Spankings, The More It Hurts, The Better it Works!

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    I remember mine In EIndhoven at a spanking meeting. The spanker was a nice young German guy fro Aachen. He knew how to use the crop


    My advice to anyone who breaks in a spanking virgin is always to leave him wanting more, even if you underestimate his tolerance. My first adult spanking was at age 24 with a garrison belt. It ended too soon for me even though I had bruises in the morning.


    That should increase attendance and work ethic  at colleges and schools all over the place.  Imagine that the dean or VP or counsellor could give them a time slot to visit his house for their, “due and righteous punishment.”

    No guilt!  You’ve made a mistake, but your bare bottom has been paddled like mad so you’ve paid the price of that mistake.  The slate is cleared, clean.  Now you can carry on to success and other wonders and fun.  And if he messes up again, back for another visit, and another session with the paddle, possibly with the belt or razor strop to make sure you’ve learned the lesson even better this time.

    Still no guilt.  Mistake - Payment - All clear.  It’s a wonderful and sadly diminishing tradition and help.  It should be implemented widely, strongly, and often.  Do you agree?  Do you wish you could come here and get soundly paddled for your mistakes, to take away any remaining guilt?  It happens here all the time.


    note - I think these are from a sadly defunct studio Southern Spanking.  They did some phenomenal videos, usually involving straps and belts and paddles, including some of my favourites like where the lad tries to get away fishing when his Daddy discovers the chores aren’t done, so he’s ordered into the shed and then to bare his bottom and fetch the strap.  It’s a great video, not too polished and terribly realistic.  There’s another where two lads need punishment, so they both get the belt and then when that doesn’t seem to had enough effect, they reach for the strap and it paints their backsides almost purple.  A lad is caught smoking, another one in the wrong place at the wrong time … some greats.

    Unless, of course, this set doesn’t go with the others and I’m dead wrong.  If so, please let me know so I can share the information.  Thank you. PBT