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seonghwa and hongjoong own my entire heart

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2021-01-07 21:29:29

    Techno, who just finished killing 20+ people with a hound army and some fireworks, destroyed almost every single government on the server, spawned so many withers that there are holes in the ground that reach bedrock, teamed with both his bff and the biggest asshole on the server (who let it literally rain tnt on L’Mannberg) :


    wheres the gif of link opening a treasure chest barefoot and he kicks like an idiot it and hurts himself its so goddam funny


    it’s like what were you expecting lmao


    Have u seen what happens when u crouch and open a chest from the side


    No I have not what happens when u crouch and open a chest from the side


    i tried it in my game and made it a gif for your convenience


    He is the HERO of TIME

    Not the SMART of STUFF


    Botw Link is feral and you cannot convince me otherwise


    theres a reason his triforce is courage and not wisdom

    it's interesting to me how george and dream are open about the opposite things

    because on one hand you have george, whose main selling point is his face so that's what he shows all the time. but in turn won't tell us anything else about his life, not even his pets' names. majority of the information you have on him are from stories told by his friends or from things you've pieced together on your own, rarely from things he's said himself. he rides on the pretty boy wave and by the time you realize you know nothing about him, you've already been distracted by the occasional funny quip and the soft boy image

    and on the other you have dream, the king of oversharing, just constant anecdotes about his life, youtube, his boundaries. nobody can forget the piss tweet. he values transparency and honesty which reflects on the way he interacts with his fans. he's the spokesperson of the dream team. he's expressive and open with his emotions and you can hear all of his little quirks. this all paints a very vivid picture of who he is as a person. and you feel like the only thing you don't know about him is what he looks like

    it's just a strange juxtaposition, an unexpected complement of their dynamic