t. I need to sort through it all and see what led up to the night they were killed. That’s one reason why I am here. The other was to finally clean up the place.”

    The way she looked at everyone showed that she wasn’t going to back down. She had made up her mind and was going to go through with it. Sehun cracked a smile, “You’ll need some help going through everything. Let us help.” he insisted, a few others nodding in agreement. 

    Suho watched as his comrades agreed, the only ones left being Minseok and himself. “Do you know what your brother did?” he questioned, not sure if he should let her look through the files that were laying around. 

    Chun-hei simply gave him a smile, one that unnerved him. “He was in the mafia.” the way she said it sent chills down Suho’s spine, the smile she gave making it worse. She wasn’t scared to admit that her brother was a mafia member, nor did she seem bothered by it. Suho nodded and looked at Minseok, though he knew what was going on in his hyung’s mind.

    “She’s a smart cookie, isn’t she. Can we keep her Hyung?” Kai chuckled, slinging an arm over her shoulder while they looked at the leader. First, they would have to test her, but if she could prove herself, then Suho would consider keeping her and adding her to his team. If she knew that Kris and the others were apart of the mafia, then she must have been as well. Did she know about them? It didn’t seem like it, but Suho would have to make sure. “Do you know what group he was apart of?” the question was simple as well as easy to answer. 

    Chun-hei seemed to think for a bit, maybe she didn’t know. Like she was trying to put a puzzle together in her mind. With a snap of her fingers, the small girl seemed to let loose a crazy grin, “He must have been with you guys. He never mentioned the name, but from the pictures and from my time spent with you all, you must be the group he was with.” 

    Her answer struck a note in everyone, she knew about them. Suho stared at her, watching as she slipped from Kai’s grasp and around the desk, her small body taking a seat in the large desk chair. She crossed her legs and leaned her elbows on the desk, her small hands cupping her cheeks. At that moment, she looked so much like her brother. The craziness in her eyes along with smirk that rested on her lips. “She’s like a spitting image of Kris. The same level of crazy.” Chanyeol whispered to Baekhyun, though everyone could hear it. He was right if the young girl they had been living with for a week was really related to Kris than she was bat shit crazy just like her brother. Suho’s mind came up with questions that he needed answers too. Was she apart of their world as well? If so, for how long? Does she know any of their secrets? What groups had she worked for? Was she a reliable person to keep around? All these questions ran through his mind, but he couldn’t open his mouth to speak them. The way she looked at them, the way she was acting. She didn’t have a care in the world at that moment. 

    “Let’s figure this out on a later date. It’s still my birthday and Chun-hei promised we could have a party at home.” Sehun whined as he walked around the desk and easily picked up the girl. Her giggle rang out through the room, Sehun setting her down on the floor and smiling widely. 

    “I’ll drag you out of here if I have too. You promised and I’m going to hold you to it.” the youngest chuckled before gripping her hand and heading towards the door. Everyone followed, watching the two laughing like nothing just happened. The way that girl could switch emotions so quickly was scary. Lay stopped at the front door and watched as Sehun pulled Chun-hei into the van with him, everyone filing in after. When the two began to nag him about hurrying up, the Chinese man skipped down the steps and jumped into the van, closing the door behind them. He watched as the once again empty mansion disappeared from his view as they drove away, making a silent promise to those who once lived there.

    Death’s Secrets chapter iv


    Summary: Five years ago EXO, one of Korea’s top mafia groups, lost three of its members. No one knew that they were living with a girl, not knowing that she had a relationship with one of them. Five years later, the boys need someone to cook for them, hiring a girl from a company. Will they unfold her past and learn the dark secrets she keeps hidden before she leaves? Or will they forever be puzzled by her and let her go?

    Warning: Violence

    Word count: 6960


    “Do you really have to go?” a brown-haired girl questioned, her big brown eyes hiding sadness behind her smile. 

    “I’m sorry, but we have too. I wish we could stay since you are turning twenty tomorrow.” the male that had spoken, shared similar features to her. His smile was just as soft as hers, one of his hands reaching up and ruffling her hair. 

    “We have to go!” a tall, blonde Chinese man yelled from the other side of the large kitchen. With a chuckle, the male leans forward and planted a kiss on the girl’s forehead. “I’ll make it up to you tomorrow sis. Be good tonight.” was all he said before pulling away and heading towards his friend. 

    “Be safe bro! You two as well!” the girl called after them, waving to them before the disappeared behind the garage’s door. She waited for the sound of the car driving away before she slipped her apron off of her waist, tossing it on the counter before she left the kitchen. Tonight, she was supposed to have dinner with her brother and his friends, but they were suddenly called and had to leave. 

    If someone had told her that would have been the last time she saw them, the young girl would have laughed in their face. Her brother easily got in trouble, but he always knew how to get out. When a few hours later she got a text from an unknown number, the young girl was hesitant to look at it. A heart-wrenching cry left her lips when she finally opened the messages, the pictures of her brother’s dead body and his friends flowed across the screen. There was blood everywhere and each had been shot multiple times. The way her brother’s once warm eyes now stared lifelessly at the camera chilled her to the bone. It was like he was staring into her soul. With the urge to empty the contents of her stomach, the young girl ran into the kitchen and threw up into the trash can, not stopping until she had nothing else to produce. 

    Who would do such a thing? Why her brother? She knew he was in a bad business, but he had never been too severely hurt. Now, he was dead somewhere. Tears blurred her vision as her body gave way and she tumbled to the cold ground. Screams ripped from her throat, echoing through the forever silent house. No more would she stay up late to welcome them home, or wake up early to make them breakfast before she saw them off. There would be no more food fights in the kitchen or pillow fights in her brother’s room. It was all gone, there was nothing she could do to bring them back. For hours she cried, screamed for God to give them back to her. They were all she had, and now she had nothing

    A knock to the door pulled her from her tantrum that she was throwing in the kitchen, the harsh light of the sun shining through the wide window above the sink. The small girl stood up, wiping her face with the sleeves of her sweater, walking towards the front door. Outside stood three police officers, solemn looks on their faces. Tears escaped her brown eyes once more and fell down her cheeks, an officer quickly catching her before she fell to the floor. They escorted her inside and sat her on the couch, her phone died and the pictures were hidden from the law enforcement officer’s sight. They stayed for a bit, comforting the girl as best they could before they had to leave


    Waking up with a jolt, Chun-hei’s eyes snapped open, the brown orbs looking around her room. It was dark, and Blu was still asleep next to her. Rain pounded harshly against the window on the far wall, thunder booming from above. Suddenly, sadness hit her. It felt as if she had just lost her breath. She was growing from within, and she couldn’t do anything about it. Tears spilled from her eyes, silently traveling down her cheeks and onto the comforter that her hands were gripping tightly. An instant beeping pulled her out of her self pity, her hand reaching over and shutting her alarm off. It as 4 a.m. and she slipped out of bed, her bare feet pattering across the floor and towards the bathroom that was connected to her room. When the light was turned on, she could see the tears falling from her brown eyes, the sadness that they held. But, today wasn’t the day for her to feel sad for herself. No, it was Sehun’s birthday and she had baking and cooking to get done. Quickly Chun-hei took a shower and got dressed, putting her blue eye contacts in before slipping her glasses on. The short navy blue pelted skirt she wore had her white sweater with one large navy blue stripe in the middle that had two small red stripes above and below it, tucked into it, a thin black belt wrapped around it to complete the outfit. Her mint hair was pulled into a messy bun and a pair of white slippers adorned her feet. When she left her bedroom, she left the door cracked open a bit so Blu could come out when he wanted too. 

    The house was dark and silent, everyone asleep. Silently, the small girl walked down the stairs, holding onto the railing so she didn’t fall. She noticed the kitchen light on, approaching the room slowly. Slowly, she peeked around the corner seeing that Xuimin was leaning against the counter, a cup in his hands. He looked up and over at her as she entered the kitchen, her feet shuffling against the floor. 

    “What are you doing here?” his question was innocent, but she felt like a kid caught taking a cookie out of the cookie jar without asking. He never really spoke to her since she started working, only giving her thanks after she cooked.

    “Ah, it’s Sehu’s birthday today and I plan on making him a cake and a special breakfast.” Chun-hei managed to squeak out, her eyes watching as he lifted the cup up to his lips. 

    Silence fell between the two as he finished his drink and she moved around him to start breakfast. He stood where he was, watching her every move like a hawk, his gaze only ever pulling away to look out the window what a flash of lightning struck. “Why are you celebrating his birthday?” his voice startled her a bit, almost making her drop the container of strawberries she had in her arms. 

    “I may not know him very well, but everyone should be treated special on their birthday. It was the day they were brought into the world. I would do it for the rest of you as well.” her explanation seemed to confuse him, she hadn’t known any of them more than a week. First, she saved Chen and the others the night before, and now here she was celebrating the youngest’s birthday like she did it every year. Minseok watched silently as she washed the fruit off, already done with the cup of tea he had made. A comfortable silence fell over them as she worked, the older man watching her movements. 

    “Not even D.O. would get up this early to cook for someone’s birthday.” the eldest chuckled, earning a smile from the girl. 

    “I like to spoil people, maybe it was because I was spoiled by my brothers, but it always makes someone feel special,” she replied, chuckling at the memories that flowed through her mind.

    “You like to talk about your brothers huh?” 

