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    But he turned first, and led my eye to look

    At a tall tuft of flowers beside a brook,

    A leaping tongue of bloom the scythe had spared

    Beside a reedy brook the scythe had bared.

    I left my place to know them by their name,

    Finding them butterfly weed when I came.

    The mower in the dew had loved them thus,

    By leaving them to flourish, not for us,

    Nor yet to draw one thought of ours to him.

    But from sheer morning gladness at the brim.

    The butterfly and I had lit upon,

    Nevertheless, a message from the dawn,

    That made me hear the wakening birds around,

    And hear his long scythe whispering to the ground,

    And feel a spirit kindred to my own;

    So that henceforth I worked no more alone;


    do you have any good blog recs? for bnha.

    Yeah no problem! Honestly tho, idk, I could also use some new blogs and such, but uh...

    If you’re looking for meta and various villain focused content, I like @thyandrawrites

    If you’re more focused on art as apposed to writing then these are all I can remember for now

    @sualne has some real cute league art

    @tapeboyisbestboy is there to give me my sero content

    @maplebars has the sweetest art style! They post a lotta Kirishima’s, although it’s not all bnha all the time. But their arts worth it anyways ;)

    @corndog-patrol ‘s got a lot of cute Yamada n’ Aizawa content, with Shinsou, Eri, and some good good cats from time to time

    @loshka has some pretty good art, however they can get slightly nsfw-ish sometimes if that’s something you’re uncomfy with

    @lowaharts has some super pretty art! Focusing mostly on the students

    Over all, as I write these out I’ve realized that most of these blogs aren’t the most active... except for like thyandrawrites and maybe sualne

    It’s funny it seems I get all my villain content from tumblr and all my hero content from twitter,,

    Anyways! I hope that helped at least a little bit, even if it is a bit sparse