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    the real “problem with political correctness” is not that it’s considered offensive to use slurs, but that there are now many “progressive” environments where saying the right things is more important than doing the right thing. it’s why it’s so easy for abusers to gain traction in leftist circles (they learn the right words quickly and employ them to frame their own behavior as progressive); it’s why so much potential activist energy gets poured into fighting about language; it’s why moderate liberals didn’t believe fer/guson had a problem until the police emails with actual racist language were leaked. (you can do racist things, you just can’t SAY racist things.) i don’t have a neat conclusion here but a related point is that i’m so much happier since i started focusing on like, being a good kind caring person instead of trying to remove the word “crazy” from the vocabulary of everyone in my family


    Just saying this is truly one of the best “discourse” posts on this site like……this hits the nail directly on the head re: what is going on with language right now and everyone pushing back in the notes only serves to further prove the point it’s making


    this this this. a singular trans man identifying as a lesbian does not affect you, it is not bringing the downfall of the queer community, you will be fine. a 12 year old boy saying you are going to hell for aborting a mistake does not affect you.

    learn Spanish and translate for your neighbor. volunteer at your church or something. make cookies. learn to crochet. listen to a genre of music you've never listened to before. this will all make you more well rounded and happy than repeating the same 4 lines to ignorant people on the internet ever will. you can be anti-racist in much healthier ways than arguing with closed minded assholes on the internet.


    girl in language class: so why are you taking Italian? :)

    me thinking about my plan to go back in time and raw Leonardo Da Vinci so hard he can’t walk for three days: I love the food


    to clear things up because some of you clearly cannot fucking read: i am a homosexual man who is willing to go back in time and put my entire penis inside of historical figure Leonardo Da Vinci’s rectum in an act of anal sex and then go on to live a lavish and intellectually stimulating lifestyle as his beloved top. i don’t know what a video game is and i don’t care.

    this is a dumb and depressing vent so scroll past if you dont want to read it. i would do the cut thing if i knew how but i really dont feel like looking it up.

    lol im pretty sure im autistic and i think i'm gonna self diagnose it once i do more research because there is a 0% chance of me getting diagnosed with anything professionally for the next 4 years and i dont fit any stereotypes so i really doubt id end up with one even if i paid for all the testing

    but i have all the symptoms in one way or another and my life so far is exactly like how autistics describe their childhood. able to speak very early, talented in art and writing, very literal, special interest in warrior cats, few friends but very good academically, bullied but didn't figure it out until after the fact, figures out they're genderqueer, very easily attached to inanimate objects, autistic burnout™, hard time with dating, etc.

    and even if im not autistic, if i have all the symptoms to a debilitating level with no other explanation then i dont see the harm in using the label and being a part of the community just to keep myself sane.

    besides what if i go in to get tested and it's not autism?? that means im just a freak with no excuse or explanation and that's what im doing to myself already and if i heard it from someone i was supposed to put faith in i would not be okay at all

    i feel so constantly invalidated because every time i try to talk to a family member about this i get told im being dramatic and it's not that bad and i shouldn't self diagnose and im drug seeking but THERES NO OTHER OPTION. im living in a hell where i can keep crying but nobody will help me because some lady who couldn't even disgnose me said i was too smart for adhd and now im just left to deal with all this alone without any therapy or medication or even my parents believing me when i say something's wrong.

    lolzzz anyway that got sad im gonna put on cannibal the musical and go to bed. its 4 am.


    republicans will be like “good news, everyone! we have passed legislation that will make it legal for us to shoot you in the chest” and dems will respond with “we have listened to the SCIENTISTS and the SCIENCE says that being shot in the chest is bad! and that is why we are proposing a BOLD counter-legislation that would provide FREE bulletproof vests to individuals making less than $30,000 per year!” and leftists are like “um yeah I guess if those are our only options I’ll pick the dems but why is it legal for you to shoot us in the chest? maybe they shouldn’t be able to do that in the first place? where’s that option?” and dems will be like “shut up and vote blue no matter who you stupid fucking hippie” and then you find out that the private company that makes the bullets and the vests funds both parties


    and then after a ton of people get shot in the chest republicans go "oh damn someone shot my mom in the chest" and then make it illegal for a few weeks so that everyone can calm down and stop wanting to shoot people in the chest, but then make it legal again a month later, then illegal, then legal again, and the whole time people are still getting shot in the chest and the whole time democrats are screaming "put the safety on! wear your bulletproof vests!" but republicans are screaming "stop telling me what to do! i will shoot you if i want to, its my right!" and leftists are trying to get everyone to put down their guns and set up safety measures and put stop to crime so that nobody needs a gun, but it doesn't work because republicans would rather have guns to fix their problems instead of not having the problems.

    and of course, the bullet and bulletproof vest company also funds politicians that build private prisons on wildlife reservations and pour lye on kittens for sport


    I'm a feminist, and that means I love dividing women and don't believe females can be good at sports. If a "girl" is too good at sports, I subject her to unnecessary, painful, violating, and expensive tests. Why? Because I believe in the integrity of girl's high school sports. All of a sudden. Because I didn't care about this before I realized there was an opportunity to make trans kids kill themselves.


    Imma do this because I’m fucking bored.

    What’s your url?

    Now take away any and all numbers (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0), take away the letters F, Z, M, Q, L, H, B, T, P, E, A, Y, S, B, D, and X, take away all dashes (-),

    What’s your new fucked up version of your url?




    for anyone who has a hard time figuring out which letters to take away, here they are in alphabetical order (dyslexia gang rise up)

    A, B, D, E, F, H, L, M, P, Q, S, T, X, Y, Z

    anyway nice to meet yall im rocvrir now which is KIND OF BALLER


    nice to meet you, im uu


    Whenever I see people like this I just…start getting very confused about which plane of reality we live in…

    I always care to post/reblog things about this topic because not respecting artists’ time, education and hard work is a worldwide phenomenon and should be rectified.


    "But to be fair the ones that said it was a dick move were also the ones who know how to price art and how difficult art can be so they are biased" sir listen to the artists when talking about an artist's prices