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    It’s just another day of loneliness and boredom as I work from home for the 16th month since COVID. The news says 50% of the people in the city has been vaccinated with the second shot, restaurants have re-opened, bars back to normal, but my company has closed down our office since last year, and apparently no plan to bring it back anytime soon.

    Alex, on the other hand, has flown to New York for two weeks now. I miss him so much, but I will probably not see him in another two weeks before the art gallery opening. I am so happy for him, that he finally can get things back on track. COVID didn’t do well for his career, but he is so talented that I have the absolute faith in him to make his name in no time.

    Another two minutes before I clock off, and I will have my small ritual that I take a bath and wait for my food to arrive. We have been ordering food for each other for a week now, that we get to surprise each other and eat at the same time, watch the same Netflix show and talk about it as we are on speaker. We love watching thrillers together - the suspense, the anticipation, the surprise factor and the excitement.

    I think that’s why we hit it off in the first place, and one thing led to another, we felt so connected in so many ways that we became inseparable as friends and lovers. Well that, and we are also 100% sexually compatible. Now I clock off. I wonder what he ordered for me. I ordered him some Thai food, in hopes that it will go well with the Thai thriller that we will watch together.

    It took me just five minutes to shower. As I look at the mirror, the reflection shows a naked hunk in his 20s with chocolate brown eyes staring back at me. It is obvious that I didn’t let this work-from-home situation ruin my workout schedule. I’ve even outgrown most of my shirts as my arms got larger in the last six months.

    The door bell rang. It is a bit too early though, we should have our food delivered in another hour. I grabbed my tank top and my gym shorts to wear and quickly answered the door. I see a delivery guy standing outside the door, holding three boxes of pizza. Under his cap is a defined face with strong features, his beard trimmed perfectly, and his body so athletic that I can see his overly buffed chest and abs underneath the polo shirt. He is definitely attractive and even dreamy.

    “Mr. Hunt?” I almost melted as I hear his gruffly voice asking.

    “Hi. Yes, that’s me. Which box is mine?”

    “Sir, all three boxes are yours. Is there an issue?” The guy sounds confused. He gets a step closer and looks down at me. He must be 6’4 - a bit taller than Alex, and inches taller than me. As he moves to get his iPad, there is an earthy smell mixed with sweat, but it was rather a pleasant scent. He swiped his iPad for a second and stopped with frustration on his face.

    He gave an apologetic smile, which is actually a cute smile, almost angelic on such a manly face. “Sir, I am sorry. My iPad just died on me. It must have run out after a long day. Do you have a charger that I can borrow? I just need to check the order details real quick to make sure.”

    “Sure, okay. Give me a second. I’ll just go grab a power bank.” I closed the door and leave the guy outside, heading to my bedroom. I think I left it on my nightstand. I took a minute and found it. As I leave the bedroom, I am taken aback to see the delivery guy, half-naked, standing in my live room. The three pizza boxes already on the sofa table, so were his jeans.

    “Wait… what are you doing?” I raised my voice and an eyebrow. I realized I forgot to lock the door, but I don’t remember inviting him. I can’t help but stare at his uninvited body - strong thighs, hairy legs, and probably an 8-inch in his jockstrap. As he took off his cap, I can see his blue ocean eyes shine like jewelry, and his coal-black hair slicked back perfectly.

    “Sir, like I said, it has been a long day. The iPad needs a charger, and I need a charger too.” He grinned with amusement, looking at me like I’m the chocolate cake after dinner, or ice cream in a hot summer. I took a squint at him and broke my silence with a smile. “Fuck it. We have 40 minutes.”

    He laughed and started to take off his shirt. Unlike Alex, this guy has a lot of chest hair and he’s super ripped. The only thing left on him is a jockstrap. He is probably the sexiest guy I’ve seen naked in real life. It took me no time to take off my tank top and my gym shorts, as I walk towards him and start to make out with him.

    One kiss led to another, as I can hear him panting with excitement, feel his lips pressed against mine, his tongue touches mine softly and how he tastes like mint. We make out all the way to the bedroom and I can feel the monster inside his jockstrap can’t wait to come out. He presses me to bed and starts to lick my clean-shaven chest, my abs, and back to my lips. It has been two weeks without sex and I just can’t resist the heat. I grab the delivery guy’s head towards my hardened dick with no resistance from him. He seems to be all too familiar with how to please guys like me.

    “Sir, your body is amazing.“ He starts with long, slow licks from top to bottom, then tease a little with his tongue on the head. Then he starts deep-throating me, licking the base of my cock with his tongue, while I am still deep inside his mouth. He is constantly moaning and giving me lustful looks. He knows when I'm nearing orgasm with the way I'm moving and how hard I feel in his mouth, so he backs off a few times to keep me on the edge. Every time he does that, I moan in absolute pleasure.

    It has come to a point that my dick can’t possibly get any harder. He then flips me over and starts to finger me gently. Somehow he manages to get some lube and stick his second finger into me, slowly stretching me for his 8-inch cock. His has huge hands that three fingers would have prepped me well for that. Then there’s the third finger. Just as I can’t tolerate any longer the anticipation for receiving, he takes off his jockstrap and gets ready to push his cock into my body. I can hear him panting heavily with his deep voice. He even shivers a little with excitement.

    “Sir, I am about to deliver. Are you ready for this baby?” I nodded. He pulled out his fingers and in turn pushed his 8-inch cock fully inside my body. Once it’s inside, it feels like every nerve ending in my body is being touched, every room is being filled. I can feel his penis is already richly lubed, moving back and forth inside my body. He plays well on the dangerous line between pleasure and pain as he pulls inside out, reaching an amazing balance.

    He flips me over again so he can see me in the eyes. He keeps touching my abs and chest with his strong hand, with the other hand stroking my cock firmly. I can feel waves of pleasure and that I am about to lose all control. He is breathing haphazardly and starts to speed up for a climax of us both.

    “Sir, I am coming…” He moans in pleasure and moves his cock in and out of my body with absolute passion and intensity.

    Less than a minute in, both of us reach orgasm at the same time as we moan with satisfaction. “Oh my god, sir, I love you…” I shoot cum all over his body and a little bit on his face, and he shoot inside my body. We give each other a smile and just crash on the bed together.

    “Sir, that was awesome.” He said as he grabs tissue to clean up his cock. I turn to look at him closely, observe his bearded face and perfect body. Not to my surprise, he doesn’t show any sweat on his face, but it’s sweating all the way from his neck to his chest and his abs. Even though he’s wiping his penis, his cum is nowhere to be seen. I grinned and said, “I love you, Alex.”

    The delivery guy, or Alex, turns his face to me with a bitter smile. “You knew?” He leans in to give me another kiss. Now that’s the way Alex always kisses me.

    “I knew it when you stripped half-naked. Your scent, the color of your eyes, how you grin and laugh, and that you brought our favorite pizza, everything is too perfect for my birthday. A gift of a random dream guy we would both desire? That’s way too obvious.” And of course, the fact that Alex is a master of disguise. He’s so good that he is funded to open a gallery in New York.

    “Well… surprise!” Alex gives me the cutest grin I can ever dream of with the mask on his face. I can see the face mask has become a bit loose on his forehead, that it wrinkles a little. He must be sweating a lot inside, so the glue has become less sticky. I find it very cute though.

    “Babe, help me get out of this thing so we can have pizza? I can really use a shower right now. This mask and the suit are killing me.” Alex makes a frown with the mask, but one of its eyebrows just didn’t move. The hair punching job is perfect though. It must have cost him weeks to get this done.

    Alex stands up and I see him sticking his fingers into a spot on his head, and starts to pull off the mask from the back. The edges were concealed naturally behind the slicked back hair. As Alex pulls the mask forward, I can see his sweaty face was glued to the mask for the facial expressions, his handsome face flushing with slight fatigue. As the delivery guy’s face distorts and peels away from Alex, I see the sealing piece between the body suit and the mask is actually very well hidden in the beard and was invisible when we had sex. Alex gently place the face mask on our nightstand. I guess he will clean it up and keep it for the art gallery.

    “Babe, can you get the body suit opening on the back?” It is not obvious at first, as the muscular body suit is delicately sealed along with the back muscles, but it becomes evident once I find where that is. I admire once again how realistically all of these have been painted by Alex. The veins, the skin tone, the texture are just flawless. If I didn’t know how skillful Alex is, I would never suspect it’s an artificial suit and mask. As I peel off the upper body suit from the back, I smell again a strong earthy scent from Alex, and see all the sweat he had been accumulating inside the body suit. The back muscles are joined with the chest and abs like a vest. Once I peel them aside, I get to see Alex’s body underneath all these hairy covers.

    Alex definitely has a great body that is athletic and desirable. He has no hair on his back, chest and abs, quite the opposite to the delivery guy. The body suit had added him an inch taller, with body hair and excessive muscles. After a hard pull, I let this fully haired, sweaty muscular upper body suit fall to the ground. The upper body suit on Alex is now left with a pair of huge arms and hands like a professional trainer. His lower body still looks like the sturdy delivery guy. Extremely muscular, hairy legs that pose as a strong and sexy contrast to his clean shaved torso. His 8-inch fake penis is still hanging, and it seems detachable. All of this is too hot.

