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at what point does a man turn into a monster? i don’t believe  that it’s  when he  does ( horrible things, ) but when he accepts that he’s able to do them, and that he does them well.

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    Anonymous asked :Hey, do you have any suggestions for an older Brett Dalton FC? Someone who's fit for ages around 50-60. asked :

    Your best bet would be Nestor Carbonell, I think! You could also try Jude Law, Ben AffleckTimothy Olyphant, Mark Ruffalo, or James Purefoy. I’m also kind of looking at Dylan McDermott and Eric McCormack, but I’m the least sold on them. Hopefully that helps!

    Anonymous asked :hello there! hope you're having a fantastic day. i was wondering if we could please get a shoutout from you? we're a brand new oc semi-appless horror roleplay based in a catholic university in idaho where students are not acting like themselves and many speculate they are possessed by demons that have lurked here since the early 1980s. thank you so much in advance, we really appreciate your time. asked :

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    Anonymous asked :Hey, Batman! Heard any good jokes lately? Wink. We are AspirationsHQ, a soon-to-open rp where we'll be rewarding members with "cash" for their muse to spend on things like planning events, rp icons, special features, and more! We're currently looking for some co-admins. Would you mind giving us a shoutout? Thank you! asked :

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    Anonymous asked :Who are you? Who am I? Who are we? Are we the walrus? A collective? Or possibly, just people living their lives, but with life comes secrets and with secrets come the actions we'll take to protect them. Welcome to Melodia MA, a small town where music rules and everything else is simply background. Melodiahq is an appless secret town rp where all the characters are based off of songs. ( thank you so much for the shoutout, Bats! I hope you have a great day! ) asked :

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    Anonymous asked :Hey there, we are an AU Greek Mythology roleplay, would it be possible to request a shoutout? A town where Greek gods and goddesses have been stripped of their powers, where muses, fates and monsters have been cursed into a human form. A vengeful Hera turned to magic to avenge the wrongs done to them, but magic is as fickle as Zeus and left them all stranded as humans, without any past memory! asked :

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    Anonymous asked :For your MENA directory, I have a few to suggest, but if their ethnicity comes from a country in MENA but they're not Arab, they're Amazigh would they still be someone you'd add or no? asked :

    It depends on which country they’re from, I think. If it’s one that I already have in the sidebar then definitely, but if not then I’d have to think about it. Definitely throw me your suggestions though!

    Anonymous asked :What if everything was now between Lima, New York and Los Angeles? Six years after graduation, where are your favorite glee clubbers? What will happen to your favorite character? Fame? Money? Reputation? Family? Love? Friends? Loneliness? It’s all up to you! Hey there! Could we get a shoutout, please? We are a new Glee RP, following their lives after graduating! We do accept original characters. Thank you very much. asked :

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    Anonymous asked :hi! so sorry if this is a stupid question, do you know if people from portugal are considered white or hispanic? i wasn't sure and don't want to cast fcs incorrectly asked :

    They’re white and Hispanic, but they’re not Latinx so they’re not people of color. Portugal is in Europe! And not a stupid question at all, no worries!

    Anonymous asked :Hello! I'm on mobile, so I'm not sure if this was asked before. If I were to fancast Bruce Wayne for an indie rp blog, could I still use canon batsuit images so long as the skin complexion is similar? Is that whitewashing? Or would I have to use faceless images instead? Thank you so much! asked :

    I definitely think you’d be fine! You could even edit or have someone edit the pictures to darken Bruce’s complexion as needed. Because with comic book resources, you kind of have to go with what you’re given, you know? Kudos to you for using a non-white casting choice!

    Anonymous asked :do you have any more gifs made of tom? i'm dying to use him but the rp i want to join wants every face to have at least 150 gifs per face used in the group. asked :

    I do! I have about 90 more gifs made in a pack that I’m still working on, so the post isn’t public yet, but if you hit me up off anon I’d be more than happy to share with you while I finish up! I wish more people would use Tom York, he’s such a babe.