    Chun-hei fell silent, grabbing the blackberries off the counter and washing them. “They were great men,” she said, drying her hands off on the apron she had wrapped around her waist. Minseok nodded, setting his now empty cup in the sink.

    He watched as she made cinnamon rolls, letter donuts and french toast with the fruit she pulled out earlier. By now almost everyone was awake and in the kitchen, all except the birthday boy. “It smells so good.” Kai complimented as he rested at the island counter. 

    “The french toast is for everyone else. Don’t you dare touch those donuts.” the short girl said as she pulled the baking sheet full of cinnamon rolls. She drizzled the cream cheese frosting and sprinkled sprinkles across them, pulling them off the pan and onto a plate. 

    Kai sighed and looked down at the donuts that spelled happy birthday, all iced with different pastel colors. “You are gonna make him act like a brat all day.” Chanyeol chuckled, plucking a strawberry from the french toast plate and popping it into his mouth. 

    “Everyone deserves to be spoiled on their birthday. Let him have the day to himself.” she shot back playfully, shaking her head at the redhead. 

    Soon, the sleepy birthday boy dragged himself into the kitchen, a yawn escaping his lips. He lazily wrapped his arms around the short girl who came over to give him a hug, well, before she lifted up his shirt to see the large bruise on his side. Her touch was gentle, but he still flinched slightly when her small fingers brushed over the black and blue spot. When she was done, Sehun watched as she walked over to the counter and grabbed a pan, turning and holding it out to him. A smile reaches his lips as he read happy birthday that the donuts spelled. “You made this?” his question sparked a smile of her own, immediately answering his question.

    “She’s going to spoil the hell out of him,” Baekhyun whispered to Lay who simply nodded. 

    As everyone moved to the dining table to eat, Chun-hei moved everything, not letting anyone help. When everything was settled and everyone started to eat, Chun-hei excused herself and traveled back up to her room. As her footsteps faded, everyone seemed to relax a bit. "We have a meeting after breakfast,” Suho stated, taking a bite of his french toast. 

    Everyone nodded before Chun-hei walked back in, a gift bag in her hands. Sehun watched as she walked around the table and towards him, setting it right next to his plate. “Happy birthday, Sehu,” she said, giving him a peck on the cheek before walking away and into the kitchen. 

    His cheeks started to turn red as he took the contents out, smiling at what she had gotten him. “Let’s all go out for dinner tonight.” the birthday boy suggested, setting his gifts off to the side and going back to his breakfast.

    “After what happened last night? You still want to go out?” Chen questioned, clearly worried about what had happened the night before. 

    Sehun shrugged, “Why should we let insignificant people stop us from doing something?” 

    They knew he had a point, they couldn’t let the Falcon’s walk all over them. “No. It’s too dangerous right now and I will not take the risk of anyone else getting hurt. We’ll just have dinner here.” Suho interjected, everyone, turning to look at him. 

    “Suho, why-“

    “I just said why Sehun.  The decision is final. No one is going out tonight. It’s too dangerous right now.” the leader interrupted the youngest, sending him a stern look.

    The dining room fell silent, the only sounds being the clinking of a fork on plates.  When everyone was done, Suho and the rest left, Sehun and Minseok staying behind in the kitchen with Chun-hei. The youngest helped her wash dishes, even though she told him not too. After they were done,  Minseok tossed the youngest a rag to dry his hands.  

    “I really wanted to go out tonight,” Sehun whined, turning to Chun-hei with a pout.

    The short girl chuckled and took the rag from him. “Suho said you can’t so there is no point in whining out it.” Minseok piped up, rolling his eyes at the youngest childishness. 

    “Look, I’ll make dinner here and you can invite whoever you want. Friends, Family, whoever.” Chun-hei interrupted their conversation, already pulling ingredients to start on dinner. 

    Sehun looked over at her, quite surprised that she would suggest inviting people over. “We can decorate and have dinner with everyone you care about.” 

    A smile spread across his face before he strutted over to her and wrapped his arms around her small frame. She squealed and tried pushing him away, though it wasn’t working since she had stuff in her hands. “Go notify everyone, Sehu,” Minseok spoke up and separated the two, watching as the youngest happily walk out of the kitchen. 

    “You know, you don’t have to do this.” his voice was low, only she could hear him. Chun-hei’s smile dropped and she looked up at the light brown-haired male. 

    “Will you quit saying that? I understand I don’t have too. I want too.” she snapped, quickly moving away from him. She set the stuff she held on the counter, “Now if you excuse me, I need to start on dinner.”

    Her tone of voice gave him the hint that he needed to leave, which is just what Minseok did, but not without turning back to look at her once more before he did so. He just couldn’t wrap his mind around why she was being so nice, she barely knew them. Quickly, the eldest found their resident hacker in his room, simply barging in without knocking.

    “I want everything you can get on Chun-hei.” 


    “Welcome!” Kai’s voice rang out, covering up the fact that there was music on. He let a group of people in, slamming the door closed behind them. A string of ‘quit slamming the door’ could be heard, followed by some laughing. He leads the group into the living room, but they didn’t stop, quickly crossing the room and into the lounge that was on the other side. Everyone was already in there, Chanyeol and Chen playing a game of pool while everyone else stood around watching. 

    “JB! Glad you could make it!” Suho called, motioning for the other leader to come over to him. The brunette smiled and headed over, his second in command following. Chatter filled the room as Chanyeol and Chen took a break from playing, greeting their guests. 

    “Happy birthday Hyung! How about you lose that virginity of yours?” a Chinese man exclaimed, arms wrapping around Sehun’s shoulders.

    “Jackson, don’t make the birthday boy uncomfortable,” JB called as he sent his assassin a glare. 

    The room erupted in laughter, even Sehun laughed, though his cheeks were red. After a while, Minseok noticed that Chun-hei was talking on the phone in the front foyer, her facial features seeming to be twisted into a scowl. He had never seen her face twist in such a way, she always wore a smile around them. The eldest excused himself before exiting the lounge and crossing the living room, stopping at the entrance when he heard her voice. 

    “I’m out of the business.” it was filled with venom, hateful and spiteful. 

    “No, I can’t anyway. I’m on a job. Do it on your own or find someone else.” After that last sentence came out of her mouth, the short girl froze, clearly shocked by something. Minseok watched closely, noticing her body language showed that she was nervous. 

    When their eyes met, the co-leader gathered the courage and stepped forward, Chun-hei quickly saying that she would do something and then hung up. “Who was that?” his voice sent a chill down her spine, his body almost pressed up against her. 

    “It was just an old friend.” her voice was small as he towered over her, effectively making her feel small.

    “What did this friend want? What ‘business’ did they want you to do?” the questions made her avert her eyes. The motion was quick, and soon, Minseok had the small girl in his tight grip and pulled into the kitchen, away from everyone else. He slammed her against the wall next to the door that leads to the side area and gripped her throat tightly. “What business?” he growled, clearly not up for a game of charades. Her gaze was hard, no words coming from her mouth. When his grip tightened around her throat, her hands reached up and wrapped around his wrist, trying to pry him off of her. “Tell me, and I swear, if you lie to me or give me a bullshit story, I will break your neck.” 

    Chun-hei snickered a bit, “Don’t play games with me. You don’t know me and you never will. I’m more deadly than you ever could be.” her statement caught the light brown-haired male off guard, allowing her to push him away from her and step away. One of her hands gently wrapped around her own throat, covering most of the mark that was left by his hand. 

    Minseok narrowed his eyes, “Who are you?” 

    “Chun-hei Li. Just like I said in the beginning. My life is my business, I have no obligation to tell you anything about it.” This time, her voice sent a chill down his spine, the older male taking a step back. The look in her eyes was like a storm, anger, hate, and a hint of crazy swirled around. It honestly scared him, to no end, the look in the shorter girl's eyes scared him. When the two heard footsteps heading their way, Chun-hei quickly walked over to the sink and faced it, letting her hair down out of the bun that held it, the action effectively covering up her neck. “Hey, what are you two doing in here?” Kai questioned as he walked in followed by everyone else. He must’ve been gone too long, the look Suho gave his second-in-command the look that told him he was right. 

    “We were just talking about dinner. Weren’t we.” Minseok lied, his gaze traveling back over to Chun-hei who had started to clean dishes. 

    “Well, Chun-hei, we would like you to meet some of our friends,” Suho spoke up, waiting for the girl to turn around. When she didn’t he looked around before stepping up to her and turning her around. His eyes widened at the sight of the red hand mark on her neck, the edges turning blue. Minseok stepped back, though it didn’t go unnoticed by his leader. Quickly, Suho turned around, now enraged and stalking towards him. “My office, now!” his voice boomed throughout the kitchen, causing Chun-hei to flinch and look over, only catching a glimpse as the two left the crowded room. 

    It was silent, everyone listening to the stomping of Suho’s feet and the slamming of a door. Lay was the first one to move, opening the freezer and grabbing a bag of frozen corn.  He stepped over and rested it against the girl’s throat, “What happened?” 

    It was not Lay that had asked the question. Instead, it was JB who stepped up, worry written all over his face. “Noona, why did he do that?” Jackson questioned after the girl didn’t answer. 

    “Noona? You two know each other?” Kai questioned, looking between the two.

    JB nodded, “She was employed with us for a while.” his answer was simple and sparked recognition on Kai’s face. He turned to look at the light-haired girl and smirked, “You sly sexy fox.” he chuckled, moving closer to sling his arm around her shoulder. 