    “Alex, let’s do a second round. Pizza can wait.” I jump to start making out with Alex again. As we kiss, I can feel some residual glue on his lips from the prosthetic face mask. This make things even sexier to me. I reach to detach his prosthetic cock to the ground, and start stroking his real cock out of his lower body suit. His 6-inch cock hardens quickly, and I use his own cum as lube to stroke faster. I can see the surprise in his eyes, and that he finds the setting very sexy too. He starts touching me with his muscular hands, and licks my body even more passionately than the first time.

    “I love you, babe.” Alex uses the gruffly voice again. This time he said it with his own face. Everything is just perfect. “I love you, too.”

    What I Found at the Mall

    After high school I toyed with the idea of enlisting. Then I would serve 4 years to my county and come out a better person and in great shape and they help pay for college. . My only set back I did not know I had was I was color blind.  Just of a few common colors like some greens look brown to me.  Not good I understand. Well that keep me from getting in to the service. So I went to college and landed a job where I travel to different malls each day.   I’m not crazy about the traffic but I do get in the public and not locked in some stuffy office

    and wear what I want.

    The Malls in them middle of the week are normal slow and I can get my job. done.

    One Mall I go to a few times a week is like Military guy hang-out. The must be and army and navel base not to far from here. I always see young men in some type of service uniform here.   On the weekend it packed with them.

    Here I am on a Wednesday morning get ahead of schedule for once

    The days going well and such and then I see the young men in uniform. I get a little depressed wish I had my change to be one of them. For one I be in better shape and most like more disciplined. able to handle things and people better.. 

    I turn the corner then there he was sitting on a bench outside the food court. He smiled and said Hello and I smile in return and said hello back. That him the guy I wanted to be. Bet if I served my country I look just like him in four years. Come to think of It I seen here a few time. He was get up to get a drink the same place I was headed. He hangs out here at the mall he say. because in his free time during the summer the Air conditioning work better here then most place on the base.

    We parted and I return to my job and the next store. I turn and I found a little shop I never seen before. Kind a new age apothecary shop. Weird, I in this mall three times a week at least and I very seen it before. I went inside. why I don’t know. I was calling to me to come in.

    The clerk of the store talk as if she knew me. I see your depressed inside. You feel you have been a better person if you had the change that passed you by for something that was out of your control. As she walked me over to some small table that looked like perfume bottles on it.. Our sense of smell is one most powerful to us.  These item I picking for you will help you achieve what you want out of life.

    She bagged them up and gave me a little book on what they are and how to use them. As I walk thru the mall I wonder what made me go in there and buy these items. and how did she know so much about me.

    There as a small mans bathroom by one of the entrance of the upper parking garage that people hardly use so I went there to check out what I purchased. I put the bottle on the counter and trying to read their labels and get a smell of what’s inside. 

    As I check them out the door open and who walks in.  The guy I wish I was. Pretty much walking up to me at the counter. He Startled me and I dropped one of the bottles into the sink and the cap flew off. I could see the scent leave the bottle and travel to the young man in golfing him and he just froze in place.

    I grab the booklet. This scent will capture who you want to be, it say it right there. what do I do now and I drop the booklet and open to another page. take the white bottle and place it under his nose then your own.

    As I was doing this an weird feeling filled the room and the bathroom door locked and half the light went out and the blinds on the window closed.

    I kept reading. remove his clothes? what why do you want me to remove his clothes? The a scent came over me and I went over to him and start to undress the young man from his uniform till he stood there totally naked.

    He just stood there with this blank look on his face. I could not believe how beautiful his body was out of uniform. I had this strange feeling come over me and I start to strip myself naked. and I stood before this hunk totally naked.  the light flicker a few time and a green bottle fell over on the counter. I look in the book. place this bottle under his nose. Not your own just his. then pick up the red bottle and breath in it scent. a weird feeling start to come over me and I was creasing his body repeating a phrase. Once was your will soon be mine. I rub my hand on his pecs once was your ill soon be mine.  Why am I doing this. I  was placing my hand on his abs and walk behind him and from behind I crest his abs and his pecs and his arms as my chest touch his back. I could see the two scent come from the bottle and form a screen around us. his green and mine was red.

    I reach down to his ball and cock and start to crest them and still repeating: once was you will soon be mine. My hands where all over his body. And  for some unknow reason kept saying what was your will soon be mine.  I walked in front as if I was under a spell I ran my finger thru his hair and still repeating the phrase. I move down to his face. creasing his chin and cheek bones his nose. his lips .the words started to change as the scent from the bottles filled the room. All this what was your shall soon be mine. 

    I could feel I was being pulling out my body and I was being taken from my body and join the scent in the air around us. I could see him also being taken from his body and joining the scent. soon his scent start to wrap around my old body and I started to wrap around his and then we enter those bodies. I started to fell a rush coming over me I was taking over the young man body and he was taking over mine. I was getting all his memories and knowledge as if I was him my whole life. and he was to get mine with out know we swap bodies and lives.

    It happen, I was in his body and I’m a serviceman. a dream of my life. to serve my country and get a killer body as I was doing it.

    How did the lady in the store know this would happen and he walk into this bathroom as I was check out my purchase. and I drop the right bottle and the right time to put him under.

    It did not take too long to me to get dressed into his uniform. I told forgot about my old self standing the naked and under a spell. I was in my dream body with my dream start of my life.’and How sext and for, fitting the uniform as to my body.

    The scents in the room started to fade and I better get him dressed. the lights came back on the blinds open and the door unlocked as soon as the last item was places on him. He started talking to me in my old voice as me. Hey man funny seeing you again so soon. I was standing by the window looking out and the bright new day that came my way. 

    Hey man. You know after that drink nature calls I said to him. but out of all the bathroom in this mall he and I met alone in this one. the scents from the bottles taking over and Now I the mam I was wish I was and I hoping he happy to be me. as we walked out of the bathroom.

    He was me. he went back to work as too as we walk back into the main part of the mall.  Weird thing is I want back to the bathroom. all the bottle where gone. I went to find the store and it was gone, like it was never there. a lager store was in that space. as for me his number was in my phone. He invited me to dinner and sent a text to remind me. and said to wear a uniform. he love seeming me in uniform.

    How do I look, I going to join him for pizza and beer at this place next to the base. and he took some vacation time when I got some leave time. and we hung out together.

    I wonder if he know this was his body, this was his life I am now living and he living my life.

    all I do know he enjoys looking at me and I always put a smile on his face.


    Pool time! 😎💪🏻💦


    “Looks good, doesn’t it?”


    That guy in the back. He is watching because 15 minutes ago, when this bro got in the pool, he was 300lbs of flabby fat. Now he looks like this.

    He is watching because his mind has grasped the idea that this might happen to him. But for some reason he cant run. He cant do anything in fact but sit there and slowly, in a deep voice, say “bro”


    “How do you like the new soap…bro?”

    For a second my shy pathetic roommate was freaked that I was peaking into the shower but then- on queue- he began to raise his arms, his face going from shear surprise to an increasingly cocky dumb grin as his body started to swell with muscle and he began to flex.

    As promised the soap is “bro” activated. One word is all it takes to get the suds to start turning any guy into the perfect bro and each additional use of the word will just get better and better results.

    “Love the new look… bro…. Bro maybe I should join you. We can be hot… bros… together”

    He let out a deep moan and I could see every muscle twitch and throb, ready to transform. Bro this is going to be good.

    Bro by text:

    Hey man did you shower?

    Lol yes. Just getting dressed now. Don’t want to be late for work.

    Perfect. Did you use the new soap I got you?

    Yup but it smelled kinda rancid

    Lol don’t worry. You’ll grow to like that smell.

    Lol ok whatever

    Bro why don’t you send me a selfie of how hot you look. Bro.

    How’s that bro? I’m so fucking swoll today. We meeting at the gym or you coming over. I need a good fuck


    They didn’t have much time to use the showers before the team returned, some of them didn’t even take their clothes off as they turned on the hot water- they were painfully body shy to begin with. They were all best friends, equally tormented by the school jocks and eager for it to end. So they rushed in and quickly coated themselves with the musky smelling soap, letting it soak into their skin and clothes. They knew how it worked. Without hesitation they took one last look at their lanky or pudgy frames and spoke the word repeatedly in unison- bro, bro, bro, bro. It worked instantly. Every utterance- bro, bro, bro -their voices dropped an octave with deeper and deeper pleasurable grunts. One by one they either leaned down or bulked up, each of them revealing more and more jock muscle with every breath. Eagerly they began to peal off their clothes to free their new swelling bodies and with increasing confidence started to flex and feel up each new growing muscle.

    “Fuck it feels good to be a bro” one said, sending another mind numbing wave of growth into the group. Their faces twisted and reformed with perfectly cut jawlines and smirks.

