If you support saving mother earth , check this out. 

    REUSABLE Menstrual pads; are cloth pads worn in the underwear to prevent menstrual fluid (blood from uterine lining) from leaking onto clothes. They are a type of reusable menstrual hygiene product, and are an alternative to disposable sanitary napkins or to menstrual cups. They are less expensive than disposable pads and reduce the amount of waste produced.


    Q: Where can I get mine?

    You can check ○CARIONA○ They have a variety of cloth pads to choose from (sizes/colors/designs)

  • They offer free shipping to  to all orders $25 above.
  • Use my discount code CESS10″ to get a 10% off :)
  • This company also promotes eco-friendly products you can check out  other products here.
  • dannytiger

    Well now that’s interesting. 🤔👍


    I got some of these recently and they’re AWESOME. I am still recovering from a harrowing experience with an IUD my body didn’t like, so I bleed pretty much constantly, with 3-5 day reprieves. So having the cloth pantiliner or pad instead of commercial disposable ones, is fucking awesome. No leaking, less dry skin, no wet feeling, more comfortable, less waste - I can’t find a downside. I just rinse them out and let them dry, and then put them in the washer and dryer with the rest of my laundry. Fantastic.


    Bought a few and the discount code worked :) looking forward to trying these!


    I am super into trying this product. Yay!


    I’ve been using a cup and period panties for a while now.

    Green options are amazing 😉


    I have re-usable cloth pads (not from this brand but still), and as a trans-masc I have to say it’s a great option for vagina-owners of all genders! If you’ve ever changed a pad in the men’s bathroom, you will be familiar with the panic of having nowhere to dispose of the used pad, and perhaps had to hide the crinkle of the packet. With these, there is no need for a bin (just put the used pads in the little pouch provided), and the sound of a popper unclipping is not at all out of place!


    How would the process of going about cleansing them be like? And how do I know they won’t retain some of the blood within? I just don’t think it’s something that will be 100 clean after it’s first use.


    @whyarceuswhy Just rinse until the water you ring out is clear, similar to dying hair. And then afterwards you toss it into the washing machine with you know other clothes and things.

    A stain is not the same thing as particulate matter. You will likely see some staining. But that doesn’t mean it’s not clean. Like are you okay with sleeping on your sheets after a week? They’ll literally be dirtier than this pad.


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