    Chun-hei shook her head, “It was just a misunderstanding between us.” 

    “A misunderstanding, his handprint is around your throat and it’s getting darker by the second,” Lay exclaimed, taking a closer look. 

    “Noona, tell us what happened,” Jackson spoke up, a pleading look in his eyes. 

    With a nod, the small girl shrugged Kai off and smiled. “He overheard a phone call and overreacted. Jisoo wanted to hang out to go over how things are going. He must have thought that I was talking about something else, whatever it could have been.” she explained, shaking her head a bit. 

    Jackson pulled her into his arms and sighed, “Always getting in trouble where ever you go.” he chuckled, pushing her hair back and looking at the bruise himself. His touch was gentle and so were his eyes. “Jackson, stop. It’s ok-“ before she could finish her sentence, a loud bang rang throughout the house. Quickly, everyone filed out of the kitchen and ran upstairs. Kai and D.O. slammed open Suho’s office door and ran in. The room was a disaster area. Multiple vases were broken, one of the couches was turned over, along with a chair. Minseok leaned against a wall, a bullet hole close to his head. Suho had the gun in his hand, the barrel still pointed at his Hyung. Kai and D.O. were quick to disarm the mad man and hold him back. “She’s hiding something. Get rid of her.” Minseok said, his brown eyes immediately finding the girl when she walked in.

    “Minseok! Enough! Leave!” Sehun yelled as he pointed to the door, the older male not arguing. He stopped in front of Chun-hei, leaning a little closer. “You aren’t off the hook.” 

    “Hyung Leave!” Sehun yelled again, his voice rising. With that, the eldest left the room, slamming the door behind him. Suho shook off his comrades and picked the gun back up, placing it in the holster that rested on his hip. 

    The room fell silent as Suho walked over to his desk and sat down, immediately putting his head in his hands. “Tell me, Chun-hei, what did you do before you worked for your friend's company.” his question was sudden, and the young girl snapped her head towards him. 

    “I worked at a cafe,” she replied, slowly walking towards him, stepping over some broken glass.

    “There’s a gap between the time you left the Cafe job to when you started working with your friend. What were you doing then?” his question seemed to hit a nerve, the young girl slamming her hands on the desk. 

    “Private business. I even continued doing it while the business was starting up. Only stopped doing it about a year ago.” she replied, leaning forward across the desk. 

    The two stared at each other for a few minutes before JB stepped forward, clearing his throat. “I don’t think it’s safe for her to be staying here. Your underboss just assaulted her.” 

    Suho nodded, leaning back in his chair. “Do you have somewhere else to stay?” 

    With a nod of her head, Chun-hei stood up straight and turned around. “I’ll just go back to my old place. I’ll be back tomorrow,” she said before quickly leaving the room, JB and his men following after her. 

    Death’s Secrets chapter iii


    Summary: Five years ago EXO, one of Korea’s top mafia groups, lost three of its members. No one knew that they were living with a girl, not knowing that she had a relationship with one of them. Five years later, the boys need someone to cook for them, hiring a girl from a company. Will they unfold her past and learn the dark secrets she keeps hidden before she leaves? Or will they forever be puzzled by her and let her go?

    Warning: Violence

    Word count: 6960


    A week had gone by in a flash. More of the guys opened up and became friendlier to Chun-hei, as well as she had more things to clean. Some of the boys started to leave the bedroom doors open, maybe on accident though, but she still went ahead and cleaned. It was her job and she always followed through with what she was told. As she opened the fridge to start making dinner, a sigh left her lips as she saw that it was almost empty. “Why the long face?” Chanyeol walked into the kitchen, his hands rolling up his button-up’s sleeves. His bright red hair was pushed back with a bit of gel, giving him a clean look.

    “I need to go grocery shopping. We don’t have anything to make for dinner.” She replied, closing the door and turning towards him.

    “I’ll go ask Suho what to do.” the redhead said before exiting the kitchen.

    For the next few minutes, the home was quiet, too quiet. Chun-hei took her apron off and set it on the counter, walking out of the kitchen, seeing almost everyone standing in the front foyer all dressed up. Some turned to her as she walked up, a few just ignoring her. Baekhyun seemed to be struggling with his tie, so the short girl walked over and slipped her hands in between his and the piece of fabric. Once it was tied and fixed, she took a step back giving him a smile. “Going somewhere?” she asked, looking around seeing that the only people missing were Chanyeol, Chen, and Sehun.

    “We are going out for the night. We probably won’t be back until early in the morning. Chanyeol, Chen, and Sehu will be staying behind with you. They will take you out to the store to get groceries and do whatever else you need to do.” Suho spoke up, fixing his cufflinks. With a simple nod, she watched as they exited the house, closing the door behind them. As the sound of cars pulling away faded out, Sehun walked down the stairs, Vivi and Blu following behind him. He wore a leather jacket over a partially opened black button-up with a pair of skinny jeans, his shirt not being tucked in like it normally was. His black combat boots clunked against the marble floors, his dark hair messily styled. Chun-hei sent him a heartwarming smile, “Should I go change?” she questioned, seeing as Chen walked down in similar clothes.

    “If you want too. It’s not cold or hot outside. It’s only April.” he stated, shrugging his shoulders slightly.

    The shorter female nodded before heading towards the stairs, passing Chen and giving him a smile. She made her way towards her room and slipped in, closing and locking the door behind her. It wasn’t her first time living with a bunch of men, she had done it two times before, but she still took precautions. Quickly, she changed into a black turtle neck with no sleeves, black skinny jeans that fit perfectly, and a pair of black heeled boots that gave her an extra inch or two. A branch with a little pink, yellow, and white flowers peeked out from under her shirt, the tattoo wrapping to cover part of her right shoulder. The other tattoo was on her left, and she didn’t want anything to even cover them. Chun-hei grabbed her glasses before slipping her phone in her back pocket, along with her wallet, and walking out of her room. Her mint hair flowed down her back, part of her bangs pinned back. Chanyeol had finally joined the other two and they all seemed to be talking about something, considering they stood close to each other and talked in hush voices. When her heels clicked on the floor, all three men looked towards her, throwing her smiles. “You actually look hot for once and not like a fifty-year-old woman,” Sehun commented, earning a nudge from his Hyung.

    “It’s fine. I get that a lot.” Chun-hei defended, not bothered by the comment. Most people were surprised that she could dress in such a fashion, only when she was on a job did she not dress in tight-fitting clothes. After the first and only time she got involved with one of her bosses did she stop dressing as such while on a job, seeing as it led her to be in bed with him.

    “Well, Suho gave us his black card, so no need to worry about a budget,” Chen stated, breaking the silence before it settled in. The short girl nodded and walked closer, giving Blu a pat on the head before looking at the three men that would be accompanying her. By this time, her round glasses had been slipped onto her face, making so she could see properly.

    All four of them walked out of the home, Chanyeol locking the door behind them, a car sitting in front of them. Chen climbed into the driver's seat while Sehun called shotgun and got in, leaving Chun-hei and Chanyeol to sit in the back. After the two had climbed in and Chen had started the car, everyone buckled up before heading off, the radio playing softly in the background. The car ride was peaceful, everyone lost in their own thoughts as they drove. Chanyeol turned towards the female, spotting the tattoo on her right shoulder. “You had another tattoo?” his question seemed to grab Sehun’s and Chen’s attention, the youngest turning in his seat to get a look.

    With a nod of her head, Chun-hei leaned forward so Sehun could see. “It goes from here,” she pointed to where the branch started on her shoulder and ran her finger along it to point at her lower back, “To here. Every branch decorated by the small flowers.”

    The two admired the work of art that was inked onto her smooth skin, Chen getting a quick peek through the rearview mirror. Chanyeol reached out and gently ran his finger over the tattoo, causing the girl to giggle a bit. “Why did you get it?” Chen questioned, meeting her eyes through the mirror.

    “It represents all of the paths you can take in life. Each flower representing all of the good things to happen. Silly, but that’s what I got it for.” the mint haired girl explained, giggling as Sehun reached out to touch her shoulder as well.

    “Are there any more?” his question was innocent enough, even Chanyeol nodding in agreement, wanting to know.

    “I have a small rose on the back of my neck and “but without the dark, we’d never see the stars.” on my right thigh,” she explained, lifting her hair up to show the rose. It was tiny and had no color, just an outline. To Chanyeol, it looked familiar, but he couldn’t place it. He shrugged it off as they pulled up to a store, Chen parking and turning the car off. As the four got out, Chanyeol helped Chun-hei out, closing the door behind her. It wasn’t too busy, and it was still light outside.

    “Shall we go in?” the small girl questioned before walking ahead of the group. The three males followed behind her, all keeping an eye on the people around them. As she grabbed a shopping cart, Chun-hei looked back at them. “Why are you all acting like you are being watched out something? It’s kinda weird.” her statement made the three tense up even more.

    Sehun shook his head and took the cart from her, leaning on it as he walked, “We don’t go out in public that much.” was all he said and Chun-hei knew better than to push, so she simply followed him with the other two behind her.


    The whole shopping trip lasted for two hours, the girl getting plenty of food to last for another few weeks. She noticed that the guys would jump at every little thing, Sehun even reaching into his jacket for something, but he never pulled it out. Chun-hei ignored them for the most part, getting the hint that they were keeping something from her. Before they went to check out, Chanyeol pulled the group towards the baking section, looking through the cake mixes. “Why are you looking at cake mixes?” the short girl questioned, watching as he picked up one.

