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    Matt Falling in line.

    John has been coming over 3-4 times a week most times it during lunch sometimes he brings Sam or someone else. Once a week it usually for dinner.  I make dinner for him and Matt and usually I’m just in pumps and apron.  Depending on how much time for lunch sometime it just a quick blowjob and the occasional time he spends the entire afternoon.  We fuck on the bed,  in the hot tub, the kitchen.  Anywhere John wants.  I keep my pussy shaved smooth now every morning in the shower John and his friends love it.  Plus he likes to spread my pussy lips and all all over my bare pussy then making Matt lick it all up.  Last Saturday morning I went to get a pedicure it usually takes about an hour.  As soon as I sat in the chair and Coco started in my feet the phone rang. It was John, he was asking where I was I told him i was at the manicurist.  He then told me that him and Sam stopped by my house to get a blowjob and some pussy before the went to their club to golf.  I told John I could get there for about hour and he was not happy.  He said they wanted their cocks sucked before the golfed.  John was not happy he then said well I at least need my cock sucked.  The I heard him yell in the background “Matt get the fuck over here”.  I could here him telling Matt he was not happy that I was not home. He then put the phone on speaker.  He told Matt that he was not leaving until he got his cock sucked and then told Matt to get his fucking clothes off and get oh his knees.  He then told Matt to get started and suck his cock.  Then all I heard was John saying how much better Matt is getting sucking cock.  He then told Matt to suck Sams cock and lick him ball.  John kept telling m exactly what Matt was doing sucking cock,  licking Sams balls,  right to the end when Sam shot his load deep in Matt throat. I could hear john telling Matt to get on his cock now.  I was getting so horny i wanted to be there.  All i could do on the phone was listen has my husband sucked his boss and my lovers cock. After John shop he loaded he told me how good Matt is getting that he is becoming a real cock sucking slut.  After Coco was done i ran to my car and as soon as i was in the car my hand went right to my wet pussy.  I Was so happy when i get home to see Johns car still in the driveway.  I got into the house and hear then in the yard.  John and Sam were in the hot tub with some beers and Matt was at the BBQ in just one of my girly aprons.  I walk up to Hot tub and took my dress off and got into the hot tub with john and Sam and gave them both kiss.  The both started kissing me and grabing and licking my breast and pussy.  John was so hard that i couldn’t wait I sat right on this cock in the hot tub I fucked him until i came twice on his cock Then i could see him getting close I kissed him deeply as he shot his load into my married pussy.  Sam  was next and he fucked me doggie cuming inside me.  After that Matt was finished cooking, we all got out and sat around naked while we ate.  After we finsihed I told Matt to clean up and that we were going up to bedroom.  John and Sam fucked me for the next hour.  After John cam the last time all over my pussy he called up MAtt and told him to clean all the cum out or and around my pussy.  Matt licked me clean as John and Sam kissed me and then went downstairs got dressed and left.  And you know what they never got to golf that day.  Lucky me.

    Guess the Taste

    I have played this a few times with John, Sam and others,  where I had to guess the cock I was sucking or fucking.  To be honest I actually do pretty well.  But Thursday night was different.  John, Sammy and Mark came over and I thought I was going to have a nice gang bang but this time it was different.  We all went up to my bedroom and all of us including Matt got naked. John then said we are going to play a game and I thought oh yes I’m going to get fucked good today.  John then told me to get my blindfold and he told Matt to get on his knees.  Once Matt got on his knees as he was told Mark went behind Matt and put handcuffs on him. With me still standing in front of Matt, John told him the rules of the game.  John looked at Matt and said “Since you have been cleaning everyone cum out of your wife’s pussy and even some straight from the cock we are going to play a game”. He then said “ We are going to take turns fucking your wife and after each one cums in or on your wife you are going to lick and taste the cum and tell her who fucked her.”  He then told me to put the blindfold on Matt and for Matt to give me pussy a kiss.  I went to the bed and John stood in front of me and I took his cock in my mouth getting him nice and hard.  Once he was hard he put me on my back lifted my legs up and started fucking me nice and hard.  After I came once John filled my pussy with a nice big load.   Sammy grabbed Matt and mad in walk on his knees to my pussy.  John then said to Matt “taste that cum lick it up good and tell me who’s cum it is” Matt lick it all up and then said it was Sam’s cum.  John didn’t tell him if he was wrong just told him to get back in the corner and Sammy came over to fuck me next.  Sammy is such a great fuck not as big as John but he knows how to use his cock.  As he was getting close to cum he pulled out and tuned me around and jerked off all over my face and breast.  John told Matt to comes over to me and Matt licked my face and I rubbed my breast all over his face so he had cum all over his face.  Matt guess wrong again as he guessed it was John.  Mark was next, he is one of the smaller cocks but has a huge load.  He fucked me and I came all over his cock.  When he got closer he whispered in my Ear he wanted to do something to Matt. I call For Matt to come over and I guess Matt thought he came.  He was on his knees next to the bed.  Mark pull out of me and I turned around and grabbed his hard cock.  I told Matt to open is mouth and keep it open.  A few jerks on Marks cock and he came all over Matt open mouth and his face.  IT was so much that it dripped out of Matt mouth.  I took my fingers and scooped it all up and put it back in Matt mouth. Matt said he changed his pick and said that had to be johns cum.  Wrong again. John them told Matt he was wrong on all 3 picks and he is going to have to start giving more blowjobs and then he told him since he lost the game he will have to pay.  He went over to Sammy and Mark and said something to them. They both went over to Matt and grabbed him by the arms and threw him on the bed on his back.  They grabbed his legs wide and that when I thought that they were going to take his ass instead John pulled out an electric razor and showed it to me.  It said manscaped on it and John moved over between Matt legs and started shaving all around his cock and his balls. He told Matt not move because he didn’t want to cut him. He was almost done when he handed it to me and told me to try it.  I used it on Matt balls and I guess the vibration got to him and he started to get hard.  John told me to finish it all up.  When I was finished Matt was completely bald like me.  To be honest him shaved like that and how small is he it reminded me of a he was so small and bald.  John said he felt bad and told me to jerk off that cock which he now calls Matt clit. As I jerked him off John told him to let Me know when he was about to cum.  When he as about to cum John told me to stop and it was so funny Matt tiny little cock twitched and pumped in to the air and he came.  The 3 guys all laughed, and I guess I did too.  They then moved Matt over to the side of the bed and John, Sam, and Mark used me for the next 2 hours on my bed with Matt still on the edge of the bed.  I don’t know how many times I came.  After the were done they all kissed me goodbye then they uncuffed Matt and then all left.   I cant wait for this game again.