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    “Don’t worry about her…”

    “But who is she?”

    “This is what happens to little girls like you who misbehave for daddy! Little girls who have fussy little moods and temper tantrums, ones who cry too loudly or squirm and wriggle away during diaper changes! Little girls who try not to use their diapers and complain about all the cute clothes daddy dresses them up in, and all the toys daddy spoils them with!”

    “You wouldn’t want to upset Daddy, or you could join her in there for a couple of days!”

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    j aimerai prendre ca place


    Gagged and bound you lay there, straining yourself against the restraints in the desperate attempt to prevent what was unfolding in front of your eyes.

    It should have been a normal evening with your rather vanilla partner. But unbeknownst to you, your mate had different plans. In hindsight, it should have been a warning sign when your partner suggested to spice things up with a little bit of kinky bondage, but you had been too intrigued by the idea to suspect a thing. Only after you were ordered to strip naked and had your hands and feet safely tied to the bed, it had finally dawned on you that something was not right.

    When your partner proceeded to gag you with some plastic tape, it became a certainty. Your partner was showing no intent to engage in sexual activities with you. Instead, your mate just stood there, silently relishing the sight of your naked and bound body and the increasingly alarmed look in your eyes. Then, slowly and theatrically, your partner opened the cupboard and, making sure that you followed every movement, removed the loose floorboards where your secret stash of diapers and other fetish gear was hidden. With a devilish grin your mate produced one of the extra thick AB/DL diapers you had secretly ordered from a fetish site. “No need to look so surprised. I have known about your fetish for quite a while now. And your secret stash..”, here your partner paused for effect to let you gaze upon the boxes of diapers that now lay out in the open, “…was not that hard to find either. It is almost as if you wanted to get caught. You didn´t even clear your browser history after visiting all these fetish sites. Naturally, I was intrigued and wanted to find out more about these secret desires that you tried to keep hidden from me.”

    While speaking, your partner slowly unfolded the diaper, expertly handling it, fluffed it up and proceeded towards your completely exposed midsection. “At first, I was not sure how to deal with this. But when I saw what particular fantasies you indulged in, it was like an epiphany. All these stories about grown men being forced to wear diapers and turned into diaper dependent and obedient babies. All these posts about diaper training and forced incontinence. I couldn´t help but imagine how you would react, if I turned your fantasies into reality. And I must confess, I rather liked the idea of having that kind of control over you. In fact, I nearly came when I thought about all the possibilities.”

    Petrified, you were unable to stop listening, bound not only by your restraints but also by the sheer shock of it, tangled in an inextricable web of conflicting emotions, ranging from fear and disbelief to – as shameful as it may be to admit it – a peculiar kind of arousal you had never felt before. Despite your best efforts to fight it, your body was already betraying your emotions and things started to move in your diaper area. All hopes to conceal your arousal vanished instantly when you saw the mischievous smirk in the face of your partner. “I see that you like the idea as well. Since you are obviously onboard with it, I should better hurry to get this diaper on you before you make the bed all sticky.”

    Still holding the diaper, your partner produced a towel and proceeded to spread it out under your exposed midsection. Not daring to resist in your exposed state, you obediently lifted your bottom when you were told to do so. Only a few moments later, you were resting on the soft padding of your new diaper – the first one in a very long time that you hadn´t put on yourself. “As you may have noticed, I have already acquired some skills of my own when it comes to putting someone in a diaper. I had plenty of time to prepare, after all. Your favorite sites were quite useful in that regard. I have read up on nearly everything from diaper changes…”, here your partner paused again while fetching a bag with changing supplies from your stash, “…to the proper use of suppositories and laxatives.” As on cue, your mate revealed, with devilish glee, a pack of glycerin suppositories. “I have heard that these are quite effective when it comes to ensure properly used diapers. If I use three of these, you will be messing yourself like a baby in no time.” Relishing your apparent horror at this prospect, your mate gave you a warning look while playfully toying with your exposed genitals. “I know that you don´t like messing yourself, but there is nothing you can do to prevent it. I am in charge now and I am making the rules. You want to wear diapers and I am willing to grant you your wish, but on my own terms. If we are going through with this, we are doing it properly. You want to wear diapers like a baby, so you will be using them like a baby, in both ways and at all times. And if you try to resist…”, here the grip around your genitals tightened to a painful squeeze, “…I have to use a more hands-on approach to make you comply.”