    “It’s Sehu’s birthday tomorrow.” was all Chanyeol said as he placed the box back. Not believing him, she turned towards the youngest, seeing that he only nodded. A smile broke across her lips as she quickly pulled him into her arms, a squeal leaving her as well. “Don’t worry about a boxed cake, I’ll make him one from scratch. Why don’t you two go check this stuff out, and Chen and I will go grab stuff for the cake,” she exclaimed, basically pushing Sehun and Chanyeol with the cart away from them. Chen only laughed and watched as the two walked away, him giving Chanyeol the card before turning towards the excited girl.

    “I love birthdays! It gives me a reason to spoil someone with food.” she giggled before she grabbed his hand and pulled him along with her. Even though the two didn’t spend that long together, they had gotten the ingredients for a cake and such, as well as Chen helped Chun-hei pick out a gift for the youngest. She had gotten him a couple hip hop albums and an action movie that he hadn't seen yet, with the help of Chen as he told her that he didn’t have any of it yet. With a smile, the girl checked out, paying for it all herself and making his gifts were double bagged so he couldn’t see what they were. Chen grabbed that bag and watched as the mint haired girl paid and grabbed the other bags. “You know, you don’t have to do this,” he stated as they started to leave the store.

    With a smile, Chun-hei looked up at him, “I don’t have to, but I want to. Birthdays are special, and they should be celebrated.”

    Chen nodded, his eyes lingering on her a bit longer before he turned them to watch where he was walking. When they neared the car, Chanyeol and Sehun were nowhere to been seen, sending a strike of worry through the hacker. They seemed to manage to put the groceries in the trunk, Chun-hei opening the unlocked door and setting her bags in the back, as well as Chen’s. “The car shouldn’t be unlocked and those two should be here.” his voice rang out as he looked around.

    He spotted an alleyway, quickly thinking the worst. “Chun-hei, stay here and lock the car doors. Don’t let anyone in,” he said, shoving her into the backseat and closing the door before she could protest. His feet quickly took him towards the alleyway, his heart pounding in his chest. Suho had warned them to be careful, it wasn’t technically safe for them to be out in public. They were on the brink of war and had to be careful when they did go out. As he entered the alleyway, Chen could make out five silhouettes ahead of him, two collapsed on the ground. “Hey!” he called out, catching the attention of the group of people.

    “Well, well, well. Looks like we caught three of them in one night.” A deep voice said, sending chills down Chen’s spine. He recognized the voice and quickly drew his gone, aiming it ahead of him. As the moonlight gleamed down into the alley, he could make out Sehun and Chanyeol on the ground, both beat severely. Before he could make a move, Chen’s gun was knocked out office hand and the wind knocked out of him. He gasped for air as he fell to the ground, an arm wrapping around his stomach. A foot kicked him in the face as someone laughed madly out loud. The man that stood above him bent down and gripped his shirt, shoving him against the wall and leaning closer. His brown hair was slicked back and his tan skin had many scars littered all over the place. The large ring on his thumb showed that he was a higher up in a gang, and the way he presented himself, he clearly held power over the other two. “You made the mistake of coming out.” his voice was low and held venom, Chen sending him a glare.

    The men pulled him forward before slamming him into the wall, Chen feeling something starting to hurt on the back of his head. The other two men that were there started to beat Chanyeol and Sehun again, the smirks never leaving their faces. The man in front of him started to land punches were ever he could, some landing on Chen’s face, some on his abdomen. As he slid down the wall, the sound of heels running towards him caught his attention, though he didn’t have any strength to look up. “Chen!” He heard Chun-hei scream, the man in front of him taking a few steps back. Soon, the short girl was in front of him, her hands gently taking his partially swollen face in them. She wasn’t crying, she looked angrier than anything. Before he could say anything, the mint haired girl turned towards the assailant and landed a punch to his face, easily breaking his nose. His two buddies turned and quickly ran over, only to be kicked and thrown away. For such a small girl, she sure did know how to fight. The hacker watched as she beat the shit out of each person, her knuckles bloody and her hair messy when she finished. When she turned towards Chen, her eyes held no happiness, just anger, and pain. Chanyeol managed to stand up, helping Sehun as Chun-hei grabbed Chen, who had managed to crawl over and grab his gun, hiding it back in his jacket.

    It was slow, but they finally made it back to the car, Chanyeol collapsing with Sehun in the back seat. Gently, Chen was sat down in the passenger's seat, the small girl fishing the keys out of the pocket of his jacket. He didn’t protest, knowing that he was in no position to do so. Instead, he buckled up and pulled his phone out, quickly dialing Suho’s phone number as Chun-hei got into the car. His leader quickly picked up, “What is it Chen?” his voice was stern, but there was a hint of worry since the hacker rarely called.

    “We were attacked.” was all he said as the girl started to drive away from the store, her grip on the wheel tightening to the point where her bloody knuckles were turning white.

    It was silent, Suho clearly startled by the news. “What?” his voice held a darker tone, one that would scare someone who didn’t know him.

    “I said we were attacked. Chanyeol and Sehun it the worst since I was with Chun-hei when it first started. She was able to save us and we are headed back home now.” Chen explained, shifting a bit as he tried to not groan out in pain. The line went dead after a few seconds, causing him to take his phone away from his ear. It was quiet, everyone was either too hurt to speak, or too angry.

    As soon as they arrived back home, Chun-hei quickly got out and helped each man into the home, settling them in the living room. She disappeared for a bit before returning with a first aid kit in hand. It was silent as she worked to patch everyone up, that was until the front door slammed open and multiple footsteps ran towards them. Chanyeol looked up as Chun-hei was disinfecting the cut of his forehead, seeing that everyone else had rushed into the room. Lay was quick to rush over and look over everyone, wanting to see the extent of the damage dealt. Suho crossed his arms over his chest, his brown eyes scanning over the room. There were cotton balls and swabs thrown everywhere, as well as gauze and opened disinfecting wipes that littered the coffee table, soaked with blood. Sehun was laid across one couch, already patched up and nursing a froze package of peas to his side. “It looks like you all went through a war. What happened?” Baekhyun questioned, all eyes landing on the girl who was forcing Chanyeol to look at her.

    She was silent, her focus solely on the man in front of her. Chen leaned forward, himself holding a frozen package of peas to his cheek. “We were attacked by the Falcon gang.”

    “How do you know?”

    “They had falcon tattoos on their hands. Honestly, if it weren’t for Chun-hei, we probably wouldn’t be here right now.” Chen stated as Lay took over the job and fixing everyone up, telling the girl to go wash her bloodied hands. Suho watched her as she passed by, waiting a few moments before following her. He stood in the doorway to the kitchen as she stood at the sink, the water running and turning red as she washed the blood off of her hands. Suho walked over and gently took her now clean hands in hers, looking them over to see no cuts. He grabbed a dry rag and wiped her hands down, “Thank you for stepping in to save them.” he broke the silence, finally looking up at her face. There were a few blood splatters on her smooth skin, quickly wetting the rag and wiping her face.

    “What else was I supposed to do? Let them get the shit beat out of them while I stood by acting weak?” she sarcastically questioned, earning a small chuckle from the charming man. Once her skin was free from any blood, Suho looked her over again, just to make sure she wasn’t hurt.

    Minseok walked into the kitchen, bags in hand. “They said you hadn’t brought groceries in yet,” he said, setting the bags down on the counter. Kai and Baekhyun walked in, bags in their hands as well. They left and came back a few more times before everything was in the kitchen, D.O joining to help put things away.

    “You are full of surprises. When Chen told me that you saved them, I didn’t believe him. But seeing the blood on your hands and that my men are still alive. How did you learn how to fight?” Suho stated, washing the blood of the rag, his head turned towards the girl next to him.

    By now, she had calmed down and her blue eyes didn’t hold any more anger in them. “My brothers taught me. Six times a week, three times a day. They wanted me to be able to protect myself if need be,” she explained as she grabbed the bag that held Sehu’s birthday presents.

    “Your brothers were protective I guess.”

    Chun-hei nodded, “They were. The kind of business they dealt with wasn’t always the safest.”

    Suho watched as she held the bag close to her body, but held his tongue on asking anything else about her brothers. After everything was put up, the leader simply ordered take-out since the girl had disappeared, presumably to her room. Sehun was still nursing his side, the youngest letting out a groan as Lay looked at it. “What’s your side of the story?” the question was simple, but he needed to know what really happened.

    “There were three of them. They cornered a woman and were harassing her. Sehun and I went over to stop them and were overpowered. Soon, Chen showed up and was overpowered as well. Next thing we know, all three of them are on the ground getting the crap beat out of them by the girl upstairs. Suho, I have a feeling that she has done something in her life. The way she immediately, without even thinking, beat those guys up. She almost seems to lose control.” Chanyeol explained, looking up towards the man standing over him,

    “Think you could identify them?”

    Chanyeol nodded, “One of them had a ring that identified him as one of the higher-ups.” Chen spoke up, earning a look of disbelief from everyone.

    “In our territory?” Minseok questioned before he looked towards Suho.

    The leader stood there, deep in thought. The Falcons were brave enough to waltz into his territory and beat his men up. If he wasn’t so level headed, this could have started a war between the two groups. Suho wasn’t going to let this slid by, and he needs to show them who’s the boss around here. “I’ll call a meeting for the day after tomorrow.” was all he said before silence fell over them again. They all knew that something would happen, but they didn’t ever think it would be to this extent.

