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2019-02-26 21:01:16

    anyone who lets themselves turn into a fat pig is a dummy, dummy. you're a mess, and that's why you have to say stupid shit like "it's a shame you don't find fat, dumb, lazy, shabby women attractive." it's a shame for you and nobody else. I fuck attractive women. I'm not missing out on anything, least of all your flabby, loose, unhealthy mess of a pile of fat. disgusting.

    I never used the words dumb shabby or lazy …. nor would I ever call any woman that. But you on the other hand seem awfully proud to be such a hateful person as well as a woman beater. Beating a woman and leaving marks on her face isnt a sign of love in the slightest. It’s pure abuse. And the need to abuse a woman verbally like you are… shows a lack of moral standing.


    Wtf ???..who is this anonymous ass wipe???