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    my favorite part of impressionism is when artists just hung out and painted each other painting. 

    oil paint isnt cheap, but john singer sargent wanted to paint his homie claude havin a nice day. thats sweet.

    and heres gaugin’s painting of van gogh painting the sunflowers. damn he knew it would be #iconic and he memorialized the event. what a good friend

    modern day equivalent: when u see ur friend tryin to get the perfect selfie and u take a picture of them taking it







    Bring back the phase of society where having your tiddies all the way out was fine but showing ankle flesh was scandalous

    i know this is aiming at 17. and 18. and 19. century fashion, but i really wanna bring back those dresses that only basically start under the boobs, like that little number Minoan snake goddess figurine is wearing

    that was actually what i was thinking of! ive been obsessed with that figure since i was her in a history book as a kid lmao 

     the ultimate look!!! 2 titties out 2 snakes in hand 

    titties out, snakes up, she’s ready 2 go

    ankles: covered

    snakes: up

    titties: out

    I am forcibly removed from the historical narrative


    While I’m here, these are just a few things I want followers who aren’t in New Zealand and don’t know what it’s like here to know:

    1. The prime minister, and now most media outlets here, HAVE labelled it as an act of terrorism from someone with extremist views. No one is saying he’s mentally ill, and no one is saying he’s a lone wolf.

    2. This is most likely the biggest terror attack in New Zealand in nearly 30 years. (Edit: its officially the worst mass shooting in the entire history of the country. I’m sick). This isn’t just another mass shooting for us, and we’re all panicked for a reason.

    3. With 49 confirmed dead now, it’s guaranteed we’ll at least know someone who knows someone who was in that mosque. It’s a small country.

    4. While they’re not perfect, the police here aren’t corrupt. They are here to help anyone who feels unsafe, and they will be taking measures to keep Muslims safe especially. Already they’re not letting white people into the mosque in my city.

    Please, stay safe everyone, and please read reputable sources before reblogging every little thing you see about this.