    Death’s Secrets chapter ii


    Summary: Five years ago EXO, one of Korea’s top mafia groups, lost three of its members. No one knew that they were living with a girl, not knowing that she had a relationship with one of them. Five years later, the boys need someone to cook for them, hiring a girl from a company. Will they unfold her past and learn the dark secrets she keeps hidden before she leaves? Or will they forever be puzzled by her and let her go?

    Warning: None in the chapter.

    Word count: 3636


    The first day went well, everyone gathered for meals and then set off on their own. It was awkward for them, and for Chun-hei. Blu had left her side multiple times to follow someone else around, though always crawled back when he was yelled at. Mostly it was Sehun or D.O. who he followed most, but he ventured off to find someone else if they didn’t pay him attention. It was breakfast time and everyone was gathered in the kitchen to eat, the atmosphere was a bit brighter. The boys joked and talked with each other while Chun-hei cooked the omelets, even making one for Blu. Once all the humans had their plates, Chun-hei turned towards her companion. “Sit,” she ordered, watching as her giant beast did as told. Without her even having to say it, Blu stood up on his back paws and begged, a small whine coming from him. With a smile, she set the plate down in front of him and watched as he dug in. “He’s so well trained. I wish Mongryong would do that.” Baekhyun sighed as he ate and watched the dog.

    Chun-Hie looked over at him, her hands absentmindedly wiping themselves on her apron. “Mongryong?” she questioned, wondering if she had been missing a member. Baekhyun turned towards her, “My dog.” he clarified before going back to his breakfast.

    “Most of us have an animal, Kai has three. They aren’t here right now besides Tan, but you will meet them later.” Sehun added, seeing as she was more confused by his hyung’s statement. Chun-hei nodded before she bent down and took Blu’s plate, immediately walking over to the sink to clean it.

    Once again, it was like the day before where everyone ate silently before thanking her and parting ways. Only this time, Sehun and D.O. stayed behind, both already dressed to impress. Their matching suits were a dark gray with a white button-up underneath the coat. “Did you two plan on matching?” her question caught them off guard, earning a slight cough from both. Neither answered her question as she cleaned the dishes, soon moving on to the countertops. Kai waltzed back in, dressed head to toe in a flashy red suit. Chun-hei looked him over, giggling as he gave her a small twirl. She found out he was the second youngest and was known to be flirtatious. He was just as nice as Sehun had been the day before, giving her smiles and laughs. “Like what you see?” he teased, leaning on the counter next Sehun. Another giggle left the small woman as she threw the rag in her hand over her shoulder. “Very nice.” she complimented, giving him a thumbs up.

    “Why didn’t I get a compliment?” Sehun whined, pouting slightly.

    “You look just as good,” Chun-hei stated, patting his hand gently. The two shared a smile before Baekhyun walked in, his dark suit fitting nicely. When each boy walked in, Chun-hei complimented them, even they didn’t respond back. After everyone had once gathered in the kitchen again, Suho walked in, dismissing the compliment thrown his way. “We are going out for the day. None of us will be home until dinner time. Refrain from entering any rooms that have the door closed and make sure that everything else is cleaned.” was all he said before he leads the group towards the garage. Sehun and Kai quickly gave the small girl a hug before following after, D.O. throwing her a small smile and wave as well.

    Once they were all gone, Chun-hei looked over at Blu and smiled widely. Throwing the rag on the countertop, the mint haired woman skipped out of the kitchen and towards the stairs, bounding up the two steps at a time. Quickly she made her way other room and into the small closet that held her clothes. Chun-hei grabbed a pair of skinny jeans and an oversized black shirt. After she had changed her attire and tucked the front of the shirt into the waistband of her jeans, she left her room as Blu followed behind. The whole house was silent, nothing could be heard besides the ticking of the clocks on the wall. “Some music should fill this quiet void,” she spoke to no one in particular, not that there was anyone for her to speak to. Her feet skipped their way over to a speaker that rested near the entrance of the home, her hands pulling her phone out and plugging it in. As she searched for her favorite playlist of old western songs, Chun-hei moved her hips a bit, already singing a song. Dancing Queen by ABBA barred through the speaker, echoing throughout the home.

    The short girl danced her way into the kitchen, her slender legs moving to the beat of the song. She sang along, confident since there was no one home with her. As the song played on, the cook started to clean the kitchen, making sure it was spotless before moving onto the living room. She fixed all of the movie cases and game cases on the shelf, organizing them in alphabetical order as well. The tv screen was cleaned, as well as the top of the coffee table. Her hands quickly straightened the magazines as You’re The Inspiration by Chicago turned on, quickly changing to mood to a more calmer and romantic setting. Chun-hei sang along, her body just going through the motions of cleaning, her mind completely focused on the song.


    A chuckle left Jongdae as he sat on one of Junmyeon’s leather couches in the casino office, his laptop perched on his lap. “What are you chuckling at over there?” Baekhyun questioned before making his way across the room. Suho quirked an eyebrow up as the two laughed together, wondering what could be so funny. After a few more minutes, almost everyone, except Minseok and Junmyeon, was gathered around the group's main hacker. The leader and co-leader looked at each other before walking over to see for themselves. There on the screen danced the girl they had hired, her body dancing to the music as she moved around the kitchen cooking lunch. Her mint hair was pulled into a messy bun and the sleeves of her shirt were rolled up to her shoulders. “What’s that?” Minseok questioned, leaning forward and pointing towards her shoulder, the symbol of a Y.W surrounded by a heart. There were two others as well, an L.H and a Z.H both surrounded by a heart. The YW was at the center and was the largest, the other two just slightly smaller and on either side of the larger one. “They seem like tattoos of initials. Maybe she had some brothers or something?” Jongdae piped up, pausing the video feed and zooming in.

    “I wonder if she has anymore?” Jongin questioned, mostly to himself, the smirk evidence of what he was thinking. Sehun shook his head and stood up, “Doesn’t matter. Remember, Suho said not to get close to her.”

    Everyone moved away at the youngest’s statement, even Junmyeon, and Minseok. As the leader sat back down at his desk, his eyes scanned over the men in the room with him. Jongdae had stopped the video and closed his laptop, letting it rest in his lap. Baekhyun went back to what he was doing across the room, it seemed like that one statement made everyone’s mood turn around. Kai’s smirk had dropped and he now sat on the other couch with his arms crossed over his chest. He looked like he wanted to say something, but didn’t know if he should. It was silent until someone’s phone went off, slicing through the awkward silence of the office. Baekhyun pulled his phone out of his pocket, quickly answering the call. “Someone is there to take them from you. Yes, you can just drop them off and then leave. Alright, thank you.” the one-sided conversation confused everyone.

    As the puppy-like male hung up and put away his phone, everyone waited for him to tell them what the call was about. But, instead, he just sat down on the armrest of the chair and crossed his arms. The usually happy dark-haired male would speak about any phone conversation he had, not caring who heard. Before anyone could ask the question that seemed to be on everyone’s mind, Yixing walked back in, fixing his black suit to make sure he looked presentable. “Everyone is here and waiting, Suho,” he stated, not even bothering to look at anyone besides the leader. He, in fact, had been standing outside the office doors, listening to the commotion going on inside. It was no doubt that everyone wanted to get close to this girl, even Junmyeon and Minseok, but their line of work was too dangerous and they already lost three of their closest friends because of it. Everyone stood up, fixing themselves before filing out of the room, some engaging in conversation as they passed by the medic. Suho and Xuimin did the same, but before they passed Lay, he rested a hand on the leader’s chest. With curious eyes, Suho looked over at him, though Lay didn’t give him the same courtesy back. “I have a feeling that Chun-hei is going to become more important than you think she is. A storm is coming, and I hope you know how to protect everyone.” was all the Chinese man said before turning around and leaving the room. The two that were left standing there looked at each other before following, closing the now-empty office’s door closed.


    The whole day had passed by quickly, dinner was cooking and the whole house, well what Chun-hei could get to, was clean. Music was still blasting as she wiped her hands on her apron, running to the door since the motion sensor had gone off. She was glad that Sehun had shown her where it was and hoot use it, though she still preferred opening the door first. A man with shaggy brown hair stood there, his leather jacket clinging to his lean frame. “How may I help you?” Chun-hei questioned, peeking her head out the door. The man shifted uncomfortably when he saw the girl, quickly looking away. “I brought the dogs back.” was all he said before the small girl slipped out the door, closing it behind her so her own dog couldn’t escape.

    The two set off towards the van that was parked in the front of the home. Once they had reached the side door, the man pulled it open and nine dogs ran out, straight to the front door of the home. With a gentle laugh, Chun-hei gave the man a bow before departing and heading towards the herd of dogs who seemed like they wanted in the home. “Alright, alright.” she laughed as she opened the door, watching as all of the small dogs barged in and ran in almost every direction. She closed the door behind her before making her way back to the kitchen, a few of the dogs drinking out of the water bowl that was on the floor. Blu had now bounded into the kitchen to see what all the commotion was about, immediately spotting the other dogs and wanting to play. He was much larger than them, so Chun-hei told him no before going back to the meal that she was preparing.

