SPH and Cuckold

Just a bunch of stuff I’d like to share with you, baby. My twisted fantasies, exposed for you to see. There may be a couple of things you’re surprised by. Mostly it’s stuff I’ve shared with you freely. Thank you for indulging me,

my bizarre fantasies and my little dick. I love you, my beautiful wife! Note: This is for adults only and almost all of the material has been reposted from other blogs.#sph, #cuckold, #hotwife, #small dick

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2021-11-27 15:55:38

    LADIES, PLEASE READ THIS…..the psychology of guys with small dicks is much different than you probably think. By the time a Small dick Guy is around 30 he has probably embraced his small cock And is quite happy with it. If a Guy is less than 7 Inches he almost definitely considers himself small. He doesn’t wish he was bigger AND he DOES NOT want you to tell him he’s “big” or “his size is fine for you” etc…..he absolutely would prefer to hear you lovingly tease him for being small. Being teased for being small is a major turn on for small guys….his favorite fantasy probably is picturing you with a really well hung guy. So don’t ruin that fantasy by telling him you wouldn’t want that….he wants to hear you talk about wanting a big cock. He wants to hear you tell him that the guys you fantasize about have really big cocks. So be your small dick man’s dream girl and share that fantasy with him….he will want you even more for doing it!


    Worth a reshare


    Absolutely, baby!


    All but One Miss xx


    describes me perfectly


    Let’s see…

    Penis - avg

    Lack of confidence - sometimes

    Eats own cum—I am trying to do it more often, I really want to be able to do it every time.

    Wears lingerie - when I am able to. Love stockings and panties

    Premature Ejac - not a problem

    Cuckold fantasies - I used to, now more stag fantasies. I want to watch my partner getting fucked while I masturbate.

    Virginity - took until my 20s

    Gay thoughts - not attracted to men, but want to suck a trans girl’s cock

    Aroused by humiliation - I am aroused at reading and seeing it but don’t actually want to be humiliated, well maybe sometimes.


    These all describe me except I am not a virgin.


    Can you guess how many, baby?