Commission of John and Mick (my OC couple) by Jhitoart. 

    I love how he captured the connection these two characters have in this pic (they are best friends/detective partners who turn into lovers/a couple). So much is conveyed just through how Jhito did their expressions.  I can’t express how much I love this piece of my two characters. 

    He’s an amazing bara artist, be sure to follow him on twitter:

    I thought this blog was gone. I thought it was dead.  It’s not ALL lost after all...but what now?

    So, I thought this blog was dead, like irreplaceable. I had appealed during the great purge but to no avail, that was back in November, so I finally decided to make another blog to follow artists and share my OCs again, and link people to my my blog is back, and I’m VERY confused.  It’s still blocked from sight, but to my followers, you can find me more active these days on my twitter:

    AND my new blog for my Bara-Detective OCs:  

    Still not sure how I feel about tumblr’s shenanigans. It’s pissed me off royally. 

    My/John’s Birthday.

    Today is both my and my OC Jonathan County’s birthday. Detective County is one of the two main “bara detective” characters form my story/serial novel “The Blind Dick”.

    Expect some reblogs of him and his big boyfriend/partner Mick Wolf today.