    It was quiet in the house until all the dogs started to bark at the garage door. Chun-hei looked at the clock on the wall and saw that it was six-thirty. She wiped her flour-dusted hands on the piece of fabric wrapped around her waist before turning and seeing the guys start to file in, struggling to make their away through the crowd of dogs. Kai chuckled as he finally made it through, looking up at the short girl and letting out a snort. Confused, Chun-hei looked around her, seeing no animals or anything on her. “You, uh, got something here.” he teased, pointing to his nose as to instruct her to do so as well.

    Quickly, she took the back of her hand and wiped it, seeing that she now had a bit of flour on her hand. Giving him a quick thanks, she greeted everyone before going back to her task before they arrived. Kai took off his coat and slung it over the back of a chair, waltzing his way into the kitchen. His shirt was opened up more and exposed more of his toned abdomen, a smirk reaching his lips as he watched the mint haired girl look at it before turning away. “What are you making?” he questioned as everyone else entered the room, some looking tired while some still had energy flowing through them.

    Chun-hei hummed softly before grabbing the whisk next to her and stirring what was in the bowl. “I have made some kimchi dumplings, gimbal, gamjaguk with rice on the side. For dessert I am making chocolate chip cookies,” she replied, shooing him away as he tried to peak over her shoulder. Kai chuckled but followed her order and moved away, giving her plenty of space so she could work. Chen set his laptop down on the counter and looked up at the two, noticing that the girl still had her sleeves rolled up.

    “Hey, what do those tattoos mean?” his voice broke the comfortable silence that had settled, now bring back the memory of what happened in the office earlier that day.

    The girl stopped what she was doing and turned, her blue eyes piercing his brown ones. “They are meant for my brothers.” was all she said before going back to making cookies. It didn’t really answer his question, so Chen pushed on.

    “And what were your brother’s names?” he asked, not wanting to back down since he didn’t find out that she had any siblings from his search.

    “None of your business. They aren’t on this earth anymore, so there is no reason to bring them up.” her voice was stern and sharp, immediately making the hacker back down and lose a bit of his pride. Sehun whistled at the interaction, “Here I thought you were so nice.” he chuckled, earning a sharp look from his Hyung.

    Chun-hei stayed silent as she pulled a baking sheet from the cabinet, laying it on the stove. Even Kai moved away and towards D.O. as to not upset the girl anymore. It seemed that the topic other brothers were a touchy subject and he didn’t want her to turn on him.

    “How old were they when they passed?” Lay spoke up, leaning forward on the counter.

    “Two were twenty-four and one was twenty-one,” Chun-hei replied as she rolled the cookie dough into balls before placing them on the pan.

    “They were young. How did that pass?” Lay pushed on, Chen huffing that he was getting more information out of her than he could.

    Chun-hei stopped and looked towards him, her bright blue eyes seeming a bit duller than they had been before. She reminded the medic of the girl from the cemetery five years go, but she wasn’t obviously. “Car accident. A bad one at that. The police said that another vehicle had hit them and they swerved off the road, crashing into the side of a cliff. They never caught the driver of the other vehicle either.” she explained, earning a few weird looks. Lay thought that her story sounded similar to theirs, but he decided to keep quiet on the subject, not wanting to raise any alarms for anyone. Plus, how could she have known their friends. She was clearly only Sehun’s age, and she shared no knowledge of knowing what they did for a living. “How did you find out about it?” He seemed to ask a question that made the girl stiffen up, her hands stopping what she was doing.

    “The local authorities told me.” she simply said, forcing herself to relax a bit and go back to making cookies. Chun-hei hadn’t talked about the deaths since she quit going to her therapist, which was a year after it all happened. She had moved out of her old home, which she still owned, and started over in her new one, erasing everything that made her remember. The only reminder she had was the tattoo she couldn’t get rid of.

    It was silent between everyone before a timer went off, the mint haired girl stopping the beeping before heading over to the steamer. As she pulled the dumplings out with chopsticks, Kai offered to set the table, already doing so before Chun-hei could stop him. He helped moved the dishes to the dining room table, Sehun helping with drinks. The two finished and watched as the short girl brought in a plate full of dumplings, setting them in the middle of the table. Before she could return to the kitchen, Kai grabbed her wrist and sat her down next to him. “Eat with us,” he said, earning a few looks which he ignored.

    After he had made her a plate, Kai fixed himself one and ate silently, the rest doing the same. Chun-hei slowly ate her dinner, feeling a bit awkward since she really hadn't talked to anyone else besides Sehun and D.O., who were across from her. Sneakily, Sehun tapped her with his foot, causing her to look up at him. She gently tapped him back, watching as he narrowed his eyes. “So, Chun-hei, how long have you been doing this? The cook and maid job I mean.” Chen asked as he took a sip of his water.

    “Four years. I helped start the company up.”

    “Have you hooked up with any of your bosses?” Kai spoke up, causing the girl and Chen to choke on their water. His smirk grew as her face turned red as she wiped her mouth. He waited for her to reply, and his smirk only widened when she didn’t. Chun-hei looked up, seeing that everyone seemed to be waiting for her to answer. She cleared her throat and looked down at her plate, simply nodding her head a bit. Kai laughed out loud, an arm wrapping around his stomach as he leaned back in his chair. The small girl pouted as the others let a few snickers out. “It was only one time and I quit the next day. I haven’t even talked to him since then.” she quickly defended, crossing her arms over her chest.

    The rest of the dinner was filled with either teasing or conversation. Once everyone was done, Chun-hei took the dishes and entered the kitchen, finally putting the cookies in the oven as everyone parted ways. She quietly washed the dishes, Blu waltzing out of the kitchen and towards the living room. ViVi laid on one of the couches, her body curled into a ball. Blu jumped up next to her and laid down, his head hanging off the side of the couch. Chun-hei waltzed in, her apron in her hand, “Come Blu, it’s bedtime.” she called but the large dog didn’t move. She walked around the couch and grabbed his collar, trying to tug him off the furniture. When he didn’t budge, the short girl huffed and crossed her arms over her chest, pouting.

    “Mind telling me why you are looking so cute?” Kai’s voice rang out, the girl looking up form her dog. He had changed out into a pair of gray joggers and a black t-shirt.

    “Blu won’t get off the couch so we can go to bed.” Chun-hei huffed out, earning a chuckle from the taller male. He simply walked over and tapped the large dog's butt, watching as he got off the couch and walked out of the room. Kai chuckled as the girl watched the dog obey and walk away, presumably to her room. Before she could walk by him, Kai grabber her upper arm and turned her to face him. They looked into each other's eyes for a few seconds before he smiled widely. “If you ever need to talk about anything. I’m here.” was all he said before he let her go and walked towards the couch.

    Chun-hei watched as he turned on the tv and grabbed a game controller, his focus solely on the tv now. She turned and left the living room, turning off the front foyer’s light and climbed the stairs. Her room was a few away Sehun's and right next to Lay's. Blu was waiting for her by the door, his tail wagging a bit as she approached. Just as she opened her door, Lay stepped out of his room in only a pair of sweats. The short girl quickly looked away and followed her dog into her room, closing and locking the door behind her. The room's walls were dark grey with accents of light grey. The circular bed had black sheets and a large, fluffy dark purple comforter tucked around it. The curtains that surrounded the bed and hung in front of the window were the same deep purple as the comforter. The dark wooden door floors were partially covered by a large circular, fluffy purple rug. Blue immediately jumped up on the bed and made himself comfortable, his eyes following his owner as she tossed her apron on the desk’s chair before heading into the closet to change. Once she was dressed in an oversized sweater and a pair of sleeping shorts, the small girl climbed in bed and closed the curtain, giving herself a sense of security. Kai could be heard yelling downstairs, but it was muffled slightly by the walls. It was dark and mostly quiet, Chun-hei drifting off to sleep as she thought about her brothers.

    Death’s Secrets chapter i


    Summary: Five years ago EXO, one of Korea’s top mafia groups, lost three of its members. No one knew that they were living with a girl, not knowing that she had a relationship with one of them. Five years later, the boys need someone to cook for them, hiring a girl from a company. Will they unfold her past and learn the dark secrets she keeps hidden before she leaves? Or will they forever be puzzled by her and let her go?

    Warning: None in the chapter.

    Word count: 4396


    It wasn’t supposed to happen that way. No one wanted it to happen that way. Losing three of their own men, even if they thought that they had betrayed them, it took a toll on everyone. The following days after it all went down, the mood was sour. No one smiled, no one laughed. The only thing that the small group of now nine would do together was visiting the graves. Even that was a rare occurrence to happen. The weather was cloudy and rain had not stopped coming down for the past few days, but that didn’t stop the group from making a stop at the cemetery on their way to take care of some business. The light pitter-patter of the rain was the only thing that filled the silence of the van. Soon, the vehicle was stopped and everyone filed out, opening their umbrella’s to make sure they didn’t get their expensive suits wet. The walk was silent as the group headed to a spot where three new headstones sat. No one expected to see a female standing there, the umbrella she was once held on the ground. Her dark hair was soaked, so was the black dress she wore. It was crystal clear that she had been crying, a few stray sobs leaving her tremblings lips. She hadn’t even noticed that the group walked up, to busy trying to wipe the tears and rain out of her eyes. It wasn’t until someone cleared their throat did she panic and snap her head up, her wet locks sticking to her face. Her brown eyes held so much sorrow that it made a few of the men look away, afraid they may spill a few tears as well. A blonde man, who looks similar to a fairytale prince, took a step forward, his unused hand in his pocket. His brown eyes stared down into hers, only making her take a small step back. “What are you doing here?” his voice rang out, earning a few looks from the men behind him.

