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    Trans men who want kids are still men. Trans men who get pregnant are still men Trans men who try to get pregnant because they want children and their partner can’t carry are still men Trans men who don’t discover that they’re men until after they already have kids are still men.

    Wanting to or choosing to have kids doesn’t invalidate your gender.

    I Pooped In My Pull-Ups While Riding My Bike

    This happened Saturday morning. I was wearing a pull-up diaper under a blue jean skirt with a green tank top. It hat been a few hours since I’d eaten a bowl of chili for breakfast. I was riding my bike around my neighborhood when I felt a strong urge to take a poop. I turned toward home so I could have some privacy while pooping. When I got inside my home, however, the urge was so great that I could no longer hold it. I parked the bike, put my hands on my knees, relxed my anus, and I began farting and pooping. “Oh, that feels good,” I thought while I was farting and pooping. After five minutes, I stopped farting and pooping. I went up to my bedroom, raised the back of my skirt, looked in the mirror, and found a bulge the size of a baseball in the back of my diaper. I decided to remain in my poopy diaper.

    This is out of character I know. I’d prefer not to post scatty stuff like this. But last night I became aware that https://diaperbutts69.tumblr.com is now using a friend’s face and pretending to be her in tumblr messages and god knows where else on the web or chat apps. He’s asking other girls to show him their pictures in return. I hope this message is read, and that it wasn’t a worthless break of my low profile scat trend just for publicity. Since he hi-jacked https://daddys-pekingese.tumblr.com ‘s pictures and my friend helped to accumulate evidence against him, he’s now in revenge going for the jugular and using the only photo she sent him before she knew about the fraudulence. And I’m sure he’ll try to get revenge on me somehow next. As for the picture, I clearly didn’t make it out of the house :/ Please share to spread this message and please keep the text; help us to take down this monstrous, predatory identity thief x

    Another walk from bluebell time earlier in May. I was a bit worried about how transparent the leggings were. I’m giving up on pull ups I think. If I wet them first, as I did this day quite badly, they loose all ability to absorb anymore and when I have the main accident it stains through almost as badly as if I were just wearing pants. Which I was wearing, on top, under tights aswell. So I’ve ordered some Tena Slips to try out a full sized diaper sort of thing. The problem is that will mean no more leggings. I’m sure it’ll be too poofy and obvious underneath. Possibly jeans. I’ll experiment. If it wasn’t for wee and longer walks, I think I’d always prefer just natural pants. But it’ll be interesting to finally try an actual diaper.

    There isn’t a huge amount to report about this one. I didn’t go anywhere super public. I was definitely seen when I started out at a town park at lunch time when all the workers and college students were out. But it would have just been a suspicious bulge. The wetting happened on the way to, and at the park toilet when I realised it was closed. And then the urge to poop came on in force and I lost control soon afterwards while still standing outside the toilets. I tried to act naturally but my legs were tightly crossed a lot and I felt self conscious standing like that outside closed toilets. People could see me quite easily. The four day mess happened quickly at the peak of a rather desperate wave. It made a muffled slopping sound and the smell hit very quickly so I didn’t hang around and set off for the car. It felt quite mushy, dangerous and extremely warm. I remember on the way back a group of office workers were behind me but not too close. I also remember getting some double take looks from a few students. But I felt back and the leggings weren’t wet to the touch. That happened when I had to drive to the hill and then to bluebells. The car smelled utterly disgusting. I had to be very careful sitting down. And recently I had a bad overflow of the back waist band. A total disaster if you’re out.

    The weather was beautiful and perhaps too hot but after the hill, when I’d driven to bluebells, it was pure serenity. Not very crowded and I felt like I had the whole forest to wonder around in while in a catastrophic mess, without the worry of excessive shame. I took various pictures but I think the locations I post are the best backgrounds. Sorry if you’re getting bored of the same scenery, but there are more to come :/ 

    Recently I’ve been very active. Perhaps once a week throughout June and July. Huge sports event. Large country fair. Numerous shopping centre’s. I’ll write up the elevator one next. I think that was probably the most extreme level I’ve ever taken it to. I doubt I’ll do that again… 

    Happy pooping x

    Some leggings photos. I haven’t been on many walks lately, apart from one, but the photo’s were rubbish. I walked the length of a highstreet in bulging jeans, smelling quite terribly. I’ve no idea if anyone noticed. But anyway, these are from the previous three years. The oldest one is with the black handbag. The rest are from last year and the misty one was from late 2015. I posted that as it’s what I looked like in my profile pic, which is rather silhouetted against the sunbeams.

    I’ll explain a few of them. The one in the mirror was at a supermarket late last year. It was small, badly planned and happened just after the check-outs. I’d been feeling weird, like really gassy, and nearly chanced it at the checkouts. Thankfully I didn’t and gave up on the way to the toilets instead. It was alarmingly hot and runny and quietly just shot out of me creating an immediate sense of panic. I wasn’t wearing much extra protection either so it felt like a fairly legit accident. I didn’t hang around for long as it smelled disgusting; it stained immediately and I felt slightly shocked at how watery it was. I had to tie my leather jacket around me on the way out which would have looked weird.

    The other one’s in light blue leggings were during the summer last year and were taken on quiet woodland walks, without many witnesses apart from maybe in the carpark and a few walkers at distance, but they were huge and incredibly relieving.

    I was wearing disposables/pull ups in the checked leggings photo. The bulge is ridiculous and you can tell that they aren’t protected all the way up to the back waistband. That one was huge too and I remember it happened when there were people riding horses about. They would have certainly seen the bulge but I don’t think anything had stained yet.

    Anyway, update. I’m looking forward to spring as walks and photography creep back into my life. I’ve been pretty down for the previous few months but it’s beginning to lift. It comes and goes. I think it was just winter; as cosy as it is with lovely log fires, it just drags and has a measurable effect on my state of mind. I think it’s the same for a lot of people. But spring has nearly sprung finally yayy! I’ve nearly had the blog for a year now so thanks to everyone for reading about my lefter than leftfield habit and not annihilating me for it xxx

    I’ll try to take better pictures this year :)

    I Pooped In My Depends Diaper After Mowing Lawn

    This happened this morning. It had been fourteen hours since I’d eaten four chili dogs for dinner in the hope of making myself have a bowel movement. I was wearing a Depends diaper under blue jean shorts with a pink sport bra and black heels. I had just finished mowing my lawn when I felt a rumble in my bowels, which I immediately realized to be the effects of my dinner. I went into my bedroom, removed my shorts, got in front of my mirror, and put my hands on my thighs. I relaxed my anus, and I began farting as I started releasing a load of soft, warm, smelly poop into the back of my diaper. “Oh, that feels good,” I thought as I was farting and pooping. I stopped farting and pooping after five minutes, at which point I looked in my mirror and found a bulge the size of a baseball in the back of my diaper. I decided to remain in my poopy diaper.