    Your fantasies were indeed becoming reality, but they had been just that – only fantasies. This was different, this was real – a fact that was most clearly demonstrated on your throbbing genitals a mere second ago.

    “I give you one choice and one choice only”, you heard your partner say. “Either you fully commit yourself and let me turn you into my diaper dependent baby, or you forfeit the right to ever wear or mention diapers again in my presence for as long as we are together. As I have said, if we are going through with this, we are doing it properly, according to my rules and with me in charge. If you don’t want to commit yourself, that is fine, but then I will take no part in it. I couldn´t stand seeing you in and out of diapers at your leisure, when there is no way for me to enjoy it. All or nothing, the choice is yours.”

    Torn between two completely different prospects of the future, you lay there, motionless, speechless, overwhelmed by the impossible choice you had to make. Sure, you had at least thought about wearing diapers 24/7 before. But you had never actually considered going through with it anytime soon, let alone right then and there. What would your life be like, if someone else found out? Surely you could not expect to keep it a secret, if you were confined to diapers at all times. On the other hand, a life without diapers seemed so bleak and devoid of comfort. Could you really just forsake it all? Wouldn´t your partner´s presence always remind you of your sacrifice and poison your relationship? And your partner, would you really want to break up your relationship because you could not decide on what was more important to you? Either choice came with uncertainty and the chance of regret.

    “The clock is ticking. We can´t leave you like this all night, after all. Either you choose to become my obedient and diaper dependent baby and let me finish what we have started, or you decide against it and I will personally get rid off all baby gear and set you free. If you want me to go through with it, just nod and let me give you your very first suppositories as a sign of your commitment. It will be diapers only from then on. No more potty, no more underwear, only diapers. You will be my baby and I will make sure that it will stay this way.”

    You shuddered hearing this. Especially the last part sounded rather ominous. Was it meant the way it sounded? Would there really be no going back?

    “On the other hand, you will have my utmost attention and I will personally cater for your every need. You will be the most obedient but also the happiest diaper boy around. Just a little nod, and it will all become reality. Think about it. I offer this only once. If you decline, I will never speak of it again. We will continue our relationship as if this never happened, if you keep your fetish out of it. Otherwise, there will be no future for us together. It all depends on you. You have to decide and you have to do it now. I can´t put up with your indecision any longer. This needs to be resolved right now or you will never find the courage to choose which life you wish to lead. If I hadn´t cornered you like this, you wouldn´t even have dreamed about coming out to me. Now everything is exposed and lying openly on the table. There is nothing to hide anymore. You are already lying there under my control, gagged and bound and with a hard on at the prospect of being forcibly diapered after receiving some very fast acting suppositories. No need for any false dignity. You and I know both what you really desire. I am about to give it to you. What else is there to think about?”

    Cornered like this, called out on your obvious and undeniable arousal in one of the most humiliating situations you could imagine and with a hard on that had grown even more at the prospect of a life in diapers under your partner´s control, you couldn´t really find any words to deny the truth of it. You were finally allowing yourself to admit it. You actually were craving this, had been for a long time, in fact. With a deep inhale through your unimpeded nose and one last thought about the significance of what you were about to do, you resigned yourself to your fate and, slowly but firmly, nodded.

    “I had hoped for this and I promise that you won´t regret it. At the beginning, you may try to change your mind, but believe me, it will be worth it to have me as your guardian and caretaker. Once you have adapted to the new situation, you will be glad that you have chosen this way.”

    Already starting to doubt your decision as you once again saw the obvious glee in your partner´s eyes, you steeled yourself for what was about to come. “And now to make it official and to confirm your commitment, let´s continue with your initiation. Just relax and open wide, and it will be over in a jiffy.”

    Not in the mood for lame jokes but resolved not to question your decision any longer, you gave a muffled sigh and lay back to let it happen without having to watch it. Only moments later, you felt the tip of the first suppository penetrate your backdoor and winced involuntarily at the unfamiliar sensation. One after another was pushed inwards until all three of them were resting deep inside you.