    The girl cowered down, turning her head so she wasn’t looking at any of them anymore. None of them knew her, so why was she standing in front of his men’s graves, tears running down from her red puffy eyes. The man grew irritated when she gave no answer, taking his hand out of his pocket. His temper was bad enough, but with the loss of his men and already being in a tight spot with his business, it only worsened when the girl didn’t speak. Suddenly, before he could get a word out, a man with dark hair stepped forward. His steps were silent as he neared the girl, leaning down and grabbing the discarded umbrella. When he held it out to her, he let a sad smile slip, “You’ll catch a cold if you continue to stand in the rain.”

    His voice was softer than the man before, causing the girl to turn her head and look up at him. She was of short stature, only about 5’3” at the most. A shaky hand took the umbrella from him, bringing it to cover the girl, even though she was already probably soaked from head to toe. “Now, what are you doing here?” he questioned, still using a softer tone.

    The girl looked away, her eyes landing on the middle headstone. Tears pricked her eyes again, the rain seemed to get heavier. Before he could ask again, she turned away from him and walked away. Everyone was shocked or at least surprised in some way. This person who they didn’t even know, was seemingly mourning over their friends before simply walking away. Before the dark-haired man could go after her, the blonde on stopped him. “Lay, we don’t have time to be chasing after girls. Just set the flowers down and let us go. We don’t have all day.” his voice was commanding, but not too commanding.

    With a nod of his head, Lay turned to a much younger man, his arms holding three bouquets of flowers. Swiftly, yet gently, the bouquets were settled in front of the headstones next to a single rose that rested on each. As soon as they all paid respects, the group quickly turned and left.


    Five years have passed since that day at the cemetery. Most of the men had forgotten about it, all except the two who had contact with the girl. Lay went out of his way to try to find the girl, but every lead he had gotten nowhere. Not even Jongdae could track her down, and he could find anyone, even if they went missing 30 years ago. His hair was still dark but was messier than it was on that day. Jongdae had even asked to use the computers at the other safe house, but they didn’t own it anymore. It was sold off and there was no record of who bought it. At least, not one that could be traced. Lay sat on the plush couch, his thoughts else whereas the youngest members played a video game. Jongin was yelling at the screen, completely wrapped up in the game. Sehun, on the other hand, was calm, but anyone could see he was hyped up on the inside. He really hadn’t figured out a code name for himself yet, so they mostly just called him the youngest. As the two played on, more members gathered in the living room, either interested in what all of the commotions were about or because they had nothing else to do. Everyone was sprawled out either on the floor or on a piece of furniture. The only two people missing were D.O. and Suho, which both were not a surprise. Suho was probably locked up in his office, working. D.O., on the other hand, was supposed to be bed written, by Lay himself. He had gotten shot in the left shoulder on the last mission and was not supposed to do anything to straining, which meant no cooking for him. So while the resident cook was off resting, everyone had just been eating takeout. A whine rang out as Baekhyun leaned against Lay’s legs, an arm draped over his stomach. “I’m so hungry right now, but I don’t want to order anything. Yixing Hyung, when will Kyungsoo be healed enough to cook?” he questioned, seeming to grab others' attention as well.

    A small chuckle left the dark-haired man, though now most of them sported dark hair. The only exceptions were Chanyeol, who for some reason went with bright red hair, Jongin who had bleach blonde hair, Minseok who’s was a mix between light brown and a dirty blonde, and Suho, who went with a grayish-blue. “He won’t be properly healed for about a month or so. Why?”

    His question seemed to shock the younger male, “Hyung! Takeout isn’t nearly as good as Kyungsoo’s cooking is. What about our health?” Baekhyun shot back, earning a few nods in response. Sehun looked away from the t.v screen, pausing the game as he did. It was silent for a few seconds before a loud crash came from the kitchen, earning the reaction of everyone standing up. Lay and Minseok, were the first ones out of the living room, the others following behind them. The scene that littered the kitchen floor was one of worry. There sat Kyungsoo, who was nursing his shoulder, while an empty large pot and water laid around him. “Kyungsoo, you should be resting!” Lay snapped but still squatted down to looked over the younger male.

    With a wince, Kyungsoo shook his head, “I heard Baek Hyung complaining about takeout, so I thought I could cook something.” he countered as he was helped up by the two older males. It wasn’t long before Suho waltzed into the kitchen, a worried look on his normally stone-cold face, “Is everything alright?”

    Lay nodded, leading Kyungsoo over to one of the island chairs, “Kyungsoo thought he could cook.” was all he said as he focused on his patient. He was the resident doctor, and nurse, but only when he needed to be.

    “We can’t keep eating take out. Something has to be done or we will have another accident like this one again.” Minseok spoke up after he held Kyungsoo sit down. Suho nodded, watching as Chanyeol took the duty of cleaning up the water. It was now Sehun’s turn to speak up, “I might have a solution.” he said before he reached into his jacket to pull out his wallet. “My older brother gave me this, he for some reason thought I could use it somehow. I guess he was right,” he added as he pulled out a baby blue card with white writing on it. Suho took it from his hands and read over it, seeing that it was a business card for a live-in cook and maid.

    “Live in cook and maid, sounds like a fun idea.” Jongin wiggled his eyebrows as he peered over his leader's shoulder, only to earn multiple looks sent his way. “My brother said that he tried it out for a couple of weeks and said that they did a wonderful job. It’s a small business, family-owned and runs mostly.” Sehun concluded, shifting himself so he could lean against the counter. Everyone waited for Suho to make the call, even though all of them knew that they needed someone like that. With a sigh, Suho nodded and handed the card back to the youngest, “Fine, but you will call and make the arrangement, and they will be your responsibility.”

    Since it was already dinner time, the only time that Sehun could get it scheduled was tomorrow morning. So, everyone would have to make do with takeout for the night. “I’ll go pick the person up tomorrow morning. They only had one person free.” Sehun concluded as he pulled his phone away from his ear. By now, everyone was settled in the living room, pizza boxes scattered in the large coffee table. Suho looked up, nodding in understanding, “And, who is this person?” he questioned, wiping the small amount of grease from his lips with a napkin.

    “The owner’s daughter's friend,” Sehun replied as he sat down on the floor, his long legs folding close to him.

    Baekhyun looked up, a confused look on his face. “I thought you said it was family-run?” this seemed to be the question that popped into everyone’s mind when the youngest spoke. Sehun rolled his eyes and took a piece of pizza, “I said mostly. They said she is the only one free at the moment and that she could start working tomorrow morning. I got the address and will be picking her up.”

    It was silent for a few minutes before Suho cleared his throat, only to get his member's attention of course. When everyone was looking at him, the leader stood up and eyed everyone. “While she is here, there will be a set of rules. One is no getting close to her. She’s here for a job and that is what it will remain. Two, no going into the room that she will be staying in, no matter what. If you need her for something, simply knock and ask her to come out. No need to walk in on her privacy. Three, there will be no talk of what we do, if she asks, simply say some random old boring job. If one of you slips up, then it will be your responsibility to fix it. Four, for the love of christ and god himself, try to act normal for one. Don’t hint at anything, or even mention your real names, just keep it to your code names and make sure she never finds out about anything.” he listed off, clearly emphasizing that there would be more rules to come. Everyone nodded and Suho sat back down, the mood lightening a bit as everyone ate and talked about the day to come.


    At five a.m. the next morning, Sehun was dressed and had a pair of car keys in his large hand. He had notified the girl who he was picking up to be ready so he could just pick her up and come back home, only wanting to go back to sleep for a few more hours. Breakfast was usually at seven, so he thought that he could get her here early so she could get a bit settled in. As the tall male walked towards the garage, Kyungsoo was soon right next to him, scaring Sehun a bit. “What are you doing Hyung? Shouldn’t you be resting?” the younger male asked, not stopping for an answer. The sooner he got back, the quicker he could go back to sleep.

    “I want to meet her, the girl that will be doing the cooking. She’ll need to know what everyone likes anyway, so might as well meet her now.” the shorter males replied, the two walking in silence after that. He did have a point, Sehun knew that everyone had preferences to how they like certain things, but why was Kyungsoo going to tell her that. She was only going to be there for a month or so. The two arrived as a black SUV and got in, Sehun in the driver's seat, while Kyungsoo slid into the passenger's seat, careful not to hurt his shoulder. The two talked about random things as they drove, ranging from what the girl would look like to the last mission they had. While the sun wasn’t even up yet, as Sehun pulled up to the address, there were lights on. He quickly parked the vehicle before shutting it off, looking over at his Hyung. “You stay here, I’ll go get her.” was all he said before hopping out of the SUV and striding up to the front door.

    Sehun knocked loudly before taking a step back, hearing a small ‘I’m coming’ from behind the door. Soon, there was deep barking and hurried footsteps. Sehun took a few more steps back as the door was swung open and a huge, fluffy black dog came running at him. “Blu!” a feminine voice called, catching the dog’s attention before it went back to the strange man at the front door. Small hands wrapped around Blue’s cream collar, gently pulling him back. Sehun watched as a short woman drug the giant dog inside, shutting the door once she had successfully done so. When she turned to him, he was shocked to see a pair of blue eyes staring up at him. “You must be my new job. Sorry about Blu, he likes to meet new people.” her voice was gentle, but still loud enough to hear.