    “Fuck yeah bro (mmmm). You’re looking so fucking hot” Each of them gave a collectively deep moan as their shoulders and lats broadened even more, abs popped and formed a perfect v to the outlines of their hard cocks.

    “Get a look at yourself bro. Huhu. Peel of your shorts guys. Let these bro cocks free” Their cocks gained even more girth and length as each of them eagerly tore down their shorts.

    “Fuck yeah, look at this cock grow bro” As their cocks continued to get thick and hard their balls blossomed as well, growing and filling with everything they once were.

    “Huhu come on let’s have a bit of fun until the other bros come along” All traces of intelligence drained from their eyes replaced with muscle hungry lust.

    “Then we can have some fun with em too huhu” their bodies were now close together, lips and hands already exploring each other’s tight forms.

    “Mmm yeah bro” the tangle of muscle and cocky jocks shuddered and pulsed again with bro growth. It was only going to get better when the team arrived.

    Max sighed as he arrived at the university's gymnasium and "Physical education Center", already dreading what was to come. Being a skinny, glasses wearing, nerdy biochemistry major, he avoided the campus gym like his life depended on it, doing anything he could to avoid interacting with the meatheads of campus. Still, his university required one physical education credit to graduate, so he had to be here now.

    Luckily for Jason, the school offered an accelerated two week boot camp, just for students like him who were less physically inclined. So all he had to do was put up with two weeks of this nonsense, and then he'd never have to think about exercise or sports again.

    Once inside, he went to the gymnasium as instructed, the large room completely empty, other a couple small rows of folding chairs, maybe about 20 total, clearly set up as a makeshift classroom in the back. A few of the seats were filled with guys who looked just as out of place as him, and he sat down, waiting for,the instructor to arrive.

    Eventually, all the seats filled up with nerds like himself, and they waited 5 minutes, 10, 15 before finally an incredibly attractive young man, maybe about 25 or 26, approached the podium, folder in hand, smiling broadly.

    He introduced himself as Coach Bradson, and, after brushing off exclamations of disbelief at his young age, he pressed forward firmly.

    "Alright, boys! We've only got two weeks for this class, so we're not gonna waste time with any of this syllabus shit! Get to the,locker rooms, hit the showers, change, and then meet me on the outside court!"

    Everyone was confused at this, and one guy even had the bravery to ask why they were showering before playing, but the,coach rebuked him firmly

    "Are you here to question me, or to pass this class? You can't have both! Now get in there. There's soap and shit for you already"

    Scared, all the men ran into the bathroom, and slowly took turns showering, sharing what little supply of the strange, black soap they even had. When it was Max's turn, he brought the soap to his skin, and was immediately hit with a rancid smell, smelling strongly of sweat, and B.O. Still, with no other option, he rubbed the weird bar all over his body, groaning at the awful smell now coating him.

    After showering, they all got changed, looking awkward in their baggy tee shirts and shorts, and everyone headed outside to meet coach Bradson on the court.

    Once everyone was gathered, coach Bradson addressed them all

    "Now there we go! All of you dressed, freshly showered. But something's still not right. None of you look like you belong on this court. Don't you think so... bros?"

    As soon as he said that, Jason felt a weird twinge in his body, but he didn't realize what it was until he looked to his side and saw that at least 10 of the guys next to him had all raised one of their arms and flexed, in a stereotypical cocky pose. And it wasn't until he looked at himself that he realized he was doing the same thing. Horrified, he put his arm down immediately, as did the other guys.

    Coach bradson was unfazed, however, and just chuckled before continuing

    "What do you bros all look so freaked out for? All you did was flex, just like any good bro would do. You looked so cocky, so manly. Just like a real bro~"

    Each time Bradson said that word, it echoed in his brain, making him feel foggier and foggier. This time, it took him at least 20 seconds to realize he'd lifted both his arms up into a huge flex, and he couldn't even find the strwngth to put them down. And it seemed like everyone else was in the same predicament.

    Bradson chuckled again "There you go, bros. Just stand there, let it all out. Look at me, whilr you make your bro poses, and let bro-ness take over your whole body. As you flex, every thought that isn't about lifting with, fucking with or hanging with your bros should leave you, and never come back. Bros don't need all that useless shit! You're sexy, you're strong. You're a fucking bro~"

    At this point, every utterance of that word sent a wave of pleasure through Max's body, his muscles inflating more and more, his shirt melting away, his face getting hotter and his self confidence growing with every second. The waves of cocky self assurance, the calls for a simpler life were getting hard to resist. But even as his body, and the bodies around him, changed to become more and more like a... jock, he resisted. He had to resist. He would always resist.

    At least, he would, until he heard a deep voice behind him say "Fuck bro! Just give it up! It feels so fucking good to be a bro!"

    That deep voice, previously a nerd like himself, cut through Max, and broke him. There was no way to stop this. Max was doomed to become a bro (even thinking the word accelerated the changes). Max was already becoming a bro, with tight abs, huge pecs, and a great face. Max is a sexy ass bro, with a cocky personality, a tight ass, and a great cock!

    Max looked around at his classmates, and was glad to see that they all appeared to have succumbed, or were very close to succumbing, just like Max did. Except for one. Thomas was standing in the corner, arms raised, face screwed up in concentration, but still just as much a nerd as he started. Every bro around him was feeding him bro phrases, trying to get him to turn, but nothing was working. Still, Max knew Thomas. He'd had many classes with him. He saw the way he looked at the bigger guys in his class, and knew exactly what he liked.

    So Max sauntered over, getting right behind him, leaning down, and whispering into his ear in the deepest, most seductive voice he could muster

    "Just give in already, bro! It feels fucking amazing. To give in to your inner bro-ness. And just think, bro. Once you're a bro like me, I'll let you ride me, fuck me, do anything you want with me. All fuckin' day long. Just two bros helping each other out~"

    At that, Thomas' eyes shot open and he let out a low, gasping moan, before the same changes that overcame the rest of them took him as well, his body becoming that of an alpha bro in seconds. And once that cocky, seductive smirk appeared on his face, they knew they'd finally got him.


    Coach Bradson looked at his new class, pleased at the fact that they had already started complimenting each other, some of,them even beginning to get handsy together. The soap had worked just as well as it did when his then roommate, now boyfriend Ryan used it on him.

    And, luckily for him, he and Ryan had an open relationship, so Ryan wouldn't mind if he took one, or a few, or all of his new, hot class home with him...


    Short story based on @papermoon357 's newest little prompt series. Go check out their captions, they're consistently great!

    Some times you can just smell when’s guy has accidentally (or purposefully) used some Bro Bar soap that hasn’t been activated. I was out minding my own business when a lanky runner went by with the obvious musky scent that didn’t line up with his twiggy awkward runner build. So I tested out my hunch and called out- “looking good Bro. You heading to the gym bro? Cause bro you look like a good fuck.…” He immediately slowed down, almost tripping in his run m, and started to grunt and flex, one pose after the other as his body swelled with jock muscle. In seconds he was turning towards me, his runner shorts now sweats, and his eyes cocky and hungry- “Fuck yeah” he grunted, casually flexing his new round pecs and calves as he gave a lusty smirk. “Why don’t you join me? I got some soap for the showers you could use too… bro.”

    One good rinse and bro name calling in the showers later and I was just as bro-d out, dumb, hung, and fuck hungry as him. Feels good to be a bro, bro.

    “Don’t worry. This won’t hurt a bit. I promise.” whispered Matt as he massaged Eric’s chest with one hand and rubbing his dick with the other. 

    Eric was in a sheer state of bliss. He was so relaxed and high on the pleasure he was feeling. He couldn’t be happier knowing that Matt would be inside him soon. 

    Matt kissed the nape of Eric’s neck. As he did, his lips began to melt into Eric’s skin followed by the rest of his head. Matt’s neck, upper body, arms, legs, and penis all melted into Eric’s back.Their breathing and movements all became in sync.

    Matt, familiarizing himself in the new body he was in, brought his right hand up to massage his new chest. He clenched and opened his left fist before working his way to his new rod getting hard underneath his jeans. 

    Subconsciously, Eric was still very aware what was happening and his thoughts translated into his hard dick jumping up. 

    “Oo. I felt that, man.” Matt said with Eric’s voice as he grabbed hold of his penis. “Fuck yeah. You love I am you, don’t you?” He bit his lips and gave a quick wink in the mirror. 