    Afterwards, your partner´s hands began to coat your genitals and your whole diaper area in a thick layer of barrier cream, followed by a hefty dose of baby powder. Only moments later, the diaper was folded around your properly pampered bottom and fastened tightly. It was not your first diaper of that kind, but it felt differently. You knew that you would be forced to used it very soon and that it would not be your decision when it would be changed. And it would only be the first one in a long line of diapers lining the way into your new life of diaper dependency. Against your will, your arousal grew even more at this thought.

    “And now that you have accepted my offer and are finally back in diapers where you belong, let´s order some supplies for your training.” Eager at the prospect of what lay ahead, your mate, who had now become your caretaker, pulled a chair towards the tail end of your bed and sat down with a laptop to let you see the page shown in the current window. It was the page of the web shop where you had ordered your latest shipment of AB/DL diapers.

    “Let´s see. We will definitely need some more of your favorite diapers. Or maybe some pink ones…, I bet they will look pretty on you. And, of course, some locking plastic pants. We need to make sure that you stay properly padded, after all. Oh yes, and some of those padded mittens that I can lock onto you. Hmmm…, while we are at it, what do you think about chastity? This extra small cage seems to be just the right size for you. I say, let´s take it. And, oh wow, have you seen these tunnel plugs? The extra large one looks amazing. Can you imagine having this one inside you? We absolutely have to take it. I´ll order the whole set so that we can gradually work up to it. And they even have catheters, isn´t that great? With this, you can start becoming diaper dependent in no time at all. Let´s see, what else they have…”

    Silently whimpering with every new discovery because of their implications for your immediate future, you had no other choice but to passively observe your mate ordering each and every item needed to keep you in diapers for a very long time and to make sure that you would end up needing them in no time at all. Soon after, the first cramps kicked in as the suppositories started to do their work.

    This would be a very long night and, judging from your partner´s shopping spree, this would only be the beginning.


    Sounds like a dream....

    Tom was on the verge of tears. This was going to be the worst day of his life.
    “It’s just a kink event”, his mistress tried to calm her little sissy down “you’re not the first sissy baby they’ve seen, and you won’t be the last one.”
    But Tom wasn’t convinced that that was a good thing. You know, when you’re paraded around in the mall, or in a parking lot, most people keep their distance and only whisper their comments to their companions. Not so at kink events. Especially with a helpless sissy like he was, everybody would have their way with him. Bored mistresses, frustrated slaves, every single person wouldn’t hesitate to yank his cock cage, to touch his breast implants, to feel the buzzing plug in his ass or to check his diaper.

    Yes. That was the next thing. The pink, crinkly diaper under his petticoat. Toms mistress had just put it on him, commenting how the convention would be long and how he would definitely not be able to use the toilet with his hands tied to his harness. He hated how it made his tights stretch, how it forced his legs apart, how it pressed against his cage. But he wasn’t allowed to complain. He wasn’t allowed to talk at all.

    As the first guest they met put their arm around Tom’s corseted waist, his panic started to fade away. It was unfounded. As he was led into the crowd, he started to feel that familiar headspace creep up again. This was how it was meant to be. With every further step, he could feel his willpower vanishing. Tom was nothing more than a cute, diapered chastised doll, free to be used and played with by whomever wanted to do so. And he loved it.

    Image credit: blackroseseduction.tumblr.com


    When Steven had first worked up the courage to schedule a doctor visit, he’d been concerned only about one thing: making 110% sure that the doctor on duty was a guy. Not that he had anything against women doctors, of course; it was just that it was bad enough having to tell a doctor about his embarrassing symptoms without the added pressure of describing it to a member of the opposite sex. After all, no guy ever wanted to admit to anyone, let alone an attractive female, the sort of issues he was experiencing.

    To put it bluntly, he simply didn’t have the bladder capacity he used to. If his friends had pee tanks the size of a Suburban’s, his was that of a Prius. On a good day, he’d need the men’s room every other hour - but give him a coffee or an energy drink, and he’d be trotting to the toilets every thirty minutes. Even nights were a pain lately, what with having to get up to take a leak every few hours… And when, in his latest performance review, his boss had told him that his work was suffering due to “slacking off” and using the bathroom as an excuse to get out of work, he knew he’d need to do something ASAP.

