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    Love when I’m walking down the street and moms idly walk past me like they don’t see me but the dads eyes light up when they see the stretch in the middle of pants. It’s like they can smell the bulge and as long as they think I’m not looking they always stare at the bulge in my pants. Come on, you can touch it if you want

    Strategy for “after Tumblr.”

    First, do NOT delete your entire page just yet.  I’ve noticed a lot of our pics are flagged, but some aren’t.  Sure, we might not post here much anymore after the 17th, but we can also leave posts about how to find us.  And from what it looks like, text posts and non NSFW pics would remain. 

    Second…there are many other sites, but I have yet to find one with the functionality of Tumblr.  What I’ll probably do is use a trial period on several or many of them, like Twitter, OnlyFans, Ello, MeWe, etc.  And in the end, stick with what we like.  Then post links to where we’ll be for our friends and followers to find us.

    Third… let’s use the remaining time here to make sure we connect with our friends and stay in touch, whether it be via email, kik, or whatever. 

    Fourth: Fuck Tumblr.  They are going to take a serious numbers hit when all the NSFW bloggers leave.


    Well, it looks like they’re gonna kill the blog fellas


    Welcome to the trash fire! Tumblr is axing all adult blogs as of December 17th, or two weeks from today. 

    Y’know what that means? This blog will be dead. Or at least, all the nudes on it will be dead? I think they’d let me keep sfw posts or something, but porn won’t be allowed anymore. 

    Soooooo… Here we go!


    Discord Server:https://discord.gg/hCxkqsb


    : https://reddit.com/user/rayray_s


    lol my post already got buried because everyone else made announcements.