Summer just started and I was excited to have some fun and get back to my gardening job at the hotel my uncle runs. My uncle said one section of the hotel should be curated to perfection because apparently a famous guest was going to check in at the Vip villa we had. I loved doing gardening at that section but it’s a huge land so It took me a while, I had to go back to do the final touches and my uncle said the special guest has checked in early. I had no idea who the person was, I thought it was some rich kid from a billionaire family. I went on to the garden to do my work and sitting on the rock base….WAS JUSTIN DREW BIEBER! I’m a very huge fan and that shocked me so much I had to go back inside and just scream! I composed myself and went back to work and realized the last patch of gardening work was right under where he was sitting! I wondered around, examined him bit by bit and got the courage to go there and do my trimmings. He looked amazing, white tee, shorts and some white vans with white socks. He was looking so dominant, he was in a call and just being so bossy, it was a real turn on! He finally saw me and just gave a nod and a simple smile, I did the same, I knew he did not like fans wanting pics with him and all so I just kept on working. His laptop was on a browser and he got up suddenly to get a bottle of water and the macbook dropped, I caught it before he fell and…the browser was on pornhub, he was watching a slave worshipping his master’s feet. I was so shocked! I knew a bit about that stuff but like seen it for the first time and from Justin Bieber’s macbook was surreal. I was trying to clean the macbook a bit because it got dirt from my hands, and I was so focused on the video that I did not even notice him. He coughed and I came back into my sense and he was looking at me surprised and I apologized and gave him back the macbook. It was a very awkward few minutes. I went back to work, I was still under him, his shoes a few inches away from me and suddenly, he took his shoes off. His white socks were bare, sweat patches near the toes, and a smell came, I realized, I liked it, that it even gave me and instant boner. I could not resist, he was moving his feet left and right and the smell was emitting more and spreading onto my nose so much, I loved it. I went closer to him, I looked up, and he was looking straight at me, our eyes locked. The next thing you know, he draws a big gulp of his saliva and spits right in my face. I sat on the ground, I was speechless, I could not move, his spit was dripping from my nose onto my lips, I could taste him and I hear the words “Swallow that saliva” and I did, right after he said that. I was in awe, It felt like I was under his control. When I snapped out of it and realized what was happening I got suddenly kicked in the face with his socked foot and he pressed his damp white socked feet in my nose, deepy, and the next thing I was doing was inhaling that amazing masculine scent like it was just my only source of oxygen. I was under his spell, smell. I started by grabbing both of his feet and smelling his toes, the white socked was damp from his sweat, now dry, emitting a rank smell that was just amazing to me. I kept on smelling them, sniffing them, till my lungs were filled with his amazing scent. He told me to stop making noise because he was in a call. I removed one sock and started sucking on his big toe, slowly and deeply not making any sound. He put the phone on speaker and started talking with someone. He started spitting in my face, my mouth was open for his amazing spit. I was drinking so much of it. He told me to stop and go away. I went away, I could still smell his scent through my nose, I went to the bathroom and started jerking off and came in like 20 seconds. When I came back, he left, I’ve never seen him again. I always think that did not happen, like it was just a fantasy, but he left his sock for me. I smell it every night before going to be.

    Justin Bieber feet at home 😍😍😍

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    Justin offers a blowjob in the car.I could suck him his cock for hours in the car and lick his sexy feet 😍😍😍

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    Daddy Cristiano bulge 😍😍😍

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