    He’d told all this to the elderly Dr. Stoner, who simply gave him a cursory examination, then shrugged. “In reality it’s very difficult to diagnose these things without firm data,” he said, scribbling absently on his omnipresent clipboard. “You haven’t noticed any burning sensations, anything resembling an STD?” Steven had blushed and vigorously shook his head. No, it was really all normal otherwise. “Well, then, we’re simply going to have to take a few tests and make some observations,” the doctor had replied brusquely. “We’ll take care of those today to get them done ASAP. My assistants will be with you shortly. Take it easy now, okay?” 

    Steven’s gut had somersaulted when, after a seemingly interminable wait, two very attractive young nurses had entered. He’d gotten more nervous still when they sweetly commanded that he come with them for his tests. But it was nothing compared to the shock that swept over him when they led him into a testing room that resembled nothing so much as a giant nursery. After getting his weight taken, we’d been ordered to slip into a medical gown, which turned out to be disturbingly like one of those onesie things he’d seen his little rugrat nieces and nephews wearing. And when he noted in rising panic that it didn’t seem to have any secure groin coverage, the nurses had laughed away his objections.

    “You’re here for bladder issues, sweetie,” the taller of the two had reminded him in a saccharine tone. “We’ve got to see exactly how much fluid you’re outputting and how often - and we’ve got to do that in a very controlled setting.” They gently pushed him onto an examination table that seemed oddly like a changing table - particularly when they brought out something that was nothing if not an overgrown baby diaper. “Wait, hey! That’s not-” But the other nurse cut him off curtly. “You’ve signed the medical waivers, you’ve requested treatment, and we’re going to give it to you. Now I suggest you lay down and let us do our job. Nurse Barker, can you help me secure the patient?”

    And so it was. Within minutes, and despite his desperate struggles, the two surprisingly tough and agile nurses had stuffed his hands into softly infantile mittens, secured his wrists and ankles to the table, forced a silencing device into his mouth, and begun the process of taping him into this appalling undergarment. He moaned and struggled, but it was clearly useless. “Don’t worry, sweetie,” Nurse Barker reassured him, smiling sweetly down on him and patting the thick bulk of the diaper now securely fastened around him. “Now you’re all set to relax and wet as much and as often as you want. And as soon as you soak a few of these diapers for us, we’ll be ready to move on to another phase of testing. I’m sure you’ll be looking forward to that, won’t you? Nothing like a round of diuretics and forced drinking to make our patient into a sweet little soggy-bottomed faucet!”

    Steven just blinked tearfully up at her and gurgled out a muffled plea for help. She couldn’t be serious, could she? But feeling the diaper caressing his rear, the familiar pressure building in his bladder, and the firm grip of the cuffs on his limbs, he knew she was dead serious.

    And as he felt his strained bladder finally give way, the warm trickles flowing sickeningly between his legs, he whimpered in defeat.Maybe I should have gone with a different doctor.

    Image Credit: ABDreams.com

    Please don’t remove my caption; if you do, may you be perpetually cursed with a bad hair day.


    j aimerai avoir le meme medecin


    Lots happening in life at the moment, all good fortunately. Been fairly disconnected from this among other things, enjoyed lurking for a while. I’ve got a few picture series ready to go but every time I go to write I get distracted. Anyway, things are settling down a bit and I’d like to write a bit more if possible. As always, I appreciate all the messages, reblogs, naughty comments, etc. Glad that someone enjoys the stuff. 

    Happy-ish? story This time around. Liked writing this one. Enjoy.

    Every AB/DL knows that feeling. Since before we even knew what this was.. what we were. Walking past the diaper aisles in stores, seeing diaper related scenes in cartoons, the occasional terrible, terrible representations in the media. The feeling of seeing diapers or paraphernalia “in the wild”.  So, imagine my surprise coming home from work to THIS. Rows, stacks, aisles, towers, of diapers. Not just any diapers, premium ones. ABDL ones. IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE. Panic, pure unadulterated panic. 

    I edged past the stacks and made my way into the house, the door already open. 

    “Shannon….?” I probed innocently walking through the living room and towards the hall.

    “Something weird is going on outsi-…” My words catching in my throat as I made it to the office.

    Or what was the office…


    The massive adult sized changing table replaced my desk. The pens, papers, and work supplies now plushies, powder, and diapers. The feeling of panic returned, unmitigated.

    “Bedroom!” I heard Shannon’s voice echo outside.

    Stupefied, I could only back out of the room, mouth agape.

    I made my way into the bedroom.


    The room remained the same. San’s the open, unfolded, ready and waiting diaper on our very much so adult sized bed. I caught her staring from the bathroom door.


