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2022-08-20 01:43:07

    The writers of A League of Their Own gave equal consideration, focus, screen time and quality of storytelling to Carson and Max. They did it right.

    So, if that isn't clear from fandom response - that Max was a co-protagonist- that's a failure on fandom.

    Queer Black women and enbys, this show is very much for us, too. It's not all queer Black trauma and pain, either. There's plenty of joy for us here and love ❤️

    A League of Their Own (2022) is so fucking special because the queerness was not tokenized at all. So much care and time went into depicting how queer women can still be queer even if they're feminine or masculine or what race they are or what kind of background they come from. And from what the creative team has said so far, it also seems like a TON of research went into making sure that they told the stories of what queer people (and queer women more specifically) would have gone through at that time, both the good and the bad. It just makes me happy, to see this sort of show existing.

    Listen. We need to talk about Maybelle Fox for a moment.

    Maybelle, who clocked Jo as queer from jump, literally heard Jo confirm that she was her "type" and still didn't hesitate to continue rooming with her all season bc Maybelle knew that Jo was still a safe person.

    Maybelle who is definitely from a rural and more conservative part of the world (she talks about showing hogs at the Hee-Haw county fair), who tells Shirl to just accept people as they are.

    Maybelle who is the hardest partying member of the team bc she's a mother of multiple children and this probably the closest thing she's had to a vacation for most, if not all, of her adult life.

    Maybelle, whose pep talk is about her tits and how they're the best.

    Maybelle, who as a straight woman apparently has a better gaydar than Lupe.

    And most importantly, for this moment:

    Shirl: [Greta's] probably queer too.

    Maybelle: 👀👀👀 Well....

    Maybelle Fox is just a gleeful ally/den mother who is out here drinking it up and knitting in the background, knowing full well she is not the main character and happy as a duck in water about it.