    All he could do was nod in acknowledgment as he looked her over. Her long straight hair was dyed a bright mint color, though her eyebrows were brown. Bangs covered half of her forehead, the rest pushed back by a couple of bobby pins. She only came up to his shoulder, so she had to bend her neck to look up at him. Sehun quickly cleared his throat and nodded, “I’m Sehu, you must be…?” he trailed off, not remembering if he caught her name the night before.

    “Chun-hei Li. It is nice to meet you, Sehu,” she replied, holding her hand out to shake. When he didn’t follow, Chun-hei lowered her hand. “Um, let me just turn everything off and then we can go. My bags are by the front door,” she stated before she turned around and opened the door. Blu was sitting there, his large tail wagging behind him, hitting the two suitcases that sat right next to the door. As she traveled away from Sehun, he bent down and grabbed the baggage, walking out of the home and back towards the SUV. Blu was right now his tail as the tall male walked around to the back, easily popping the trunk. As he set the suitcases in the back, the front door closing could be heard and then the jingle of what sounded like a leash. Sehun looked up, seeing that Chun-hei was now dressed in a coat that had covered the yellow dress she wore. Blu ran over to her, quickly sitting down as she hooked the leash onto his collar. “He’s coming with us?” Sehun asked as he closed the trunk door, only earning a nod in response.

    “I have nowhere else for him to go. It’s also the reason you were asked if anyone was allergic to dogs, he follows me almost everywhere.” was her only reply as she walked towards the vehicle, well more like dragged would have been the appropriate statement. Sehun quickly opened the back seat door and Blue hopped in, Chun-hei slipping in after him, giving Sehun thanks as she did. Once the door was closed and he walked over to the driver’s side, Sehun pulled the keys out of his pocket and got in, earning a questioning look from Kyungsoo. “Chun-hie, this is D.O. He was our to cook until he got injured from falling down the stairs. Poor eyesight.” Sehun introduced, earning a glare from the shorter male and a giggle from the girl in the back. The drive back to the safe house was filled with laughs and teasing from Sehun, Kyungsoo only getting licks from Blu when he glared.

    Once they were back at home, Sehun parked and jumped out, an arm wrapped around his stomach as he laughed. “You actually fell down the stairs? Your eyesight must be terrible.” he chuckled s Chun-hei stepped out, quickly getting out of the way as Blu followed and started to sniff around. Kyungsoo followed, shaking his head a bit.

    “I couldn’t remember where I had set my glasses, and so I tripped and fell down the stairs as my mug flew from my hand. That’s why I keep them in my apron’s pocket most of the time.” the small woman explained as she gripped the leash and tugged on it gently. By now, it was six-thirty in the morning and everyone was bound to be up and ready for breakfast. “I’ll take these to the room you will be staying in. D.O. can take you to the kitchen.” Sehun explained before grabbing her bags and walking ahead of them. Blu whined as he left, quickly gaining the attention of Chun-hei. She bent down and unhooked his leash, watching as he bound after the tall male, soon disappearing from her sight. She followed after Kyungsoo, soon reaching the large kitchen that already had a few people sitting at the island, seemed to be in a sleepy state. Chun-hei slipped off her coat and folded it over the back of a chair, her apron on and already tied around her tiny waist. Kyungsoo noticed that she had also taken off a small rucksack, watching as she pulled a knife block from it and a few other kitchen utensils. The other three men look up, their tired eyes following her. At first, she just seemed to look around, not knowing what she should do. Before someone could speak up, Chun-hei walked over to the fridge, pulling it open. It was full of ingredients to cook, fresh fruits and vegetables, different kinds of meats, drinks that were organized by the brand. The four men watched as she pulled out some fruits, milk, one egg, and a stick of butter. She gently set them on the counter next to the stove before heading over to the pantry, quickly grabbing the flour, sugar, salt, and baking soda. Once those ingredients were next to the ones she pulled from the fridge, Chun-hei started to open cabinets, seeming to look for something. The sound of cabinets opening and closing must have woken people up because soon more of them arrived in the kitchen. Minseok waltzed over to the coffee machine, completely ignoring the girl who was still searching through the cabinets. She must have not noticed him, bumping into him as she reached for another cabinet. “Oh! I’m so sorry. I didn’t see you there.” she exclaimed, quickly backing up a few paces to give him some room. Minseok turned, sending her a small glare, but said nothing. Instead, he simply turned back around and waited on his coffee, his hands in the pockets of his sweats. “What are you looking for?” Kyungsoo popped off, watching as she fidgeted with the hem of her apron. Chun-hei looked up, “Just a large bowl.” she replied, her eyes following as the short, but still taller than herself, the man got out of his chair and walked around the island counter. He easily found a bowl for her, handing it to her before turning to go sit back where he was, but Sehun had taken his place. Blu bounded into the kitchen, his dark fur bouncing with him. He nuzzled Chun-hei’s hip as she slipped on her round glasses before walking away and over to Sehun.

    As the girl started to cook, it seemed that everyone had gathered in the kitchen. Sehun was holding a conversation with Chun-hei as everyone listened in, not knowing whether or not they should join. “Have you seen Boys Over Flowers yet?” Sehun questioned as he gently pets Blu who had his head on the male’s lap.

    “Of course I have! It is one of my favorites. The romance between Jan Di and Joon Pyo is amazing!” the mint haired girl sighed dreamingly, though she quickly got out of her head and went back to cooking.

    “No spoilers! I haven’t finished it yet.” Sehun chuckled as Blu left him and went back over to his owner. The male watched as the large dog sat by her feet, seemingly watching as she cooked. It was easily found out that Chun-hei was making a western-style breakfast known as pancakes. Eight of the nine plates already had three on each, and the ninth one just got the third one put on. Chun-hei turned the stove off and walked over to the fridge, pulling out the whipped cream and syrup. All nine men watched as she decorated the pancakes with whipped cream, syrup and the assortment of fruits she had pulled out earlier. They all gave her a small thanks as she handed them each a plate, as well as a fork to eat them with. It was quiet in the kitchen as everyone ate, the only sound was the running of water as Chun-hei cleaned the utensils she used for breakfast. Blu had once again made his way over to Sehun, setting his large head on the man’s lap and looking up at him, begging for some of his breakfast. He picked up a piece of banana and lowered it so the dog could take it, which he happily did.

    Once everyone was finished, most left the kitchen to get ready for the day, only Suho and Sehun stayed. The leader watched the girl as she cleaned the dishes, flinching a bit every time she reached unto push her glasses up. The youngest watched his leader closely, wondering why he had stayed back. Maybe it was to finally talk to Chun-hei, or maybe it was to observe her and make sure she didn’t do anything. He didn’t know.

    When she turned around after she had finished her task, her blue eyes widened at the to who still lingered in the kitchen. Suho cleared his throat and stood straight from his position of leaning against the wall. “I’m Suho, the one in charge around here.” he introduced himself, his brown eyes scanning over the short woman from head to toe. “You will only need to cook and clean, but never go into any room that has a closed door. If we want you to clean a room, we will leave the door open. Breakfast is at the same time every morning, and lunch will be served at noon sharp. Dinner may vary on what time we all get home, but it should still be cooked by seven p.m. Understood?” he explained, only earning a nod in response. After he had left, Chun-hei turned to Sehun who gave a small smile. 

    “A little stuck up isn’t he?” she whispered to him, making sure that Suho wasn’t around before she said anything too disrespectful. Sehun chuckled at her statement and moved to get out of his chair. “Suho is always like that. Most of the time, he is in his office, so you won’t interact with him much. Actually, you won’t interact with us much at all. Our jobs keep us busy and we only meet up to eat together. But, D.O. will surely keep you company while we all are away.” he explained as he gave Blu another pat on the head before heading towards that exit to the kitchen. 

    Chun-hei nodded, watching as he disappeared from her sight. She ran a hand through her mint hair and looked down at her large companion. Maybe this job wouldn’t be as easy as she thought. Even Sehu, the one who started to make her feel welcome, was now treating her like she didn’t belong, which she knew that she didn’t. But Chun-hei had a habit of befriending the people who she worked for, it just happened. As the girl started to wipe the counters down, D.O. walked back in, now dressed in a black button-down and black slacks. Not all of the buttons were buttoned up, only the top two were left unbuttoned. A leather belt was wrapped around his hips, keeping his pants up. The shiny leather shoes he had on made a small sound as he walked towards her. He looked a bit nervous to be around her without anyone else around, but he cleared his throat and looked down at her. “I’ll be here to help you get everyone’s tastes and preferences down. I may not be able to help cook, but I can give you pointers.” his voice was a little gruffer than it was earlier, but it still held a softness to it. 

    Chun-hei nodded, going back to cleaning as D.O. sat at the island counter, waiting for her to start a day full of cooking and cleaning.


    What do you use for your fake texts??? Thanks

    Hello! I own an android so I have to make do for my au:

    1. which also has an app for the texts.

    2. Fake Chat Conversations which also has a site with the same name.

    3. Yazzy(it also offers a variety of social media, including tweets, instagram posts, facebook posts/chats, etc).

    4. Fake tweets for the tweets.

    5. Fake Stories for Snapchat

    Anything else is edited either in PicsArt or on my laptop! 

    If you own an iOS device, there’s the app called SocialDummy which has all these options for you in one place.

    Hope this was helpful. 💗💗