    “Sh” She said softly. It’s better for you to listen.

    “Well, one in a billion. I won the actual lottery. Like, really. Fancy that? Im nigh on unemployable, no family, nothing to my name. You were the sweetest guy. You were there for me, took care of me, never asked anything of me. But… even after moving into your place I knew there was something different about you. Well, the lack of work and excess of time led me to do some investigating and.. yea I saw the websites. I almost left. But I’ve done my research, I know what this is, I accept it. I couldn’t indulge it, until now. I may be rich now, but I am not without a conscious. So heres my offer, starting with the stacks of whats outside.

    We’re done. I’ve got money, I’ve got means, and I am going to have other men. That said, I’ve taken the liberty of building you this nursery. Well, half building anyway, it takes some real skill to put these things together, but I asked the professionals. I went on the forums, I checked r/abdl, I checked tumblr, I checked 8ch, 4chan, you name it. Only the best for my baby. Thats right. If you want it, speak now. Its yours. You can quit your job, you can have this. I’ve hired a live in nanny, and by the way, I have better taste in woman than you. Shes bigger than you, happy to breastfeed, and can’t wait to deal with all the nice presents you make her, front or back.”

    My faced burned, but the front of my pants were tight.

    “I’ll still visit, once in a while, and make sure the lights are on and the drawers are full of diapers, plugs, whatever. Maybe you’ll even put on a show for Auntie Shannon” she smiled.

    “I….” my voice caught in my throat.

    “No, you nothing. Its yes, or no”

    The room was silent other than the loud gulp of me swallowing my pride.


    The front of my pants threatened to burst.

    Shannon broke the silence

    “I thought so. Lay down. This will be your first and last auntie Shannon diaper change.”


    The embarrassment I was feeling was thick, palpable. Shannon was a pro though, she moved through the room, working quietly, humming to herself.

    “Lay down, now. I won’t ask again.”

    I did as she asked.


    Again, I quickly followed suit.

    “Now, let’s get started and see if I can remember everything. A typical baby your size would use his diaper every 2 hours or so. The nanny will be here at 8 and its noon now. Better double up to be safe” she said showing the second diaper she brought to the table.

    “Shannon are you su-…” I started

    *hmph* the pacifier squelched loudly as she locked it into my mouth.

    Laid back on the bed, my erection throbbing, she went to work, first lifting my butt and applying lotion. She set it back down gingerly on 2 massively thick diapers.

    “Hmmm…. well this could be a problem now” she said softly motioning to my massive erection.

    “Very well, I was ready to deal with this anyway”

    To my completely unexpected surprise, she quickly reached over, grabbing my cock firmly. I instantly came, long, and hard.

    “Tsk tsk…” she said expectantly.

    “So ready to use your diapies already are you?” 

    In one calculated move she folded the diaper over my cock, still in her hand, and cleaned up the continuous load I was pumping into my thick diaper. 

    I writhed under her.

    She smiled and quickly finished the diapering, my soft cock hanging limply, drained. Sealing the babyish garment around me. It was done.

    I was diapered, thickly, and by all accounts for the foreseeable future.

    She patronizingly patted the front of my freshly applied padding.

    All done” She said sweetly.

    I could feel the sticky mess I made smear all over myself. It was ecstasy. More. I needed more.

    “Oh…. a horny little thing aren’t we” Shannon said, feel the front of my diaper tighten as my quickly reappearing erection strained desperately.

    “Already ready for round 2?” 

    She patted the front gingerly. Then stopped.

    I told you. One and done.

    “But, you can show me just how ready you are. How excited you are for your new life.” She motioned to the pillow next to us.

    “Hump” she commanded.

    I didn’t need to be told twice. Sucking the pacifier furiously I began to position myself.

    “Ah, ah, ah… I think babies want a nice, squishy, wet diaper to hump. Don’t they?”

    My bladder released immediately, flooding my dry thirsty padding. I could feel the inner diaper swell, expand, and droop slightly. Although none of the outside diaper was wet, the expanding caused the outside diaper to fill out. The effect was truly babyish. I looked to Shannon for confirmation, then to the mirror on the wall. I was every bit the baby.


    “Good boy, now hump”

    Mechanically, automatically, and immediately I started.

