The Confession Song Lyrics Plus Translation

    Iss-chan-ha naega hal-mal-i i-sseo

    Listen, I have something to say

    Iss-chan-ha naega no-reul cho-a-hae

    Listen, I like you

    i-mankeum i-mankeum i-mankeum i-mankeum

    This much, this much, this much, this much

    naega no-reul cho-a-hae

    I like you

    (I haven’t been studying Korean for that long so please don’t take this as the korean bible LOL)


    what a boyfriend look


    @bxngtxnfluffandotherstuff going on day trips with tae. taking a random train and just seeing where it takes you. because no matter where you go it will be perfect. since its with him. and he makes every day an adventure. 


    @lets-go-north I’ve had about enough out of you, madam. aish. always trying to kill me, I see.


    If TAE took me on a random train to see where it took me,I would have been like "you better remember the way back,we ain't gonna be lost,bring the map bitch"