This is for the TERFs.

    Being trans is real.

    Suck it up and admit that it’s not a binary, and that your feminism must include the experiences of trans women and trans men, whom you actively vilify. You are not fighting for women or to protect people who experience misogyny. You’re fighting for the right to be cruel because you’re angry at how you’ve been treated. That anger is justified, but aiming it at trans people is just one more form of what was done to you.

    Trans rights are human rights.


    Epigenetic changes are changes that an organism makes to their own DNA or how it expresses, over the course of its life, that can be transmitted to offspring. Epigenetic changes are currently being studied in trans people. Are aspects of transness biological? Well since your brains are made of meat, I’d say so. It is either written in by reality or by you. Either way, it exists, and it is written in your very cells.

    Denying this is transparently bigoted.


    And as I said in another post to one such TERF, we shouldn’t argue with loved experience. They clearly exist, and if it turned out there was no biological component whatsoever…who the fuck cares.

    They experience the world differently.

    Respect it and shut up.


    Thing is, and I'm sorry, but they don't care. They just don't care. Gender critical thinkers will always tout their grade school level biology education as if it's fact.

    And I think this is where we need to be critical of science and where the line between opinions, facts, and misinformation lies.

    Moreover, I think it really highlights a gap in education that we need to address. Lessons need to really illustrate to students that this is incomplete knowledge.

    Students need to be made aware that what they're being taught is very much a simplified and piecemeal version of the whole story, that is made to give them the gist of how things actually work.

    We also need to teach that science is an ongoing and ever evolving thing that can be proven wrong later on. And that science can also be used for misinformation.

    This is why the woman in the video cited several reliable sources.

    TERFs and other gender critical people do not care about the real facts. They don't care about the real studies. The way they think is very linear and two dimensional in that there is no nuance to ideas.

    These people want the world to be black and white, with very few shadea of grey. Those shades of grey typically end up being excuses to explain not so good things.

    They don't want to be accepting of trans people because they don't see us as equal human beings for whatever their reasons may be, and they will use any excuse to get rid of us.

    The entire universe could come out and say "Trans rights for all" and the TERFs would say "Well the universe is wrong."

    Stop trying to convince them. Stop acknowledging their existence. Forget about them. Shrug when people mention them. The more they're ignored the less say they have. Eventually they'll fade into obscurity, sitting in their little holes in the corners of the internet, ranting at each other about us evil trans people.

    If they want hate to consume them, then so be it. That's their right. But I'll be over here with my friends having fun.


    You’ve missed the purpose of this kind of vocal dissent.

    Arguing with them isn’t about convincing them you’re right. We know they won’t change.

    It’s to prevent any people on the fence from falling onto the bad side, to reinforce and shore up our fellows who might be weakening or tiring. The purpose of vocal dissent is to create a barrier, to pen in the enemy, and force them to exist in obvious hypocrisy, so that their illegitimacy can be seen by any and all who look on.

    We must all do this always. Not to change them. To keep us right.