Ruth "Bambie" Mariah Perkins

NSFW. I am a MTF Transgender Warrior Princess by day, and total submissive sissy slut nights and weekends. I am pansexual, and this is my collection of favorite tumblr pics, posts, and blogs. My Avatar photo is the real me.  The Goddess Dita Von Teese is everything I want to be when I become a woman so her gorgeous photos are heavily featured. Send me a message if you are ever in Denver Colorado USA.

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2022-05-24 06:33:00

    A Little Bit Goes a Long Way

    I have discovered that a little bit of girliness every day goes a long way to making me feel more in touch with Candie.  It might be something as little as shaving the hair off the back side of my hands (hair there is gross btw), dabbing a small bit of perfume on the wrists, or wearing a feminine bracelet or watch. 

    There are some things that are mainstays for me, meaning that they are every day or almost every day.  Almost every pair of shoes I own are women’s.  I keep at least my upper legs shaven along with torso and arm pits.  I now use a girly lotion frequently.  And of course, I work out out 5-6 days a week, even if it’s just stretching, and I always dress feminine for my workouts.

    There is also disposition, gestures, voice inflection, and posture.  Creating more feminine movements requires developing habits.  So, it’s always nice to practice on those things daily.

    In the end, it’s a matter of giving your girliness a chance to breathe.  It might seem forced at first, but it will eventually become natural to you.

    Cheers to you, my girly boy friends!