In the early 90’s, for some unknown reason, President Clinton and Attorney General Janet Reno had diverted massive national resources away from foreign threats and inward toward any and all pro-freedom, pro-religion organizations and citizens. The two most well-known of the thousands of fatal incidents wer<>e RUBY RIDGE and Waco.

    Randy Weaver was a typical American dad. He had a loving family, including his wife Vicky, one son named Sam and three daughters including a ten-month old baby. Like millions of other Americans, they were simple people who just wanted to be left alone. The family lived in a beautiful rural Idaho area called Ruby Ridge. For 18 months, various federal police agencies repeatedly intimidated Randy in an attempt to get him to work as an infiltrator for them to spy on the slew of religious, racial or separatist organizations popping up all over the American northwest.

    Weaver repeatedly declined. When Weaver continued to refuse, the agents suddenly turned their fury on him and his family. Randy Weaver had a history of being a law-abiding citizen but the government was watching his every move and he knew it.

    After claiming Weaver owned a sawed-off shotgun was too short by a quarter-inch, federal agents sent Randy Weaver a summons to court. But his notice, either on purpose or by accident, included the wrong court date. When Weaver didn’t show up, federal authorities went to his home to arrest him. Dozens of federal paramilitary agents, camouflaged and heavily armed, crept through the bushes and trees surrounding the Weaver home.

    The Weaver’s dog sensed the agents and sounded the alarm. 14-year-old Sammy Weaver and the dog went running ahead through the brush, the dog came upon a US Marshal who shot the dog dead and a terrified 14-year-old Sammy Weaver was fatally shot in the back while running back to his parents.

    Federal agents publicly mutilated the family’s dog to vent their anger and terrorize the Weavers. FBI snipers Lon Horiuchi and Dale Monroe also took every opportunity to shoot members of the Weaver family. Randy’s friend Kevin Harris just happened to be visiting on that fateful day and both he and Randy had each been shot at least once by the snipers. In fact, all males present including 14-year-old Sammy had been shot. The only ones not shot yet were the mother, two young daughters and the newborn baby.

    Agents admittedly devised a plan to eliminate the person they believed was responsible for the family not surrendering – mom Vicky Weaver. As Vicky stood in the doorway of the cabin, unarmed and holding her newborn baby in her arms, Monroe and Horiuchi carried out their assignment and murdered her, covering the baby and one daughter in their mother’s blood.

    Lon Horiuchi would go on to drive one of the chemical-weapons-spewing tanks that murdered the dozens of children at Waco, Texas shortly after. Dale Monroe, as we all just learned, has gone to work for a firearms corporation. Both men have spent the last 20 years standing by their actions and insisting they would do it again.

    Hey Lon, Dale, I would like to have a word with u

    There is only one thing I’d like to make sure is clear to anyone reading this great account of the events that came to be known as Ruby Ridge- an undercover FBI agent convinced Randy to sell him a shotgun, then proceeded to mark the barrel and begged Randy to cut it. Once cut, the rest of the story unfolded as @teamvoorhees2 described. Randy’s wife and son were murdered due to entrapment and lies.

    It doesnt mean there’s room for you in an ICU. There may not even be room for you in a hospital hallway.

    All it means is that your state’s government is ready to let you die for the sake of corporate profits.

    p.s. The long term health ramifications for those who recover doesn’t look all that hot either.

    Our hospital is empty, they’ve laid off 40% of our staff. The doctors who weren’t laid off all took 20% pay cuts. Our food banks are running on fumes, there’s no work. Our little city is dying and people like you are fucking retarded. My best friend has lost his barbershop. A shop he was homeless for years to open and run. My brother and sister are out of work, my girlfriend is out of work. The vast majority of everyone I know is out of work. The big corporations you claim to hate have been open the entire fucking time you stupid bastard. They aren’t taking a hit. People want the states to open back up because the state has crippled them.


    Not only are the giant corporations not taking a lose, theyre getting record profits. You cannot be anti corporations and pro shutdown.

    Self proclaimed liberal leftist hates working class people and jacks it to corporations while pretending to hate them on social media for woke points, color me shocked.

    Places like Amazon and Wall Mart have actually seen growth and hired more people. This has been exceedingly good for their businesses since it killed the bulk of their competition.

    The Nordic countries pretty much have a capitalist free market system with heavy government ownership of natural resource extraction. All saddled with a massive redistributionist welfare state that requires massive tax rates on everyone to support. It kinda worked for a while due to a mostly homogeneous culture with a strong work ethic. But now it is beginning to crumble from it’s own weight and economic realities. No country ever got wealthy through socialism. They all got wealthy through capitalism and then adopted socialist structures and are losing that wealth.

    More details:


    The only examples they have of “socialism” that didn’t end in genocides or mass starvation are capitalist countries. There’s a lesson in that somewhere.

    <>No country ever got wealthy through socialism. They all got wealthy through capitalism and then adopted socialist structures and are losing that wealth.

    Questions we should demand “socialists” answer:

    - What is it about socialism that makes it good in some places and disastrous in others?

    - If you are going to argue that impoverished socialist countries are not practicing “real socialism” (or “real communism”), what is it about those countries that is not truly socialist, and what is it about the countries you point to as examples of socialism that makes them truly socialist?

    - If you are going to backtrack every time someone points out the problems with socialism and say something along the lines of “That’s not what I mean by socialism! I don’t really want state ownership of the means of production! I just want better public housing and healthcare!” - if, essentially, actual socialism is not what you mean when you say “socialism” - why do you keep using that word?

    Also denmark, sweden, finland, and norway aren’t socialist countries. There free market capitalist countries. Hell Sweden is one of the largest manufacturers of firearms. They even called out Bernie Sanders for calling them such. I swear socialists are fucking thick.

    In March of 2016, a Russian special forces officer ordered an air strike on himself after becoming surrounded by ISIS militants in Syria.

    Senior Lieutenant Alexander Prokhorenoko, 25, had been tasked with guiding Russian air strikes on Isis targets during the advance on Palmyra. The city – which was known for its ancient ruins – had been overrun by ISIS in May of 2015 and became the backdrop for a number of grim execution videos.

    However, on the 17th of March, 2016, Prokhorenoko became surrounded by militants. He quickly became low on ammunition as he attempted to hold off the gunfire. He ordered an air strike on himself, stating: “Conduct the airstrike now, please hurry.” He was ordered to move to safety before the air strike but said that he couldn’t.

    “I am surrounded. They are outside. I don’t want them to take me and parade me. Conduct the airstrike, they will make a mockery of me and this uniform. I want to die with dignity and take all these bastards with me. Please, my last wish, conduct the airstrike, they will kill me either way,” he said.

    In his last communication, he said: “This is the end commander, thank you. Tell my family and my country I love them. Tell them I was brave and I fought until I could no longer. Please take care of my family, avenge my death, goodbye commander, tell my family I love them.”

    Ten days later, ISIS was driven out of the city. Prokhorenoko’s body was returned home after the Kremlin co-ordinated with Kurdish forces to recover and repatriate his body. Vladimir Putin awarded him the title of Hero of the Russian Federation “for courage and heroism in the performance of his military duties.”

    <>Tales of Ba Sing Se: Iroh’s Tale

    Aka: All the tear

    the man we needed but not deserved

    If I have to feel this pain again, so do you.

    I’ve been thinking about this during my self-imposed exile, but no one said thank you to Iroh for his kindness!!!

    It says in Honor of Mako because this was dedicated to Iroh’s original voice actor Makoto Iwamatsu who passed away during season 2.

    He was a fantastic man.