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2018-12-18 23:36:05

    Tumblr Banning All Adult Content Starting December 17

    Tumblr has updated their terms of service and will be <>banning all adult blogs starting December 17. That means this blog and all associated blogs will be disabled and removed from public access soon.



    Obviously, I’m quite disappointed by this and the resulting loss of over 6 years of work building and maintaining this blog and its community. I will try to set up a mirror of the Anal Only Lifestyle blog in the coming weeks, but I expect that the porn blogs may be gone for good just due to the costs of hosting large amounts of image/video content.

    How Can I Stay Connected to the Anal Only Lifestyle Community?

    Fortunately, we’re far more than just these blogs! Our community is centralized at th<>e Anal Only Lifestyle Forum an<>d Discord serv<>er. Please join and bookmark these links in order to stay connected with this community and follow our next steps as we continue to build and grow the anal only community. In addition to discussion and realtime chat, the Discord server also has porn sharing sections.

    You can also find us on <>Twitter<> and <>Reddit<>.

    What Can I Do About My Own Blog?

    Tumblr lets you back up and download your blog. Go to your Blog Settings page for the blog in question, scroll to the bottom, click the Export button at the bottom, and wait for an email that notifies you it’s ready to be downloaded. If it’s a big blog, it might be a very large file—this blog was 25 GB!

    Alternatives to Tumblr

    This list will be updated as I find more alternatives. Please feel free to share any others with me.

  • <>Twitter<>
    This is an obvious alternative, and while it’s not the same as Tumblr, it has some similarities and can reach a wide audience. It does not have a built-in posting queue, though some third party tools may support that.
  • <>Reddit
    If you have a community, setting up a subreddit is an easy way to establish a public forum for it. Individual users can post content to their profile pages as well, though it lacks advanced features like a queue.
  • <>Fetlife<>
    A community for various adult/fetish topics and subcommunities. More of a Facebook-of-kink than a porn sharing platform.
  • <>Discord
    This is a realtime chat platform that allows you to set up your own server with different channels, with web, desktop, and mobile app support. Another great option for establishing a central community location. Allows the sharing of media as well as all sorts of other options.
  • <>bdsmlr<>
    This is a Tumblr clone explicitly created for adult content. It seems to still be in the early stages and is a bit clunky still, but has potential. It also lacks in users, currently, but I’m sure that will change before long!
  • <>pillowfort.io<>
    This is another Tumblr-like service in early development. At the time of this post it is offline and undergoing security updates, but keep checking in to see how it progresses.
  • <>Sharesome
    An adult platform for posting and sharing content. This has some Tumblr-like features, allowing the reposting of content, addition of your own comments and captions, and curation of custom topics. Doesn’t appear to support queueing.
  • <>Swarmr
    A Tumblr clone that allows NSFW content and supports multiple blogs per account. There aren’t a great deal of options yet, and it doesn’t seem to have much content, but that could change quickly if people join.
  • <>Humblr<>
    A Mastodon instance for porn sharing.
  • <>Minds
    A blockchain/crypto-based platform that allows posting and tagging adult content. Seems to have issues with searching adult tags, however, and doesn’t have a queue.
  • <>Blogr.xxx<>
  • <>Your own self-hosted website
    This is one of the safest options, though lacks the surrounding community to help with growth that a service like Tumblr has, so you’ll need to have somewhat of an established community already to migrate to your own platform, but it can be a great option to create a central hub for your followers and community members to base out of.
  • If I can get an adult version of something kinda like Tumblr up and running, would you guys be interested?

    Mostly same features but with extra features like…

    No bullying.

    No kids.

    No one under 18.

    Stronger blocking tools.

    All the female associated nipples you can handle.

    Please let me know and PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD!!!

    All genders and orientations would be welcomed.

    More like Tumblr and less like Fet.


    Go on…


    I’m interested

    Go on …

    Run with it! Sound idea


    Yes please!!

    Reblog this.

    More like Tumblr and less like Fet? Sign me up!

    Agreed! @crusoesampersand….. Tried Fet once, scared the beejeesus out of me…..

    Let us know how we can help

    For now, get the word out! I have the domain registered and the corporate site. I will reveal them here once they have propagated and I have something for you guys to see.



    @dominantlife has a plan!


    Someone is on to something!


    Just wondering how you are gonna manage servers and the payment of them? What’s the pricing model like? Could you elaborate..?

    Will be using cloud storage for the image content. I am not sure what the pricing model will look like. I want to have a free model and I am working on a way to achieve that. It will be damn hard to do, not impossible, but hard. If there are any developers here that want to help test, PLEASE send me a message. I plan to start testing on Wednesday of this week. HAIR ON FIRE TIME!