    “We are going to do great things together. First thing’s first, your ass definitely wants a cock in it bad. This find a top to fuck our brains out” 

    Body Possession Fullness

    You know that feeling of fullness when you have a toy or a dick up your ass? It’s like that with body possession as well. The host body swells up as the body possessor enters in filling it up and making it even proportionally to the body entering. The process is like being fucked. It is that feeling of fullness that makes it pleasurable to the host. The host gives up control to the possessor within. In this case, Miguel (the possesor) proportionally had a bigger ass, and legs than Jack (the host). Miguel also had a decent torso as well. Jack on the other hand kind of had chicken legs and not much of an ass, but a huge upper body. When Miguel possessed Jack, Jack felt a feeling of fullness in his entire body. As Miguel aligned himself within Jack, Jack felt his legs and ass swell up. Even his upper body was getting a bit more swole. As Jack was giving up control to Miguel, he felt waves of pleasure. The feeling of fullness was like ecstasy to him. Miguel connecting with Jack’s consciousness and body was feeling the same pleasure. When the merge was complete, Miguel….now Jack couldn’t help but look at his new body in the mirror of the gym locker room. Jack in the background could feel Miguel take full control over his body. He watched as Miguel slipped on some boxer briefs that had once looked too loose on him before, but now fit like a snug glove. Miguel adjusting Jack’s now large ass in the boxer briefs looked in the mirror and spoke in Jack’s voice. “Oh man, Our ass looks great. Don’t you think?” Jack’s consciousness helplessly agreed and couldn’t be happier with this possession transformation. 

    A good fish requires good bait, Curtis mused wistfully. Jackson was a fantastic fish, and with the promiscuous and altogether voluptuous Karina, a visage he had cobbled together from Tumblr, he had the most enticing bait. Of course, Karina was a nom de plume, an amalgam of women with whom Curtis had seen Jackson interact, structured to appeal to his own brand of koinophilia. She was, in fact, Curtis. The perfect net into which he could capture Jackson's body. And he was almost there. Just a little lower and the process would be complete, the swap effectuated. Curtis did hope Jackson would acclimate to his 5'3 frame and scrawny body, but he wasn't too concerned. Soon, he would have it all.


    “Keep dreaming, Carl. You said you wanted an easier life, free from the incessant imperiousness of your coach and the constant barrage of practices. You have it, the chess club is far less kinetic and intensive than varisity swimming. Of course, I challenge you to find your chiselled jaw and cutlass abdominals now. No, you got your wish. You can’t possibly imagine that I’d entertain giving this back. Not now. And besides. I have practice to attend.”

    "A little lower," the bullish brogue of the masked figure barked through the phone. "Pop that ass out, I want to see it arching into the air! Now, my pet!"

    Jason was at a loss. He was told that, in order to reclaim his body, a body pilfered by a troupe of marauding and sadistic thieves, he had to perform for the camera. He was desperate. He was frightened. He was out of practice. But he would learn, before the night's end, just how perfect he had to be.

    The Pecs of Alex

    For my good friend @henrycavbsc


    Someone! Please! It’s me, Alex Crockford! You got to help me! No, not up there, down here, underneath the shirt!

    I don’t know how exactly it happened, but this stranger had been following me and staring at me during my entire workout. I thought he was harmless enough… until I finally got out to the parking lot and started unlocking my car. I suddenly heard some rustling in the bushes before feeling this immense pressure behind me. Turning towards the rear windows, I saw the same man pushing against my back… and actually disappearing into me!

    I felt myself slowly losing control over my own body as more and more of the stranger slipped inside me. Meanwhile, there was also this weird feeling overcoming me as I realized he was trying to push my entire being out. In my horror I saw the stranger’s arms begin emerging in front of me, as if my chest was made out of putty. The most horrifying part though was the fact that I felt every sensation in those unfamiliar emerging arms. That’s when I realized, he was trying to push my consciousness into his own body and eject me!

    “No you dont!” I fought back as I channeled every ounce of my willpower to stay in my own body. If there was anything I had learned as a fitness trainer, it was that you could beat anything with willpower and hard work! Even when someone was trying to steal your body!


    In hindsight thought… I realize now that maybe I should’ve just let him push me out. Then maybe I could’ve asked for help, or even just train myself back up in the stranger’s body. Instead, one second I was fighting against the stranger for all of my worth, the next I sensed as his limp flabby body fell out in front of us… However, something was clearly wrong. Instead of being back in control of my body, I felt myself being heaved up and down and some blue fabric stretched out in front of me. The very same blue color of the shirt I had decided to wear today.

    Not only could I not move or speak, but I felt so constricted and sweaty. “What was going on?!” I thought. The answer was given to me shortly after as the fabric was unfolded in front of me. I saw my own reflection on the car window, holding my own shirt up and grinning viciously. Without me being in control of it!

    I saw myself stroke one hand across my perfect abs, take a peek inside my own shorts, before drawing circles around my nipples. That’s when an orgasmic feeling washed over my entire being and I would surely have moaned if I could. But instead I watched myself stick a drooling tongue out and lustfully say to myself :

    “Oh god… it worked… I’m Alex Crockford now fuuuck…”

    That’s when it hit me! Instead of being pushed out completely or regaining control over my own body, I had landed somewhere right between… Somehow my consciousness was now stuck inside my own pecs!

    Now the worst part isn’t the fact that I can’t call for help, or having to watch as the imposter violates my naked chiseled body in my own car, while spurting my semen all over the fancy car seats.

    No, it’s the fact that… I don’t think the body thief actually knows I’m here…

    I don’t want to be trapped as my own muscular pecs forever… Help!


    Temptation, Part 2

    -Still Wednesday-

    I am a thousand percent sure Connor’s guest and our “third roommate” is the same person. I laid there, dead-still in the darkness of night, as I heard soft grunts from the other room. ‘I’m so sorry, Connor’ I said to myself as the rustling in the other room had stopped. I had no way to prove it to my friend, nor did I have a way to really stop this. Still I resolved to somehow find a way to help him-

    My door creaked open suddenly, as I heard another being enter into my room. It was undoubtedly Connor. 

    As to which Connor it was? I couldn’t tell. Angel or demon? Heaven or Hell? I had no way of knowing.

    “Thanks for joining us for dinner,” Connor said. Angel.

    I breathed a sigh of relief. “Anytime, dude”.

    The relief quickly disappeared when I heard Connor move closer. “I just wish I had some way to repay you”. I gulped. 


    This was wrong. So wrong. I knew who was in his skin, and Connor was my friend. I couldn’t do that to him. I felt Connor’s flesh touch my own as he gently stroked my face. I swooned on the spot. God I waited so long just to feel something like that from him. But I knew this wasn’t really Connor. Connor wasn’t into that-wasnt into me.

    ‘Connor’ seemed to have picked up on my reservations. “Don’t worry bro, I want this…” He spoke as he began nuzzling my shoulder. Oh my god. I let out a soft whimper, slave to my lust.

    “Y-you’re not Connor” I stated, trying to shake off the pleasure I was feeling in finally having my feelings for my roommate reciprocated.

    For the first time, I saw the worn-Connor’s face up close. Connor was far too good, and far too nice to have ever displayed the emotion I was currently seeing on him. Deviousness

    “Oh?” Connor’s body spoke as he began twirling my hair and positioning himself above me. “Look at my face, bro. I’m Connor. What makes you say I’m not?”

    I-it’s just.. Connor would never-“ He cut me off, throwing my guard off when he smiled the normal smile I’ve seen from him all this time. He gestured to himself.

    “Connor? Cmon bro, I’m right here. And I just felt kind of bad for those past few days, and how awkward it all was- maybe you can think of a way for good ol’Connor to make it up to you?” I sat in stunned silence. Maybe this was actually Connor. Maybe he’s right. I tried to recall the events. Yeah. There was no way someone had been wearing him when I made that unwarranted advance. There’s no way the stranger could have known. I let myself fall for the lie of my own making, unwilling to accept some far more believable truths and driven mad with lust. Connor. Yeah, no other explanation. This was Connor.

    “You know… I’ve never done it with a guy before,” he stated. That set me off and I immediately grew rock hard. My growing cock grazed his defined abs slightly. Connor giggled. I was bright red. So red in my face that I wondered if he could tell, even in the dark. His thick arms brushed my cheeks as he pulled in close, whispering in my ear. “That tickles, bro.”


    Then I felt his abs brush my stomach, as he began gyrating over me. Skin grazed skin and the false-Connor hummed lightly.Fuck me. 


    Oh shit. No, NO. I couldn’t do that to my friend. Not when I knew it wasn’t him inside. Especially when I knew it wasn’t him inside. And yet, the non-Connor was unnaturally good at it.

    I steeled my will. Bracing myself and unwilling to reciprocate the stranger’s advances. Then, he kept speaking, kept rubbing his body over mine.

    “I know you want this, roomie. Cmon bro, I wanna smell me in you tomorrow”.

    I gave in. Surrendered myself to his flesh as we locked in a dance of skin and sweat and passion. Pure intimacy barely contained in the skin of my best friend. I looked him in the eye as he went down on me-er in me, feeling equal parts pleasure and sin. Fuck me. 


    “Hey man, I’m grabbing some breakfast, want anything?” Connor walked in, reeking of sex. Our sex. Though he didn’t know it. Tired eyes, hair disheveled- it filled me with warmth knowing this new side of Connor I was seeing was my doing. And yet, ever present was the guilt of keeping my dear friend unaware of the demon that hollows and fills into him at night. I could barely look him in the eye without cringing. Im so sorry dude. 

