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    i learned that in August 2014 Women’s Voices for the Earth commissioned testing of four types of Always menstrual pads, manufactured by Procter & Gamble. The certified laboratory STAT Analysis Corporation analyzed the products for volatile organic compound.

    “The results of the testing indicate that both scented and unscented Always pads emit toxic chemicals, including chemicals identified by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services National Toxicology Program, the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, and the State of California Environmental Protection Agency as carcinogens, and reproductive and developmental toxins. None of these chemicals are disclosed on the product by the manufacturer. (x)


    I switched to dye free fancy cotton pads, after years of having periods so fucking bad I would sometimes faint, and now i just get like. regular cramps occasionally, they’re not even that bad anymore.


    i switched back to these after using fancy organic cotton pads during my most recent period & they caused PROBLEMS out of the blue - 100% confirmed, these are not good to use


    been using thesereusable menstrual pads since november 2019 and im never going back to these commercial pads. commercial pads like these always gives me skin rashes which is so annoying. switch to reusable i swear you’ll not only be period-ready but also rashes-free!

    psa they also have a starter pack in case you want to switch and you dont know what to get and an xl size for plus sized women!




    Plus, there’s a study that showed that vagina are highly vascular so, basically, every chemical you put down there is absorbed by your body real fast and really well. In short, ditch tampon too.


    TAMPONS are dangerous frequently the direct cause of TSS  TOXIC SHOCK SYNDROME


    Yeah, reusable pads were one of my first major eco-friendly changes but my body has been way happier that way. They are infinitely more comfortable and effective, and I just throw them in my washing machine on the hand wash + extra rinse and hang dry. I can’t say being on your period is ever pleasant, but it’s way better than before - ESPECIALLY in situations where you can’t change as often - and I don’t feel like the harbinger of the end of the world when I look at my restroom trash can anymore :)


    I always buy generic brands but wasnt “always” the ones who were sending fucked up pads to women in africa just a few years ago too???? Fuck always brand.



    they now have a budget-friendly trial pack so you no longer have to worry which pad fits best for you. you can just buy the pack to get one pad of each size!!


    Could the fact that i use Always brand be the reason i get such bad cramps?? I must test this theory…


    Also, pads can take up to 800 years to decompose. Yikes.


    Cariona pads (link above) are AWESOME. Don’t knock it til you try it - I’ll never go back to always pads. My period is, like, manageable, for the first time in my life. It is no longer a struggle with excruciating cramps, heavy bleeding, leakage, and looooong periods, but like, mild to medium cramps, and I HAVE A CYCLE AGAIN for the first time in years. Try it. The upfront cost is daunting, I understand, because I was worried I wouldn’t like them, but I’m SO GLAD I got them. Just toss them in bottom of your shower when you take them off, shower as usual, and then squeeze them out. That basically rinses them for you, and then they’re all set for the washer and dryer. You’ll thank yourself later; give it a try.


    Why isn’t anyone talking about how cute the Cariona pads are? They look adorable tbh


    Cariona pads are amazing and they are SO cute. Like @maybeitsfinallytime was saying, they’re really easy to rinse out, and I usually hang them over my shower rod to dry so I can reuse them during the cycle, then give them a proper wash in hot water with a little sanitizing detergent afterwards.


    Here’s to trying some. I even bought the animal crossing variety! Maybe I’ll never worry about running out of pads again? Who knows? I’ll update when I’ve tried them.


    For people who menstruate 🩸….


    UPDATE: I just ordered the trial pack. I personally have a lot of problems with excruciating cramps my cycle being consistent, especially in recent months after losing weight and medications and such. Hopefully these work well/help because I always feel guilty about the amount of waste normal pads create


    Due to when the reusable pads I ordered arrived I ended up switching literally in the middle of my last period and the difference was instant, I’ve gotten really bad cramps for as long as I can remember and still did the first half this time around but I didn’t cramp at all wearing the reusable pads. I highly recommend the switch.


    I bought the cariona pads too and oh my gosh. The difference. I went from painful cramps and headaches to just mild cramps for like a day. They are so easy to use and so comfortable.


    Been saying this for years and people thought I was crazy, it definitely affects us women and we should have a say in how these things are manufactured.


    hi these are the reusable pads i use and while they do slide around a little bit, i haven’t once gotten throbbing sensitive skin around my vulva or shooting pains down my legs since using them. i used to think that was a part of having my period but now i’m convinced it was from the pads and tampons i was using. not to mention i save tons of money on disposables.


    I’m definately going to try and save up for some of the reusable pads. My cramps have been terrible all my life and all I’ve ever used is always pads so that could very well be the reason for my bad cramps :/


    I’ve been on reusable pads since I had my child four years ago and they have been a game-changer! No more rashes or irritation, no more sweaty grossness, way fewer UTIs, no “it’s stuck to my pubic hair again” moments… My girl down there can just breathe and do her thing. 1000% recommended.


    Not just for women but for all people who have periods 💕


    Okay but like, this would be nice to know MUCH SOONER. I hate how ignorant we (people who menstrate) are unaware of crap like this.


    I’ve had cramps so painful I’ve been unable to go to work or school all because people can’t make pads without adding chemicals.  I’m buying reusable ones once my paycheck is in.


    I bought em. They work well.


    oh well, here goes nothing


    Been using these Cariona reusable pads for about two years now and even if it’s an expensive start-up cost, it’s worth it. No more spending money on pads and tampons at the store, no more cramping, smell or rash/irritation, they’re easy to take care of and the designs are awesome! So much more comfortable and healthier. I genuinely cannot rec these enough, PLEASE at least give these a chance.

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