    It was incredible. Shannon leaned back against the wall, taking a moment to appreciate the nice thing she’d done.

    It took only a moment before I had blown his second load into the thick diaper. I laid flat on the bed, panting exhaustively behind his pacifier. My head was spinning… this was real… this was happening. I closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and fell asleep.


    Wake up.”

    My eyes opened groggily. Shannon above me. It took me a moment. Had it been a dream? I went to speak and was cut short by the pacifier, still tucked tightly between my lips. 

    My hands wandered down to my crotch. 

    “I took the liberty of adding one more layer. I guess that doesn’t typically count as a change per-se, but, consider it a parting kindness. The movers were kind enough to move you while they brought the crib in. So, goodbye to the old room.”

    The mobile moved silently above me.

    “I’m going to go now, your nanny will be here in 15 minutes and she will be so impressed you managed to keep those diapers clean, I am sure. Such a big boy aren’t you.” She said condescendingly, her voice dripping in sarcasm. She gave the diaper one final pat, leaned down, and kissed me on the forehead.

    “Until next time”

    and as quickly as it had happened, she walked out the door.

    I was dumbstruck. It was real. The feeling of warmth, comfort, happiness, all flowed through me. This was my life. My cock strained thickly against the front of my sopping, sticky, triple diapers. Shannon may not have understood this, but one thing she said did resonate with me. I certainly didn’t want to upset the new Nanny… my new Nanny. I’m glad she left though, I was sure I couldn’t bare for her to see me like this.

    He worked his legs to his chest with some difficulty on account of the massive padding, grunting softly behind the pacifier, but only for a moment. The soft poop worked its way easily into his diaper, he drooled in ecstasy as he was racked with his third orgasm. He squirmed in glee as his diaper expanded noisily. Truly a big, stinky baby.

    At least thats what Shannon saw from the door frame, smiling, triumphant. She clicked the door shut loudly. Making sure her ex-boyfriend had heard. 


    So sweet


    Cute baby trapped in their crib to be their mommy’s Baby for the rest of their life, nothing but baby toys, sleeping in their crib, bottle feedings, baby food, crawling around on all fours helpless and in need of their mommy for everything especially to check the baby’s diaper cause only their mommy will know when its time to change their diapers.


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    Les français recevront un traitement de faveur…


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    Bye-Bye Big Girl Brain!

    This is how it happened. Slowly. Intently. Feeling your adult thoughts just slip from your brain. Out of reach. Unable to understand these concepts. Like listening to a foreign language you didn’t understand…

    Things weren’t making sense anymore…\

    No concept of responsibilities,

    No concept of duty

    No concept of paying off bills

    No concept of being a responsible adult

    Some things began to make sense…

    That mobile up above you began to make more……and ……more…..sense…..as….as you stared at the slowly rotating mobile and listened to the lullaby that was playing outside of your crib… a warm wash of happiness came over you!

    This made sense to you…it was the only thing you wanted to look at when you were in your crib…

    Your crib… your safe, warm, comfortable crib.

    You felt protected behind the bars of your crib, knowing that nothing could happen to you in here, your stuffed animals were here, your favorite blanket too…

    as you watched the spinning mobile your felt more and more adult thoughts become replaced by the droning tones of the warm and soft lullaby, you began to suckle your pacifier intently

    Your pacifier was so nice, it filled your mouth so nicely, having something to suckle on soothed your nerves as you became baby-brained, feeling the rubber nipple slip from your lips and back again, you felt calm… you felt warm…

    and then it happened…

    it happened to you…

    what you had been waiting for all this time…

    you felt wet…

    you felt a rush of warmth spread from in between your hips…you began to wiggle in place, babbling behind your paci, feeling the warmth spread all around your body and up to your mind…

     and as the last adult though left your mind, something about “Potty Training”

    but that didn’t matter anymore… This is what you wanted… to become regressed… to become diaper trained and dependent, to become a baby…

    you felt yourself loosen as the warmth and buzzing in your head spread to every part of your body, letting your legs fall far apart as you continued to wet yourself…

    This is how it happened, regression, diaper dependency.

    As you became tired you felt the droning tones speak to your new baby brain as you began to slip into sleep, hearing footsteps come towards your crib…

    “looks like someone needs a change…” 


    Straight jackets and diapers were meant to be together ❤️ ❤️


    j aimerai tellement