    I nodded from my bed, unwilling to leave. “Just get me whatever you’re getting. I’ll Venmo you, thanks dude.” 

    “I-uh, sure man.”

    Connor still acted awkwardly around me. But I could hardly keep my mind on the thought as my attention was brought back to the scent surrounding me. The real smell of Connor remained faintly on my sheets. It was the same smell he gave off that day hey came back from the gym. The scent of a fresh workout and testosterone laced sweat. The scent of man itself.Exquisitely musty. Exquisitely him. I clung to my sheets, staying in bed longer to remain in the hug of his lingering scent. 

    Then came my second night with Connor. Or at least, the stranger inside Connor. I kicked myself as I fell for him again. It was too much. I have loved this man for so long and to finally see him, to see his body respond and willingly reciprocate. I couldn’t help myself.

    We snuggled until the earliest signs of morning, when I felt a slight disappointment upon no longer feeling my friend on me.


    Something was wrong today. Conner- er- the stranger was still inside. I could tell by the way he spoke to me. By the glint of mischief in his eyes. Somehow I knew me this wold be a turning point if I let it keep going the way it did.

    I pulled the glass of purifying liquid I found off Amazon, and burned a little sage for good measure. I splashed a bunch on him when he wasn’t looking.

    Connor just laughed in shocking cruelty. “Bro, what the fuck is this”. His body began to wipe off the liquid and sniff the air. “Sage… really? I’m human, dumbass”.

    “It was, uh, an accident”. I stammer out unconvincingly.

    -Still Friday-

    On my way back from the library, I made a bee-line for my room. There had to be some way to get that man outside of my friend. His body swiftly moved to block me from my door. Shit.


    “You’re a smart cookie You know, don’t you.” Connor’s body stated in a threatening tone. I was frozen in panic “Well, no point in hiding it anymore is there?”

    He leaned in closer. Pulling me up to him with his left arm. “Maybe I’ll squeeze inside you, fill you out just like your buddy here… you’d like that, wouldn’t you?” I gulped. He quickly took notice and began cackling. “Just kidding bro, but seriously, don’t tell anyone okay?”

    I stared incredulously. “B-But Connor is my friend!” I shouted back. 

    “I know I am, bro” He laughed as he spoke. I shook my head, frustrated. “But as far as I can tell…” He pulled me in even closer, till my I had no choice but to breath in his hot, damp breath, to feel my friend’s sweat smear across my skin. “As far as I can tell, you’re not really in any position to make any demands are you?” 

    “Besides” the stranger stated. “I think you’d like Connor better this way.”

    Was Connor better this way? He was definitely more sociable like this, more open. My crush had always had a sense of reservation about him, like he carefully considered the very emotions he let out into the world. To see him like this, so free,was a sight to behold. It was like experiencing the rarest gem of his personality-even if it was actually someone else inside.

    I shamefully fucked him again later that evening. Sorry Connor.


    I was miserable. Internally storming in a mix of emotions. Grateful for getting to experience this new “side” of my friend. Guilty for letting it keep happening. Angry at the man inside- yet also falling for him. The way he carried himself- his confidence. It was charming in a certain light. 

    Anyway, Connor’s parents visited today.

    The checked up on their son, and I watched as the being inside puppetted the skin of their precious only child. I couldn’t bring myself to tell them that the man hugging them through Connor’s skin wasn’t their son.

    “Mind if he joins us for lunch” the Not-Connor asked.

    “Sure! Of course- we’d love to have you,” they beamed at me.

    I shook their hands awkwardly. Lying throughout the lunch as I struggled to keep face.

    “So, how has our dear son been. Not getting into any trouble, right?” They asked me playfully.

    “Yeah he’s a great roommate. Ugh…” I squirted a little pre-cum. Connor sat just a little too close, expertly rubbing his fingers across my inner thigh. Fuck. We were in public too. And I could smell him. That same scent…. He hadnt showered.

    “He ….mmmm… He does his chores,” I barely manage out.

    “Yeah, I’m a real good roommate, Mom and Dad” He patted my back, pulling me closer, tracing my spine before slipping his hand through my clothes and rubbing my side.

    I stared incredulously at his parents, at them not noticing what their son had been doing, before my eyes fluttered in lust. The waiter had come by and in that bare second of a moment I felt Connor slip his hand even deeper inside me, pulling me even closer to his body before he gave my dick a quick tug. He repositioned himself to look less obvious to everyone around us, but still kept a hand on. Taunting me.

    “So sport, we see you’ve been bulking out. Haha, putting on some extra beef for the ladies?”

    “I had a gym buddy help me out actually, Dad” Connor stood up, releasing me from his hold as I breathed out a sigh of relief. He did a little spin before kissing each bicep. God he was cute like this. “He’s been helping me bulk up, I’ve been doing so well, I feel like a new man” Connor stated, obviously using his words to toy with me. 


    Connor’s parents innocently congratulated their child on his transformation. I seethed. He wasn’t even trying to play like the normal Connor. Every word was laced in doublespeak, every sentence spoken with an unwarranted confidence. This Connor had absolutely no reservation speaking about anything and everything. Even to his own parents. Even as he spoke of his sexual exploits, while I watched his parents squirm at the awkwardness. I couldn’t believe they saw the person in front of them as their son. Not a single movement or a single word coming out of that skin’s mouth read “Connor”. Then again, I wondered, I probably wouldn’t have believe it myself, had I not seen it.

    Connor’s body toyed with the three of us, as he continued. He was loving this.

    “This ain’t for the ladies though. I want to get nice and big and strong for my fuck-buddy roommate. He doesn’t look it, but my bro is a monster in bed so he makes me want to be one for him.” ‘Connor’ stated matter of fact-ly. We spit out our drinks in shock. My eyes widened in horror as theirs narrowed on mine . Fuck. My mouth went bone dry as I excused myself in a flurry of apologies and excuses. 

    In my way out though, I couldn’t help but chuckle, despite the embarrassment. “Fucking Connor” I muttered.

    -Saturday Night-

    I got a text from Connor’s phone. 

    “They told me to find a new roommate. I told them to fuck off. Just 4 u bb.”

    I rolled my eyes before smiling. I had befriended the stranger inside my best friend, without even realizing it.

    Moments later, another night of forbidden pleasure-his room this time.

    In the late hours of the night, I went up to relieve myself, eyeing my face in the mirror. What was I doing? What was I doing to my friend? I felt wracked in post-coital guilt. I had been having so much fun, giving in to the temptation of finally having what I’ve always wanted. 

    Yet… I knew this couldn’t last. I couldn’t live with myself if I kept going. This was all too much. What we were doing was wrong. This was such a horrible thing to do to my friend- who had done nothing to warrant this kind of punishment. These were parts of his life we had stolen from him, experiences he would never experience, weeks he would never get back. I had to fix this.


    “This can’t go on, don’t you have a life to live?”

    “Yeah, Connor’s.” the stranger laughed. 

    “No, seriously dude. Please, you know I can’t give you anything or get you out by force, but please…” tears began to well in me. “I want Connor- I want my friend back”. 

    “I made him like this because I knew he had a cute face, and such lovely skin. He had so much going for him, but I knew he could be more. Isn’t he so much hotter like this?” The stranger asked. 

    “I’ve seen you though- you’re already pretty hot. Why Connor? Why all this?”

    The stranger let out a sad smile before procuring a vial of clear blue liquid. It felt odd enough seeing him display these emotions, let alone Connor. I knew this wasn’t the real Connor, but to me this felt like the “Real” Connor somehow. When the stranger was inside, my friend displayed so many different emotions, tried so many different things. Would it be so bad to keep it going? I asked myself, before releasing the intrusive thought. I loved Connor for what he was, even before all this. That was the real Connor.

    The stranger spoke genuinely through Connor’s voice this time. “Look man, I just wanted you to have a bit of fun- Well, obviously, I took our boy here to have some fun with this cute bod, but eventually I made it my mission to help you lighten up. You always seemed so glum around him. Just something about the way you carried myself when I wear him. It broke my heart. You… like him, don’t you? Like really, really like him. Love him, even. I think you already know he loves you too- as a friend” The stranger let out another pitiful smile, stroking my face with Connor’s hand. I couldn’t help but let out a stray tear. “You deserve someone who looks at you like how you look at Connor bro, the world’s so big, trust me. There are so many people in the world, I’m sure you’ll find someone. But until then, I wanted to at least give you a taste of what you wanted”. I was speechless.

    “Not that it seemed to have helped. Anyways, I get it, I get it. Here.” He handed me the vial. I kept my hand on Connors a little longer than I needed to. “I’m about to knock out, which should make him wake up. If Connor and I both take  this at the same time, it should be enough. Make him drink some of this, while I’m inside and it undoes the whole suit-thing. You’ll see him hollow out one last time, just wake me up when that happens so you can help me squeeze out of our boy. I’m gonna need a bit of help getting out, since it’ll affect me too, so that’s where you come in. Once I’m out and he fills back up, it’s done. You’ll get the old Connor back, permanently. This stuff lasts forever.”

    I sighed a breath of relief. I could finally have my friend back. “So I know Connor’s safe, but what about me? Couldn’t anyone still jump inside like you did with Connor?”

    The stranger laughed. And I saw the faintest hint of mischievousness in him, like he was considering it himself. “Well, maybe just don’t take any drinks from strangers, bro.” He eyed me up and down, grimacing slightly. “Anyways, you’re… uh… probably fine.” I have to admit, that stung a little.


    As I eyed the empty vial, I thought about the implications of keeping Connor a suit a little longer. The ultimate temptation. Could I really do this? What the fuck would even happen? No. Connor was my friend. I could never do that to him. I wiped the impurities from my mind and smile back at my tired friend, handing him some freshly brewed tea. “Here… you seem a little on edge, and it’s a thank you for breakfast the other day.” 

    He grabbed the tea, taking a long sip before breathing out a sigh. “Thanks man. I really needed that. I just haven’t felt like myself lately. I feel like this weekend flew by and I barely remember a thing.”

    I ignored him, hoping he would pry any further. 

    “Connor, I’m so sorry about everything dude. I know you don’t swing that way- it, it was wrong. I just thought that-“

    He patted my shoulder. “It’s fine man. We’re fine, right? I get it, and… I’m sorry too, it just kind of weirded me out is all. My gym pal was talking to me about it the other day, actually. Helped me understand where you were coming from. You remember him right? Had pizza the other night I think…” Connor continued speaking but I had long stopped paying attention.

    I could see Connor’s skin stretching unnaturally. I bit my lip before averting my gaze. Just a little while longer. I only had to last a little longer and I’d have my real friend back. Just a while longer until we could go back.

    I looked out the window to the fall foliage and sighed wistfully. Go back to what, though? Connor is a great friend, but I cursed the man inside him for giving me a taste of what he could have been like. Had he… well. Anyways, this… was nice. I would forever be grateful to the stranger, endearing little asshole, for this little fantasy. Who knows? Maybe I’d have some future run-ins with that cutie. I nodded at whatever question Connor had asked me while I had been in deep thought.

    “Thanks man, and thanks for understanding. You’re a real good friend. Actually, you’re like my best friend. So I’m glad we could hash this out.” He smiled as he spoke. That smile ripped through my heart. God it was the most genuine thing I’ve seen from the real Connor. Light, pure, platonic. Connor calmed himself before knocking out on the table cold, unaware of the storm that had brewed inside  me. On one hand, he really saw me like a brother. It’s all I ever wanted out of him. Before. I knew I would be his friend for life, and he would be mine. It was a love that transcended anything I could have with the stranger inside. A type of love that could stand the test of time. Agape. And yet, that last word haunted me. That last component of his smile which I knew would destroy me from the inside the more the years would pass. The piece of my friendship with Connor that I could never get past. Platonic.

    I looked at the now sleeping Connor, rapidly hollowing out, and stroked his cheek one last time. I spoke a quiet truth to myself in a whisper.

    “I love you.”

    -Still Monday-

    “Ok dude, he’s out cold. Time to go.” There was a rumbling inside Connor and more and more of him began to thin out.

    I gulped as I saw my best friend reduced to a thin skin barely containing the muscular man inside. “Thanks, We don’t have much time before he fully reverts back- could you give me a hand?” the stranger asked. I stared at the muscular hand coming out of Connor’s mouth, and the thick bicep it was attached to. It was beckoning me for assistance, beginning to grow frantic as the effects of the vial kicked in. “Cmon man, please!”

    I stared at the deflated Connor beginning to re-inflate. I gulped. There it was again. Temptation. What would even happen if I did what I was thinking of doing?

    I shook off the dark thoughts and grabbed the stranger’s hand. Tears began to well in my eyes. I’m a such a shitty person.


    In that instance, I shoved the struggling stranger back inside and quickly slipped in with him. “Hey bro, what the fuck!?” I ignored the stranger, still crying as I continued to envelop him and myself inside the skin of my best friend.

    “I’m so sorry Connor. I just want to you so bad.” I panted, as I burrowed even deeper inside my friend. I watched as his skin began to move on its own, slowly encasing me in his flesh, trapping the stranger inside as well.

    He very quickly realized what I had intended to do. I felt him scream bloody murder as he tried in vain to escape. “FUCK BRO, fine! Just let me through, I don’t wanna be trapped in this..like this.. p-please!”

    I leaned up to the naked stranger behind me, intertwining my arms around his biceps and my fingers clasped through his. “Oh god oh god. Connor I’m so sorry…” I moaned, utterly defeated by my lust.

    We continued squirming together as Connor’s body pressed us unnaturally tight together. I felt the stranger’s face smash through mine, rearranging myself and my very being as my jawline became more pronounced, and my chest began to puff up in newfound musculature. “Oh I get it now…” I pant, “so that’s why you wanted out.. no can do- bro. You’re me now”. He whimpered as I overtook his personality. My sense of self began to devour his. “Bro” I teased again, using the stranger’s choice of word as my own. I lived for this shit.

    I adapted the stranger into me, wearing his own brain like a skin over my own. I forced his neurons to fire, melded his thoughts to wrap over my will. In the process, I began to feel my own thoughts, my own emotions well with newfound pride and lust. 

    “You sick fuck!” he shouted as the Connor-suit around us enclosed around us even tighter. I could barely breathe from my roomate’s unconscious embrace of flesh. I began to gyrate my hips, making sure to both fill out my best friend’s piece and swallow the stranger’s in the process. In hot, steady breaths and an enclosure of Connor’s insides, I guided the unwilling stranger’s body and we writhed together in unison. Until we writhed as one body. I began laughing as the man’s own liquid struggle layered over me, as I took in the concentrated rank of a man who had been inside my best friend’s body. He was stuck here, with me. The scent was overpowering, almost putrid. Just how I liked it. 

    I felt him shake his head trying to stop his own mind from working to transfigure every word I spoke. I spoke through his mind, the strangers perversions were my own, only amplified. His lack of reservation, his confidence was mine to control. And through our now shared mind, through the covering of his mind over my own, I began to feel guilt wash away into lust. “Much better. You’re gonna make me hot, dude. We’re gonna be a fucking package like this. The best part is, you said it yourself bro- this is permanent. You make a nice core for me. And then? Then we’ll be Connor at his core. Forever. This is hot shit bro.” I drew out the last word, making sure it rung out from inside my best friend.

    The stranger began to cry inside me as he felt us compress even tighter together. As the last of the him melded further into me. God he had such a cool confidence about him. Real open guy too. Stealing that into myself was its own reward. Though unwilling, he completed me, and I completed Connor. Once I the stranger was fully integrated into my being, I began to feel parts of the outside world through the stranger’s previous control over my friend. Through Connor. So hot. 

    I felt Connor begin to stir awake, but could hardly address it. Eternally sandwiched from inside and out. I felt the stranger sweat inside me, musky, putrid jock sweat embedded into my scent profile. Then I felt out new scent bleed through our Connor skin, again embedding itself as a component of his own. That ounce of pressure release was fucking amazing. Concentrated testosterone, brimming with the musk and pheromones of three men impossibly bound together- the scent was other-worldly. This was Connor’s new scent. And I had the pleasure of smelling it through his nose.

    “I… uh..” Connor began shaking himself awake. “Oh fuck” he stated, sniffing his pits and wincing. As he began to pull his arm away, I began to test the waters. “I.. Mmmpphhhh!” I kept his arm up, and his face slammed right into the source of the rank scent. 

    “Shut the fuck up bro, smell this right. This is us now.” I stated plainly from inside him.


    “H-Holy shit! What the fuck!” He shouted as he began to panic, watching his larger frame move on its own as I began to walk us to my room. 

    I grabbed one of my shirts that I thought would look best on my new skin, and began to tear at the sleeves to better show off our new biceps. I then walked to the mirror, examining the new body embedded inside my friend’s skin. Hot. I looked at the shaking head attached to the body, moving in disbelief. “This can’t be happening!” he screamed. 

    “Of course it can, babe, you let your best friend in. You let me inside your skin. I love you-er, I guess it’s really me now” I laugh as I continued. “Walking around like that, stupid, rigid, dutiful son. Bro, you know I’ll do a better job living our new life”. I pulled the corners of his lips into a smile, into my smile so Connor knew it was coming from his permanent roommate.

    Connor thrashed wildly, lashing out at empty air, clawing at his own skin at the feeling of his sweaty roommate living inside. In the process, it only served to consolidate me further as his core. In every movement he made in the outside world, his body was forced to use the muscles and the form wearing him. My form. In every shared movement, as he used more and more of my muscles. In his thrashing, we bonded ever closer together. I moaned throughout, at the feel of being compressed deeper and deeper inside my Connor in his tantrum.

    “Holy Shit Man! Please, just leave! Please! Get the fuck-“ he trailed off as he began to feel a numbing sensation in his mind. His face slipped into a tired trance before it conformed to my emotions in a cracking sensation. 

    I claimed Connor’s face as I continued. “No can do dude, this is permanent. I get to be your roommate until the day we die” I moaned. “This?” I exerted full control, pulling my new Connor-colored pythons into a quick gun show. “These?” I stated as I used his vascular hands to trace his body, running them up my new hands before running through the ‘Freedom’ tattooed on his bicep. I gave a Connor a dirty grin through his own face, accentuating it with a wink. “All mine now.”

    “Oh god, oh god oh god” He began to mutter as I watched him search for solutions in his mind. He looked at his new body in absolute disgust, feeling revolted at raw filth in the equivalent of two sweaty bodies squirming inside him. At the new smells he now felt himself making and the new, unearned muscles he felt perpetually filled with. 

    I slapped him in cheek, reveling in watching it go flush as I continued. “Connor, Connor. You’re such a great friend. A best friend. Giving me yourself life this?-”

    “Fuck you man! I didn’t GIVE you anything. Get the f-“

    “Aaaas I was saying. You’re an amazing friend for letting me wear you out. Don’t worry bro. We’re flesh and blood pure Connor now. New. Connor. I’ll take good care of us.” I moaned as I reasserted control. “Watch.” 

    I wrapped my Connor fingers around my new Connor cock and began pumping.

    “I love you, man”.

    His brain had long since reconciled the past experience into a dream. He somehow found away to explain the missing roommate as well. I think a part of him knows deep down I’m still inside the man, but he had to somehow figure out a way to live with himself- even if it was a little lie. He even explains away the actions his body takes on its own as his own actions. I’ve been inside Connor for quite some time now, so at this point we’re both used to this new little arrangement. 

    We’ve become such a package that I began to attract other ‘strangers’. I once felt a dizzy spell hit me upon drinking some special protein mix from one of my new gym buddies. He must have been tried to hollow me out, I mused. Clearly ineffective. I only laughed and stated “Occupied”. 

    Some of myself leaks inside of Connor’s mind as well. He can’t help but dream of his now buff roommate inside- Wearing him. Completing him. Some nights, when I let him have control back, he jacks off to it- to me. I revel in those moments. Corrupted to loving me. Sexuality, inclinations, preferences. All pointed to me. Connor was truly mine in those moments. Those nights I join in, giving each of us partial control as I jack off to the feeling of wearing him, living him, and he jacks off to the idea of being worn, being used, being lived in by his now buff, now long gone roommate, forever unaware of my presence.

    He still thinks it’s just him doing this alone, when his left hand strokes his face and his own voice blurts out “I’m right here, dude. Your bro, your man’s never leaving you”. 

    I often think back to the person I was before. And what I had considered this whole arrangement to be at the time. A Temptation. It was weakness.

    Wearing Connor is a gift. For everyone. Everyone fucking loves Connor- fucking loves me. I wear my boy just right. 




    A bodysuit AND possession/merge… at the exact same time?! Oh fuuuck…

    The intricacies of his stories just blows me away! 🤤


    The Final Command


    (Unused GIF for the story, but just had to include it for its hotness!)

    Jake had been sitting on the other side of the restaurant for at least 45 minutes before he watched Callum and his girlfriend talk about leaving. As Callum’s girlfriend stood up and went to the ladies’ room, Jake knew it was the last opportunity he would have to be alone with Callum. He stood up and slowly made his way towards the corner where the other man sat. As soon as their eyes met Callum’s eyes grew wide with rage and disgust.

    “What the fuck are you doing here?! I told you to stay away from me, you faggot!!!” Callum yelled as he stood up and clenched his fist. Memories flashed through his mind.

    “Yo dude! Chill out! I just wanna chat!” Jake proclaimed with his hands up and visible, showing he meant no harm. Although he never stopped his advance towards the hunk.

    “Chat?! CHAT?!! The last time we “chatted” I lost and entire week of my life! Had it not been for my buddy finding us in the club bathroom… with me on my knees sucking you off… I would still be under your fucked up control!” Callum’s face grew red with anger as he spat on the floor in front of him. “Took him almost a month to find another hypnotist and undo whatever fucked up thing you did to me!”

    “I’m truly sorry for that. I really am! It’s just that the first time I laid my eyes on you I just fell absolutely in love with your body. You’re just so my type. So when you reciprocated my advances with hatred and violence I just had to resort to some tricks up my sleeves.” Jake said calmly as he inched even closer to his object of desire.

    BY TURNING ME INTO YOUR PERSONAL DUM DUMP?!” Callum yelled, completely lost in his rage and disgust towards the other man.

    “Well, you were more than that. I actually made you into my perfect lover and had you tell me your entire life story as I plowed your ass ever night. God how amazing that was…” Jake smirked.

    WHAT THE F-” Callum managed to say before Jake grabbed hold of his collarbone. As if a switch had suddenly been flipped his entire body relaxed and his arms slumped down to his sides. His red flushed face lost its color, his eyes glazed over and his mouth dropped agape.


    “Listen to my voice Callum and listen well, as this will be the final command I’ll ever give you. Do you understand?” Jake leaned forward and began whispering directly into Callum’s ear.

    “Uuugh…. yes… sir…..” Callum answered drowsily, every word coming out slurred and monotone.

    “Everything I’m about to say now is the absolute truth. There’s no denying it and you won’t even question how or when it happened.” Jake smiled, his final plan finally coming to fruition.

    “Absoluute…. truuuth…”

    “You see, somehow we’ve had our bodies switched for the last hours or so. You’re actually Jake and I’m the real Callum. We don’t know how it happened or why, just that it did and it’s completely real.”

    “Switched… bodies…”

    “Yes, that’s right. And the fact is; you feel incredibly guilty for being in that body. My body. Every second spent as Callum makes you feel more and more guilt.”

    “Guuuilty….” Callum’s eyes rolled back as more and more information were processed into his weakened mind.


    “Very much so… Because you know deep down that that handsome face of yours, those tight abs you have under the shirt, that thick cock in your pants and even down to that sexy accent of yours - you don’t deserve them. Why? Because they’ve never belonged to you. No, they have always belonged to me.” Jake smirked as he wiped the drool coming from the other man’s open mouth, before licking the very same wet fingers with his own. Delicious.

    “Don’t… deserve……”

    “Yes… and because of that you’ll do anything in your power to get us back into our “original” bodies. Even if it takes you your entire life and all your fortune.” Jake grinned deviously as he dug out a paper from his pocket and shoved it into Callum’s. 

    “Worry not though, ‘Jakey boy’, because on this piece of paper here you’ll find the number to one of the world’s most famous shamans. You’ll contact him, convincingly reassure him that our body switch is absolutely real and then pay him the hefty cost with the money from “my” bank account.” Jake said with conviction, as he had taken the time to realize that if he couldn’t have Callum’s affection for himself then he’d at least own the only other thing he desired from Callum - his amazing body.

    “Convince…. shaman….” Callum slowly nodded, his eyes flickering back and forth as every single word embedded itself deeply into his mind.


    “And then, in a week’s time and during this year’s only Total Solar Eclipse, we’ll meet back up and the shaman shall help us perform the sacred ritual to “reverse” this body switch. Our minds shall be ripped from our bodies and placed “back” in our rightful ones. We’ll finally be in the bodies we’re supposed to be in.”

    “Reverse… finallyyy….” Callum, or ‘Jake’ as he soon would call himself by, mimicked the words with a satisfied smile on his face.

    “Now, when “my” girlfriend comes back here you’ll have to keep up the facade of being me. You’ve been trying your hardest at pretending to be me, but yet you always fuck it up. That’s why I came up to you; to scold you. You don’t want to fuck up the life I’m going to resume, do ya?” ‘Callum’ stroked his other free hand across the other man’s chin, down across his chest and then finally slipped his hand into ‘Jake’s’ pants. It was warm, wet and so so thick, just how he liked it. He couldn’t help but check out the hunk in front of him up and down, admiring all the sexiness that would someday be his.

    God… I can’t wait to “get back” into that sexy body. To call myself Callum again, to worship that body every morning I wake up, to watch myself jerk off my “little Callum” as I explode my sweet seed all over the mirror. My life will be so amazing as Callum….. again.”

    With that, the new Callum gave the dazed jock in front of him a small peck on his cheek before snapping his finger in front of his face. As he let go of the other man’s collarbone, the final commands were effectively sealed permanently into the new Jake’s mind.


    The most popular original story I’ve ever written, with you guys constantly asking me for a sequel. 

    Well, good news! Something very exciting is coming tomorrow… 

    (Also, whoever posted this story on CYOC, yes I noticed, at least give me some credit please…)

    Wrestling Camp

    Where do I start. Its so crazy how I got here. Maybe I just start at the beginning. My Mom died in a car crash a few years ago so its just my dad, my older brother Brian and myself in the house. My Dad has this idea his sons should be like he was in high school. Big and tought . Well with a blend of the gene pool of my parents, My brother and I did not quite the mighty jock mode. and he push to make us Jocks as we went thru high school.

    My name is Nathan, Here I am going into my Junior year of high school, I don’t scream the word Jock Material. so for the summer my dad decided to send me to Wrestling Camp. Its a over night camp for 4 weeks. Have you seen the size of the guy that go here. and I have to share a cabin with 5 of them.

    This is Tyler the one of the smallest I would say of the 5 guy in my cabin. Look at the face and then he took off his shirt and look. I am no where near that size. and he one of the the smallest.

    I can’t even believe he going to be a Senior, Eric is also his class president for the coming school year. he showed up dressed as a frat boy. Daddy has money.

    Mark Looks so young. But his body- Where the hell did he get that body from. He a nice guy. but needs a better hair cut.

    Danny here always in the gym try to get a big or bigger then the guys in the cabin and he always looking in the mirror checking himself out. and mad at the world.

    Then Dennis. Shit man get him some fatty foods. I think is body fat is 3% he seem like a good guy. But he not. He can turn on you in a second and he can get the other guys to join him making my time a camp a living hell.

    I called my brother and talk him about all that happening, Here a picture of him before Junior year and going to Football came

     Dad sent him to football came not really football material. but he came across a secret I hope he share with me. because he in college look at him now.

    He plays football for Notre Dame. He look killer in that uniform.

    Brian called me and had me meet him outside the came. 

    Brian came to the gate on the second to last day of came. Sorry man it took me a bit to get the stuff we needed. 

    Me: I leave camp in the morning. you the one who picking up remember. 

    Brain started to hand me a large pizza box and a 2 liter bottle of coke. He goes to me. Here how I did it. I put the stuff into the food and drink bottle and gave to one of the guys in camp who was the biggest pain to me. Before bed that night we pretty much swap bodies. he was my size and I was his.. I pretty much came a man that night, Its not a real swap, You don’t get his face but you drain him to make the best of yourself. I did it on the last night so when he woke up and saw his muscles and jock body where gone, he would not known I was the on who had it. I  Put on his clothes and packed the rest rest of his stuff, Since I never fit in my old clothes ever again and got out of there and to the bus station then home. all you have to do, get one in there and take one of you asshole bunk mates down. He eat the food and passes out. you strip him naked and get on top of him and the stuff will do the rest. . Wake really early and I be at the gate a 4:00am and we hit the road and be long gone.


    I headed back to the cabin, who should it be. Eric or Mark where my person choice even with Dennis being the Biggest of the assholes I thinking Eric since I get some of that face I look so handsome. I put the pizza down here and a note help yourself. all the guys are out doing there own thing, but I think Eric will come to the cabin first. I slip out and check on thing in a hour.

    I come back all 5 guys where there and all out cold on the floor. The pizza is gone along with the 2 liter of coke. I got rid of the pizza box and the 2 liter bottle and clean thing up- since there was not to be food in the cabin.

    All 5 guys who now, I strip Dennis first and places him on his bunk his cock was bone hard and pointing up. my brother said I had to lay on top of him. Damm it cock went right up my ass. shit he shoot a load into me. is this part of the process, I feel funny. and I can feel Dennis getting smaller. after a some time it seam to stop. O got off him. LOL is the size of me. Nope I’m the size of him. 

    Danny already had his shirt off and I was dragging him to his bunk and fell on top of him and like a flash he went down and my pecs grew more.

    I went over to Tyler since he was the smallest one left I pulled off his pants and stood him up. My mouth was drawn to his nipple on his pecs and It was like a juice box and I start to drink. A milky white substances that tasted like a protein shake came out. as I drank he was getting smaller also down to my original size.

    I could feel changes all over my body. I could feel my hair change and my face sound like a was moving. and my bone cracked as I grew in size. 

    Eric as the next one. I love his tan skin and crest his body his smooth skin. I pulled off his shoes and shirt and  I toss him up to his bunk and then climb up moving him over  i have him facing the wall. and wrapped my arms around him. I could feel his pecs getting smaller I ran my finger thru his baby fine hair as it got thinner and rolled him over on to his back and his body was greatly down in size. I sock on his dick till he was also own to my original size.

    Mark was the last one. I know my brother said to pick one guy. But they all ate the pizza. I pull off Mark’s shoes and socks then tank top and shorts. I went to town on him I suck in his nibble and his cock. I went to his mouth and like I was going to French kiss him and did deep inhale and down he went in size. .

     Man that took a lot out me and more out of them. My head was spinning. I got up to my top bunk and sent the alarm to 2:30 am. when I got up at at time the guy where still out cold. fragments of their former selves. I got out of bed and walk into the bathroom. 

    I could not believe what  I see I’m beautiful . this body a mix of all 5 guys and I so handsome too. not like the kid who came to camp weeks ago.

    I am amazing in size and so Beautiful.. I can not get over how big I got. I have to wear Mark’s clothes’ home.. My brother going to go nuts when I tell him all 5 guys ate the pizza so I got even with all of them.

    I can see Dennis and Eric in the arms and abs. Tyler and and Danny in the legs. I have Eric hair. who cares-  I am the total package of all 5  guys. and they look like a cabin of newbie to wrestling. 

     I better get packed. But first I need to release a load bad. Dennis this one for you. You asshole in the asshole.  Blasting a major load up Dennis’s ass and I watch as he grown fat and out of shape. Suck on my cock Mark. that’s it drink it up as you age before my eye. good bye baby face, Eric look like you could use a drink too. here let 69, You suck on me as I suck on you,  Man I feel great and more handsome and tan. Danny you’ll be already piss off when you wake up ass it is. not for Tyler. Let me French kiss you and suck the air from you lung and make myself feel even younger.

     Time for a quick shower then I will get dressed : Mark’s Pant and Eric shirt, Dennis shoes and sock, Tyler cap. Take what will fit the new me and leave a the rest.

    Hate to be these 5  when they wake up.

    As he trekked through the jungle, Dennis could already feel the changes emerging. It started it his gut. Literally. With each step he took, each twig his feet snapped, the Hawaiian shirt became looser and looser. His breathing steadied as he ventured deeper and deeper. His posture grew upright with every branch he passed. Finally reaching Elysian Falls, Dennis stole a glance into the enchanted waters of the hidden waterfall. Tan skin, unruly brown hair. A far cry from the pale, sunburnt skin and gray thinning mop he was used to. Studying his face, Dennis realized the Hawaiian shirt was practically dangling from his now lean body. Unbuttoning it with growing tension, as if he were a stripper revving up the crowd, Dennis finally came face to face with his new body. Lean pecs dusted with brown hair atop a toned midsection adorned with a natural six pack. Just the sight of his “Elysian body” warranted a boner, a feeling and pressure not felt in years. Dennis greeted this throbbing erection as if an old friend who perhaps should’ve visited a lot sooner but was nonetheless welcomed with open arms. As soon as he began stroking, sensations of a past age arose. He flexed his growing biceps. He tensed and caressed his abdominals. He cupped his breast. He ran his well manicured, soft hands through his luscious voluminous hair. All of these sensations and feelings culminated in a blissful release into the enchanted waters, his tax for the transformation. Swimming in the waters, Dennis officially sealed himself inside this new vessel until it was time to once again discover the fountain of youth. With each visit, Dennis gained a new identity. His last life as Dennis the suave Englishman was over. He would be leaving this latest excursion as Emilio, the spicy hot Brazilian stud.

    "What are you so hesitant about with all of this?" asked Gerard to his friend, Theodore

    "A lot, like......how the fuck you pull it off? And why the fuck he seems so okay about all this? I literally see you over there cleaning your own pool, Gerard,"

    "Let's just say that he's not really aware of everything that happens around here and at this point, he's seeing himself reflected in the water. Plus, he's losing the interest to talk to anyone and just keep his mouth shut until the whole thing's over,"

    "See, this is insane. For all I know, this could be a deal you made with the devil himself and with the fact that we are old as fuck and going to die soon, I'm not risking my chance to go to heaven,"

    "Okay that sounds hilarious, Theo, because you and I know heaven is not gonna be your final destination with the way you conduct your business and there's no devil involved in this, just some brilliance of our human mind. I'll explain everything to you if you agree to change, last I check in the kitchen, the catering guy I hired for today's event is quite the hunk,"

    "You promise you'll explain everything?"

    "I promise. I'll explain it to you and the others when they arrive, because unlike you, they already agreed since last night and you'll see them strutting their way here as either their visiting grandson or whoever the fuck they choose to take the appearance,"


    Let's just say, explanation become their last concern when they have a lot of things that they want to do with their new temporary appearance. But who says it cannot be permanent though?


    Reason to steal a Dad Bod 17 - Coach

    So you can feel his sweaty aching body as you take him over during his work out session. You’ve always desired his strong massive body, and now it would be all yours! Admiring his hot muscular body in front of the gym mirror, you began flexing so hard that with a ‘pop’ you pushed his weakened soul out of his own birth body. Giving him a wink in the mirror you went to join your coach’s hunky gym buddies in the sauna for some fun, all while your coach’s confused and screaming soul slowly disappeared.